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YouTube Plays Tyto Ecology

That is disgustingly adorable. Look at it!
It’s too much, I can’t bear it. Look at him! He looks kind of happy, actually. What is this? What is this guys? Let’s put
this down! It’s an insectivore, I just don’t really know what it is. Some sort of… are
these lizards, or?! Oh look, they’ve got little forelimbs up in the air! What is this?! You are, you’re adorable. Look at the little
hands sticking out! What’s he up to? Nobody knows! Oh my gosh, he’s so cute! He’s so cute! Why is this so pretty? I don’t know, it’s just like, the solitary pica. Look! It’s look like the sun is coming out.
This is pretty cool. What’s it look like up here? Looking at the sky here. Very pretty! What’s this? Are you pretty? You’re expensive.
I’m trying to avoid expensive things. Look at that, that’s pretty! Seems like everything is okay. So far, we
have a stable ecosystem. So far. Let’s ruin that, shall we?! Wow! Oh no! As soon as we brought in some friends for our bison, he got taken down by our pack of wolves! More vicious creatures the better. Now we
can see what they do. This one’s running away into…. he just hissed at me. Is he okay? Now let’s have a little look into what happened to all our
points, that’s kind of what matters. All my rabbits are dead. Our jaguars have almost eaten themselves into
extinction. Are you kidding me?! You guys, look! They’ve almost eaten themselves into
extinction. Armadillos, armadillos, quick! We need you! Okay, let’s see these points. What’s happened?
All my armadillos are dying. This hill is very, very lonely. It’s a very, very
lonely hill. Apart from this one little bobcat running around, having the time of his life!
As he should be… he wants to escape. I’m assuming they’re not starving. I’m assuming
they are being hunted. Are they being hunted? And meanwhile these guys have eaten their,
they have eaten the island into nothing yet again. Even my deer are low population. What is going
on? Who is hunting you!? Ah, the coyotes! Can’t be trusted. The balance part of the game is really becoming
a little bit trickier to handle the further and further we get, the more creatures we
have in the biome anyway. So this is definitely going to be interesting. I thought we had
this population under control, but clearly not. Clearly I was completely wrong with my
assessment of the deer mice. They’re breeding, like rabbits, aren’t they?
‘Cause rabbits are notorious for the, uh… Hello little deer! You’re going to die soon!
Yes, you are! Let’s zoom in down here to take a look at
this dhole. What sound does the dhole make? … Okay, not at all what I was expecting.
Okay, biodex, tell me about the dhole! If we aren’t patient and we don’t build our
way up, then it’s just going to be a sad result. Actually, I kind of didn’t want to put that
birch tree down. Every now and then I wish there was a way to get rid of it, but now
we just have to wait for nature to take its course. It’s an invasive birch tree! An accidentally
invasive birch tree. Dholes are omnivorous, and will eat animals
as well as fruit, insects, and carrion. Packs of dholes have been known to successfully
attack tigers, bears, and even baby elephants. But we are going to place a group of picas
right over here and hope that that will be able to hold over our foxes in the coming months, because the amount of food that we placed for them last time was obviously not enough.
We got here just in time so they didn’t starve to death in the previous month. Thankfully,
because we also don’t want all of our little herbivores to take control of the entire place
either. And look at this guy! Look at him! Just look at him, I want to pinch his cute
little chubby cheeks. It is adorable! Dholes and wolves occasionally hunt and eat
together, although they stay away from each other most of the time. Man, this guy is actually
pretty tough! The mushroom population is going up. It’s
gone up 2 since we last placed the bobcats. It’s gone up to 11 now. Good, we made the smart decision! Dholes are highly social animals that live
in social group like wolves. Unlike wolves, however, dholes do not fight among themselves
and have less of a dominance hierarchy. And they do not bark or howl, they whistle!! They
do whistle! Oh man, that’s awesome. Dholes are really cool.

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  1. I have never heard of any of these youtubers except BestInSlot. I'll check them out. Anyway, what will the next update be on Tyto Ecology?

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