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Yanoda Rainforest Adventures |Hainan Island| Travel vlog China #3

Hello! Welcome to the Kids Fun Show. In today’s video we keep telling you about Hainan. In this episode you will see. Let’s begin! Today we came in Yanoda rainforest. It’s very beatiful place. Let’s go! The Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, about 35 kilometers away from downtown Sanya, is one of Hainan’s five tropical rainforests. The overall area of yanoda rainforest is 45 square kilometers. A new glass skywalk in the Yanoda Rainforest was opened not long ago. It is located on a cliff. It has an altitude of 400 meters and spans 365 meters. This place is breathtaking! The bravest ones can swing above the abyss. OMG! It’s broken! Walking through the rainforest brings a lot of pleasure. Look mommy! Look! There is also a mini zoo with Patagonian hares mara, geese, porcupines and funny squirrels. The Valley of Geysers greets you with refreshing water vapor. This is what you need on a hot day! It is worth saying that the geysers are artificial. Thus, the creators of the park want to show how Hainan looked millions of years ago. Our walk continues along the Chinese-style suspension bridge. In the park, everything is created for relaxation, there is also a place where you can eat. At the end of the route, visitors will find a shuttle bus that will take you to the exit. But that’s not all we wanted to tell about the park. The name “Yanoda” means “one, two, three” in the local dialect. It is also used to mean “hello”, expressing kindness and wishing good fortune upon the receiver. This gesture in Yanoda park means greetings. Let’s do Yanoda dance! Every 40 minutes in the park there is music to which all the staff are dancing. We also decided to dance. In the next video, we will visit a floating village, catch a starfish and go to the night market.

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  1. Wow .. I enjoyed the atmosphere and beautiful scenery recorded in this vlog. It's fun watching it. Have a nice holiday my friend, best regards from us 🙂

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