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WORLDSIGN | Coronavirus lockdown, race to develop vaccine, consumer hoarding, impact on climate

[Alessio]: A growing number
of countries are imposing total and partial lockdown
to control the coronavirus outbreak. The United States
and Canada jointly closed the borders to nonessential
travel except the flow of trade. At least 25 European
countries within the European Union
took similar steps. In the US state of
California, the governor ordered some 20 million
citizens in that state to stay at home. A growing number of
international airports are shutting down. Many cities are imposing
curfews to keep people inside their homes, only
to go outside for essential trips such as buying
food and seeking medical treatment. Some cities
require citizens to carry a document detailing the
reason for going outside or else be fined with a fee. [Alessio]: A team of
scientists around the world are racing to find a cure
for the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Medicago, a biotechnology
company in Quebec City in Canada, has announced
that they have produced a potential vaccine for
COVID-19 but they will need time to test it. In the US state of
Washington, a research facility is conducting
human trials for vaccine experiment. Scientists
say it is expected that it would take about 18 months
to have it developed, tested, approved,
and distributed for use. They predict that the
vaccine for COVID-19 would be available by November 2021. [Alessio]: The coronavirus
outbreak has driven consumers in many countries
to hoard essential items such as hand sanitizers,
toilet paper, medical supplies, and food. Government leaders and
health officials are concerned about this
consumer behavior and urged people to stop hoarding. Many stories are
limiting the number of high-in-demand items
that can be purchased by consumers, and many have
closed early to clean up and disinfect surfaces,
check lanes, and touchscreen and
to restock supply. Supermarkets in some
countries reserved shopping hours for the elderly and
others who have a weak immune system. A small local supermarket
in Australia hired security guards to check IDs to
prevent non-local people from buying items and food. [Alessio]: Following the
lockdown in many countries to combat coronavirus,
climate scientists and experts have noticed an
improved quality of air and water because of the sharp
reduction of air, water, and land traffic. The canal water in Venice
has become clearer and fish could be seen swimming for
the first time in years. Satellite images released
by NASA and the European Space Agency showed a sharp
decline of carbon monoxide emissions – caused by
factories, power plants and cars – in China and air
quality has improved. Although these improvements
are temporary, there will likely be future debates
about how countries should adopt effective measures
to fight climate change. -Thank you for watching
WorldSign Week and see you next time!

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