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Wonders of Wildlife cleaning strategies when reopening

DAVID OUR BAILEY STROHL IS LIVE TONIGHT AT WONDERS OF WILDLIFE IN SPRINGFIELD. HEATHER BAILEY — BASS PRO SAID WOW WILL BE REOPENING THIS SATURDAY WITH A FEW CHANGES? BAILEY HEATHER AND DAVID… VISITORS WILL NOTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING MARKERS, STAFF WEARING MASKS, AND NEW HAND SANITIZING STATIONS AROUND THE BUILDING. Johnny Morris/Founder | Bass Pro Shops: How do we carry on with our mission for conservation and entertainment, education in this facility, but do it in a responsible way. THOSE QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED TODAY AS WONDERS OF WILDLIFE AND OTHER FACILITIES PREPARE TO REOPEN IN TIME FOR MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. ONE OF THOSE CHANGES – IS HOW TO OPERATE AT 25 PERCENT CAPACITY. Bryan Nadeau / Vice President of Conservation Attractions: Our guests are going to be required to go online to make a reservation whether they are a member or a new guest that comes on the property. They will pick their date and the hour they want to enter. and that’s our way of A: managing the capacity, making sure that we don’t go over the city’s guidance of how many guests can be on property at one time. VICE PRESIDENT BRYAN NADEAU (NAY-DOO) SAYS VISITORS WILL NOTICE OTHER CHANGES. LIMITING HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN BE AT EXHIBITS — LIKE THE STING RAY TOUCH POOL AND CHILDRENS AREAS. CONFINED SPACES WILL BE CLOSED AND EXTRA EVENTS LIKE A SHARK DIVE — WILL ONLY BE PRIVATE FOR FAMILIES. WOW’S HOURS WILL BE EXPANDED TO ALLOW FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING AND CLEANING. Nadeau: A UV light module that will be installed on all of our escalators in the coming weeks. It’ll be completely invisible to guests, it will be installed underneath and then as the handrail comes through it is disinfecting and sanitizing that handrail. NADEAU SAYS TICKET PRICES HAVEN’T CHANGED – BUT A COUPLE OF FEATURES HAD TO BE TAKEN AWAY FOR NOW. Nadeau: Childrens pop ups are closed because they are very difficult to keep those sanitary and clean, BAILEY JOHNNY MORRIS ALSO TOOK THE PODIUM TODAY – SAYING THERE ARE PLANS IN THE WORKS TO HONOR OUR VETERANS THIS MEMORIAL DAY, AS WELL AS SPECIAL EVENTS TO THANK OUR MEDICAL WORKERS AND FIRST RESPONDERS. DAVID THANKS BAILEY.

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