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Wonderful Rainforest in Cairns Australia ?? ผักกาดผจญภัยในป่าฝนเมืองแคนส์ ประเทศออสเตรเลีย​

Hello everyone Today, I take you guys go to rainforest in Cairns Australia. The climbing palm and climb over the big trees up to the sunlight. The palm climbs using tendrils, the long thin strands. The cane is used for making furniture and is called Ratan cane or lawyer cane. Now, we are arrived at Millaa Millaa For this waterfall is higher than the sea level 800 M. In this place is Mount Hypipamee National Park Maybe we can see wild animal. Let’s go Oh it so cold Today have raining. If even if it raining is not an obstacle for me. The adventure must go on. The Atherton tablelands is made from years of volcanic region. We will swim letter.

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