Importance of Natural Resources

Women defenders of the land, territory and environment in México

We face a threat, and this brings us together. We feel a pain. This pain is the threat to our territory and a threat to our territory is a threat to our lives. Looking back at the history of my people, we have always been stripped off our land. We have always been discriminated and exploited. There is a mining concession here in the mountains in the place where I am from. It makes me really sad. It is easy for the companies to enter our land. It’s like everything is already decided that all these areas are available for the extraction of oil and gas. History has not changed for us, the people living here. They still don’t understand the value of our indigenous seeds. We must protect them so that they don’t disappear. Because this is our life, our work and our land This is where we work You buy seeds, you buy agrochemicals, you buy fertilizer – a complete pack. So, we, the communities, are made dependent on this. We are big business for the big companies like Bayer, Monsanto y Pinoeer those who control the modefied seeds. We are at risk, because we live off the mountains, the water, and the land. We live off all this. For example, here, the ocean is close. The villages close to the ocean, go there to fish. They catch the fish and they come here to sell it, to us who live further from the sea, and we feed on the fish from the ocean and the rivers. We must learn how to be free free to learn everything that comes with a mining project free to learn everything there is about fracking, free to learn everything about wind energy projects. We have to be free to learn, so that we can decide whether we want it or not. If we don’t organize and demand our rights, nothing will happen, nothing will change. We talk about it when we meet, and we look at the situation. and we tell all those who maybe don’t yet know or understand what will happen if we let all these companies come here and take away everything we have. The issue of territory is not an issue for one person It doesn’t concern only one community or one authority. The issue of territory concerns us all. It is not easy to be a human right defender and there are not many of us. But if we really want it and we have the will we will succseed.

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