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Willa’s Wild Life: Willa’s Not So Peaceable Kingdom / Go To Sleep, Bert! – Ep.17

WILLA’S WILD LIFEó17 ♪ What would you do
if you had your own zoo? ♪ ♪ Would you bounce on a bear?
Let a giraffe brush your hair? ♪ ♪ Have an elephant
pick out your underwear? ♪ ♪ Willa, Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while? ♪ ♪ Because it’s so much fun
playing Willa style ♪ ♪ ♪ Willa, Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! There, we’re all done. Thanks Inky. Thanks Blinky. And thanks to you too, Bob. Here we go, hun.
All the supplies I’ll need… I mean, you’ll need to make a
masterpiece for your art show. Cool, Dad. What are you…
I mean we, making? I don’t know yet.
But whatever it is, the important thing is that
you get to express yourself. Hey, Willa. Come outside.
I have something to show you. If your gator doesn’t
eat it first– Hey! Let go, Gus. So sue me, I’m an art lover. I tried something a little
different this year. I can’t wait to see it.
I loved what you did last year. That banana rocket ship with the
green gorilla was terrific. Really? Wow! I call it: “Banana Rocket
Ship With Blue Gorilla.” What do you think? I think it’s the best thing
you’ve ever painted, Dooley. You mean it? Absolutely. Wow. Guess I’ve painted so many
gorillas and rocket ships I finally got good at it. I’ll say. In fact, it’s probably the best blue
gorilla rocket ship painting anybody’s ever done. Thanks, Willa. I worked
extra hard on it. So… what are you and your
Dad going to make this year? I’m not sure. My Dad is still trying
to come up with an idea… But I just got one of my own. And it’s a big one. See you, Dooley. Heh heh heh… Hey! Hmm. Dad. I just had this
really great idea. Oh good. Because I can not
figure out how I’m… I mean, you’re going to top
last year’s flower vase. Well, my idea is… I’m old enough to do the art
project by myself this year. Like Dooley. Y’know,
without any help? Oh. Well I think that’s a very
grown-up idea, Willa. I’m proud of you. Thanks, Dad. Okay…
Time to make some art. Hmmm. Maybe I could
mold the clay to look something like this… No. It might be a little hard to make a whole amusement park
out of clay. Oh oh oh!
I… I got an idea. How about making your sculpture
out of cookie dough, huh? Nice try, Gus. Wow, coming up with good ideas
is a lot harder than I thought. Look at my work of art.
Isn’t it beautiful? Um… I don’t see anything,
KoKo. What did you paint? My nails.
Aren’t they kanga-tastic? Very nice. But what am I going to make? Willa. Maybe we can help. Okay, what would you guys like
to see made out of clay? Lou. Tiny. Don’t be ridiculous.
You guys are elephants, not art. Now if you sculpted ’em out of
pudding then maybe I could…. Hey. Hold on. Tiny and Lou
that’s a great idea. And it was right in front of me
the whole time. You guys. Good. Hold still
just a little longer. A bee! Run! Don’t move now Gus. Hey! There. My last sculpture. Dad, my art project’s
all done. So… Let’s see this
masterpiece. Ta da… what do you think? Well, I… I can tell you worked really
hard on it, honey. And for your first
all-by-yourself art project… Well… it’s just great. Thanks, Dad. Now I have to show all my
animals what they look like. Ah. Those were animals. Oh, look… that’s me. Um… actually,
that’s KoKo. It is? Well, that one looks
just like me, Willa. You really captured
the shape of my neck. That’s supposed to be Inky… but it kinda got squished
into Blinky and Bob. Oh, ha ha hah.
Well, nice try, Willa. But you can’t fool
an old gator like me. Enough with the jokes,
let’s see your real art project. This is my real art project. Oh, uh, sure of course it is. When can I eat it? Don’t feel bad, Willa. I like the color. Yes, very earthy. It’s really pretty Willa. No, it’s not. These sculptures don’t look
anything like you guys. What am I going to do? Dad. I really need your help.
And fast. Please. I don’t know, Willa.
The more I think about it, the more I think you were right
about doing your own work. No, I wasn’t. I mean… look at it.
It’s a complete disaster. No it isn’t, honey. You know it may not
be perfect, Willa. But the important thing
is that you made it. I guess you’re right. But I still have a few hours to
try to make it into real art. Okay. What do you think
of my bunny, Bunnies? (Laughing) Look, Willa. My mom got me
this gold frame for “Banana Rocket Ship
With Blue Gorilla.” Wow. It looks amazing, Dooley. Thanks. So, can
I see your project? Um, maybe later. I’m still trying to
decide what to call it. Well, you better hurry if you want to get a good spot
in the auditorium. You know, so everybody
can see it? Right. Well, see you there. Bye. Willa? We all have something
very important to tell you. Yeah. We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to
hurt your feelings. Oh, yeah sure,
it was an accident. Me and my big mouth. How about if we all pitch in and
help you make a new project? Great idea. Yeah. Let’s do it. Hey. Wait a minute. Maybe you can help me. Well, I can see
none of you girls had to look far for
your inspirations. Interesting. Is it a nightmare?
Or a dark sea? No. It’s the inside
of my closet. Oh, closet. Very interesting. Wonderful use of color
and form, young man. And what an imaginative way to create an exciting
artistic blast-off. Gee, thanks.
So you like it, right? Very much. How did you ever think of such
a compelling visual image? Well, I like gorillas.
And bananas. And rocket ships. Fascinating. Well, if there’s no more
art projects… Excuse me. Is it too late
to enter my project? Where is it? I don’t see. Outside. It’s way too big
to fit in here. Come with me. Ta-da. I hereby present
to you… “Willa’s Statue Zoo”. Very interesting. Nice use of form and structure. Amazing. If this weren’t the
middle of a school yard, I’d swear these wild
animals were real. Well, actually they,
ah, really are my… In any case. For making such an
incredibly lifelike work of art, I’m pleased to announce this
year’s first prize goes to… “Willa’s Statue Zoo”. You mean I won? Yes. Congratulations. Way to go, Willa. A statue zoo
is a real cool idea. Oh. Thanks, Dooley. But I
wasn’t even trying to win. I just didn’t want
to be embarrassed… A bee! Run! Okay. That’s it. I’m outta here. Whoa… What was that? Sorry. I guess my sculptures
kind of ran away. Hmm. Let me see here… Nothing in the rules against posing animals
as an art project. So I guess it’s okay… Not to me. I just don’t feel
right about winning this. Here. I think someone who made their
project all on their own should win. I actually
had a lot of help. Someone helped you do that? Well, sure. My animals. Well, that’s very honorable
of you, young lady. So congratulations to the our
new first place winner. Really? Wow. Thanks. I’m really proud of you,
Dooley. You deserve it. (Elephants trumpeting) But right now, I gotta go. My art project doesn’t
really know the way home. Wait up, guys! Uh… Bob? I hate
to break this to you, but your painting is terrible. It’s all sizzle no steak, compassion without the heart, soul without the moxie. Yeah. It doesn’t look
one bit like Toenail. Now that’s problem solving. Much better. (Laughing) Yay, KoKo! Good morning. I taste,
um… no breakfast yet. It’s the middle of the
afternoon, Bert. And it’s Tuesday. That was a ripper of nap
you took there. DOOLEY:
Hey, Willa. Whoahoo! Hey, Dooley. What’s that? Our science project. The one we’re supposed to
be working on… together. The one that’s half our science
grade for the year. Oops. Sorry, Dooley.
But it looks great. You don’t even know what
this is, do you? Um? It’s our machine
that’s going to convert a potential source of
energy into electricity. The faster we can get
this wheel to turn, the more electricity we’ll
create to light up the bulbs. So, what’s going
to turn the wheel? That’s the part I haven’t
figured out yet. Hey! Whoopsie! Bert. Back to the drawing board. Good night, Samuel. See you in the morning. Good night, KoKo. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Good night, Willa. Good night, Gus. Samuel? Samuel? Are you asleep? Absolutely, I’m asleep. I’m sorry. Hey. Penguins, are you sleeping? We were… until you
turned the light on. Bert? What’s wrong? I cannot sleep.
Will you read me bedtime story? Okay. And they lived happily ever
after. The end. Fascinating. Another please. Bert, I’ve already
read three stories. But I’m not sleepy. Yeah, well the rest of us are. I’m sorry, Bert.
I’m too tired to read another. Okay. I go do something else then. That’s nice Bert.
Night-night. (Loud music playing) Bert! Bert! Willa, what are you doing
blasting music in the middle of night? Well, you see Dad, Bert couldn’t sleep, and so… And so you and your bear need to go back to bed. Now. Sorry, no more dancing. I try to get back to sleep. (Yawning) Three o’clock in the morning,
he woke me up to play checkers. Consider yourself lucky. I was shanghaied into doing
an endless game of charades. I am so sorry to keep
everyone awake. I do not know why I
cannot sleep. I try. A little support would be nice. What happened to that
hibernation stuff you use to like so much? Is not time for hibernation. Sometimes when
people can’t sleep, they have something
called insomnia. Maybe you have
something like that. So long, Gladys.
We’re off to Pago Pago. I thought we were going
to Bora Bora. Bob’s right, it’s Walla Walla. Call us when Bert
goes back to sleep. Wait, you can’t go. Bert’s got a real problem,
and we’ve all got to help him. I’m calling an Animal Red Alert. (Ringing) I’ve called this
Animal Red Alert because Bert has a real problem. We have to help
him get to sleep. He’s not napping and he’s
missing long sleeps. This is very bad for him. Well it’s not so good
for us either. We’ve got to help Bert
get to sleep. How? Crikey, he’s the only
one of us who’s not tired. Then it’s up to us to work
together to make him so tired, he’ll have to go to sleep. Okay, 1, 2, 1, 2. Come on Fur Face,
put some effort into it. Down and give me twenty. Up-down. Up-down. Up-down. ♪ You’re still not tired?
Not even a little? Nope. And I’ve run out
of things to play… and friends to play with. (Cracking) This is not relaxing
I don’t think. Doll, maybe yoga
isn’t your thing. Willa, is that bear ever
going to get to sleep? We’re trying Dad. Have you tried warm milk? (Burping) Oh, okay… well… You need to get to bed and at
least try to get some sleep. Okay, Dad. Why didn’t we think
of this before? A lullaby. Stevarino, that’s perfect. Whenever we have trouble
falling asleep, we just sing ourselves
a lullaby. Sing yourself to sleep.
That’s a great idea. (Singing off-key) ♪ Hey! Problem solved. No lullaby? Try counting sheep. Where are sheep to count? It’s a figure of speech. Count bunnies. Okay. There are 283 bunnies. I counted them all.
I think. What next? Now what? You keep counting until… Oh, just go for a walk. (Whistling) (Dogs howling) Whoopsie… sorry. (Car alarm) It’s going to be
another long night. Willa, come on,
we have to finish this. It’s half our science
grade, remember? Anything? Nothing. I think I made this too big. Where are we going to get an
energy source powerful enough to turn this wheel? I’ve got it.
Bert’s got energy for days. We’ll use him and–
invent Bear-tricity. Bear… tricity. Yeah. With all Bert’s power, we’ll have the biggest energy
source of anyone in the class. Go, Bert, go! Whoa ho! This is
going to be great! Thank goodness. You found a way
to channel Bert’s energy. Yep, Dooley and I
are going to have the best science project
in school. And now, presenting… the most powerful power
in the entire world… Bear-tricity. Oh no! (Snoring) Well, it works when he’s awake. …But Mr. Tremble did give us
credit for creativity. It certainly was creative. And I’m glad you finally found a
way to get poor Bert to sleep. We just kept trying different
things, until something worked. And the important thing
is you didn’t give up. And now we can all get
a good night’s sleep. ‘Night, Dad. Good night, Willa. TINY:
Willa… Psst. Willa. What’s wrong Tiny? Willa, I can’t sleep. You have got to be kidding me. (Playing drums) ♪ Crikey, when Bert’s
asleep, he’s asleep. ♪

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