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Willa’s Wild Life: Company’s Coming / Growing Pains – Ep.19

WILLA’SóWILDóLIFEóEPó19 ♪ What would you do
if you had your own zoo? ♪ ♪ Would you bounce on a bear?
Let a giraffe brush your hair? ♪ ♪ Have an elephant
pick out your underwear? ♪ ♪ Willa, Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while? ♪ ♪ Because it’s so much fun
playing Willa style ♪ ♪ ♪ Willa, Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! That’s it. Whee. Isn’t that the best
bunny game ever? I suppose, if you haven’t
already seen it a hundred times. Yay! But I thought we were going to
play this game. But I just love bunny games
Dooley. Whatever. I’ll just go home. See you later. (Whistling) Hm. Looks like your guest didn’t
have such a good time huh? Dooley’s not a guest.
He’s… he’s Dooley. I figure anyone who visits our
house is a guest and we should do our best to make them feel happy and
comfortable. It’s just polite. Samuel, do you think
I was polite? Oh, how should I phrase
this politely? I’m afraid not. Pardon. (Squeaking) Hm. Can’t have that. A little
grease should do the trick. Dad. Dad. Whoa! Whaa! Look what the bunnies
can do now. Ahhh! Eeww. Sorry, Dad. That wasn’t
supposed to happen. Willa, now there’s grease
all over the– Whoa! Dad. Are you all right? I’m… fine. MAN:
Hello? Anyone home? Oh no. Um… nice alligator. Just go on your way, now.
That’s it. Shoo. Aaah. Oh, hi, Mr. Tremble.
Don’t worry, that’s just Gus. Please excuse the mess,
we had a bit of an… incident. What are you doing here? Oh. I was just hoping to show
you my new airplane. Is this a bad time? Uh, no not at all. Mr. Tremble and I are in the
same model airplane club. Really? I didn’t know
vice-principals were in clubs. Well I do try to get out of the
classroom every now and then. So I’ll just dash upstairs
and get cleaned up. Willa will take care
of you until I get back. Won’t you, Willa? Uh, yes, yes I will. Right this way, Mr. Tremble. This is my chance to show Dad
that I know how to treat guests. Just remember the secret to
being an exemplary hostess… Manners. Pardon. Got it. And Gus, I want you to
be on your best behavior. When am I ever not
on my best behavior? Hmph! What? So, Mr. Tremble–
Would you like to sit down? Thank you, yes. (Chuckling) Would you like
something to drink? If it’s no trouble. No trouble at all. No no. That’s not
for bunnies. What’s your vice-principal
doing here? He’s in Dad’s model
airplane club. He’s a guest, so I’m going to make sure
he feels extra welcome. Can you take this in to him?
Please? Yeah, mate. Now, what else would
make a guest happy? Yes? Um… thank you. Here you go, Mr. Tremble. What are these? Peanut butter
and mayo on celery. What are these? Raisins. Oh, raisins. Ah, I thought they
were some kind of pellet. Oh yummy. She’s brought
out the good stuff. Oww! It’s not for you.
It’s for her guest. DAD:
Willa. Can I see you
for a minute please? Coming. Be right back. Dig in. How are you doing, Dad? Oh, fine, fine.
How’s it going downstairs? Don’t worry, I’m taking great
care of Mr. Tremble. I got him a drink and a snack and he’s already made
friends with KoKo. Oh, oh, that’s wonderful, Willa. You’d better keep Mr. Tremble
company. I may be a while. That’s okay. Don’t worry, Gladys.
The clean team is here. We’ll have Monsieur Bingo
spic and span in no time. Hey. What are you…? Hey. Cut that out. That tickles. Oh. Hey. Ah! Heh heh. You remember Jenny. Of course. She just looks so
much… taller indoors. Then let’s go outside. I’ll introduce you
to everyone else. (Singing) Uh oh. There’s Samuel.
And you’ve met Gus. (Growling) Hmph. Hey, I was nice. Shhh. She’s making
introductions. Another sign of a
good hostess. Pardon. Oh, look– here come
Tiny and Lou. (Trumpeting) (Screaming) That could have gone better. Willa has correctly moved to the
next phase of hospitality: entertaining her guest. (Horns honking) Yay! It’s getting late. I’ll just
come back another time. But you can’t leave. You haven’t shown Dad
your model airplane yet. I suppose I could wait
a little longer. Is there some place that’s
quiet and comfortable? How’s that? Oooh. This is cozy.
Quite comfortable indeed. Oh… BERT:
Oh… Aahh! A bear. That’s Bert. The most
comfortable bear in the world. Tell your father I had to go. No, please stay. Dad? Are you almost done? Two minutes. Aahh! Hey! Aahh! Hey! Oh no! This is your model?
It’s great. Did you really
make it yourself? As a matter of fact I did. But please be careful, it’s very delicate and
it’s never been flown. Never? You. Don’t touch that.
No! Bad bunny. Come back. Get back here. Did I miss anything? Dad, I really tried
to be a good hostess. I made celery with
peanut butter and mayo, Steve and Edie put on a show,
he got to lie on Bert, and then he met all
my other animal pals… Wait wait. Did Mr. Tremble
want all that? Who wouldn’t? Willa, you have
to ask your guests what they would like to do. Oh. I guess I should mention that he didn’t want to
fly his airplane either. Okay come on. Let’s see
if we can fix this. Mr. Tremble, I really wanted
you to have a nice time at our house, but I’m sorry
that maybe you didn’t. Is your plane broken? No. There’s no damage at all. This is one well
built airplane. Mine usually fall apart
after the first crash. And to think, all this time,
I’ve been afraid to fly it. If it wasn’t for your bunny,
I might never have. Then if you’d like to, I really
hope you’ll stay for a while… And if you don’t mind, I’d like
to see that plane in action. Thank you, I’d like
that very much. Oh boy. Uh, all this won’t affect my
math mark, will it? No, I don’t deduct points for
well-intended hospitality. Another good job boys. A happy ending for everyone. Indeed. I was successful
in helping Willa attain better manners… Pardon. Right. Too bad you
can’t help yourself. Hey Dad, can I try? Okey doke. Thanks for coming over,
Mr. Tremble. I hope you’re having
a great time. It’s been a pleasure, Willa. You really know how to make
your company feel welcome. This job sure is
taking a long time. How many bunnies
does Gladys have? I don’t know,
they just keep coming. Today’s the day. Yippee! (Trumpeting) Steve, Edie.
It’s Willa’s big day. It’s show time! All set. You’ve been eating
all your veggies? Even the mushy ones.
And I’ve been exercising too. All righty, it’s time to step
over to the “Willa Wall”. Yay! And this weekend, when the
amusement park re-opens, I’m going to be
tall enough to ride– The Whippoorwill Coaster. Oh, I’ve heard
that’s quite a ride. Oh. It’s not just a ride, Dad.
It’s the ride. The most exciting, thrilling, awesome-est ride
in the whole park. Okey doke, hun. So how tall am I? Well Willa… you’re exactly the same height
as the last time I measured you. What! I haven’t grown at all? Dad, you better measure me
again. Maybe you made a mistake. Okey doke. I’m sorry, sweetie. But don’t worry.
You’ll grow as you are meant to. It just might take
a bit more time. How about a cheer up slide? Whoaa! Thanks Jenny. That was nice, but
what I’d really like to do is ride the Whippoorwill
Coaster. . Hello Willa. I brought
back your history book. Thanks, Evelyn. But you could
have given it to me at school. But I have to
talk to someone now. What’s wrong? Are you okay? I’ve outgrown
another pair of pants. I just keep growing and growing. Gee, Evelyn, that’s good news.
I wish I was as tall as you. You get to ride all the rides
at the amusement park. I’m still too short to ride
the Whippoorwill Coaster. Big deal. Whenever I go on those rides,
I have to go by myself. No one else is tall
enough to go with me. I’m always the tallest
kid in class, and there’s nothing
I can do about it. Why can’t we do something? Like what? I’ll bet if I tried, I could
find a way to grow faster. And I could find a way
to stop growing so fast? Uh huh. So Jenny, how did you
get to be so tall? Pardon me? I figure that there is some
reason why you’re so tall. All I have to do is find out
what it is, do it, and then I’ll grow
tall just like you. Do you really think
that will work? Oh sure. So–
what’s your secret? I’m a giraffe. Unless you find a way
to become a giraffe, nothing is going to
make you as tall as me. I don’t need to be giraffe tall,
just a little taller. Maybe someone else
has the answer. So KoKo, how did you
get to be so tall? I never gave it much thought. I suppose… I would have to
say… it’s the hopping. With all this jumping up,
a body is bound to stretch. Why are we so big? Well,
we do eat a lot of peanuts. They’re very good for you. Ohhh. Thanks guys, but I think I’m going to
have to try something else. It’s all about posture. Hold your head high and
your body will follow. Stand straight. Chin up.
Stretch your neck, elongating it.
And proceed thusly. Feel yourself being lifted
away from the ground. And watch where you’re going. Evelyn? What are you doing? I’m staying out of the sun. Since it helps plants grow,
I’m not taking any chances. Good luck growing. Good luck not growing. Willa, I just measured you. But you never know
what can happen. I might have had
a growth spurt. I’m sorry sweetie. It’s not fair. I’m never
going to be tall enough to ride the
Whippoorwill Coaster. Guess what, Willa? I think
this is working. Hi Dooley. Hi. I know being not as tall
as you want isn’t fun. Lots of people feel that way. In fact, I just read
about scientists testing a new way
to stimulate growth. What’d they do?
How’d they do it? By reversing the
affects of gravity. Reversing gravity? Uh huh. The theory is,
if you are upside down, gravity pulls you in the
opposite direction. So it makes the test
subjects grow faster. That’s great. Thanks Dooley. But all they proved
is that it didn’t work. Willa? I know! I should have thought of this in
the first place. Since I can’t be taller– I’m just going to look taller. Close your eyes
and hold your breath. Thanks KoKo, this
makes me tall enough for the Whippoorwill Coaster. And this will guarantee it. Just one last thing
to complete the ensemble. Are you okay Willa? I’m fine. I just need to
practice being tall. Willa? Willa? You look like I feel. I don’t think I’m ever going to
wear shoes like that again. Try carrying weights
around all day. I just hope my body
is too tired to grow. Ohhh, and my feet hurt. Why don’t you just
sit here for a while? I can do that. There you are sweetie. Thanks for measuring
me one more time Dad. Well, yes this time
you are taller. I knew. I just knew it. However, you cannot have
the penguins holding you everywhere you go I’m never going to get to ride
the Whippoorwill Coaster. Oh sweetie, I know how you feel. But one day you will be tall
enough to do all the things you want to do, and ride all the
rides at the amusement park. But in the meantime, whatever
size you are, I happen to know that you have an extra big
talent for having fun. Thanks Dad. Willa I found out
why my feet hurt. I’ve outgrown my shoes. Again. You know Jenny, I guess there are some things
you just can’t make happen. That’s true. But there are
other things you can. Huh? What’s all this? Since you can’t
ride all the rides at that other amusement park– –We built you your own park. Don’t worry, Willa. You can ride
all the rides in this park. Wow, you guys are the best. Willa? Evelyn, come on.
The park’s open. We’ll ride all
the rides together. What park? What rides? ♪ (Laughing) You know Evelyn,
when you have friends, it doesn’t matter how
tall or short you are. Willa, you just might be right. Oh, er, good afternoon, Madame. I thought I knew everyone who
lived here. Must be visiting. ♪

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