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Willa’s Wild Life: An Alligator Ate My Homework / Hammering Away – Ep.7

♪ ♪ What would you do ♪ ♪ If you had
your own zoo? ♪ ♪ Would you bounce
on a bear? ♪ ♪ Let a giraffe
brush your hair? ♪ ♪ Have an elephant pick out
your underwear? ♪ (Trumpeting) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while? ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s so much fun
playing Willa-style ♪ ♪ (Seals barking) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! DAD:
So how’s the big
science project coming? Just finishing the Earth, Dad. Wow. The whole
solar system. Very impressive mobile. Mm. Looks good enough to eat, huh? Willa, uh, isn’t Mars
supposed to be red? I’m sorry. I thought pink
would be kanga-cuter. Well, pink is
kind of like red. Okay, kids,
it’s getting late. How about we let the paint
and papier-mâché dry? Okay, Dad. Thanks, Jenny. ♪ (Screaming) Oh, no! Willa, what is it? (Gasping) Oh, my. (Chomping) (Burping) Hey, what happened
to Willa’s planet project? You mean the one that looked
good enough to eat? Wait a minute.
You mean you… What would make you think
that I’d eat it, huh? Well… ♪ Oh. Gus wrecked
Willa’s school project. Poor Gladys. She worked so hard
on that… whatever it was. BLINKY:
Oh! Oh! I can’t bear to see her
like this. Blinky. Bob.
Snap out of it. We’ve got to find some way
to help Gladys. I’m sorry, sweetie. Hey, I can go to the store,
get some paste, make more papier-mâché
and we’ll fix it. Thanks, Dad. Oh, you got to believe me. I didn’t do it. The evidence
is all over your snout. Oh, this? I just found some plaster
on the side of the house. (All chattering indistinctly) TINY:
I don’t think he did it. Look, Willa, I may be a little
rough around the edges, but I have never
lied to you. Hm. Okay, Gus.
I believe you. DOOLEY:
Willa, Willa? What happened? How did these pieces
get all over the place? And where’d this red paint
come from? Dooley, I’m going to need
your help to figure out
what happened. Hm. There could be some clues
in all this. Hey, this is the perfect chance
to use My junior detective kit. Magnifying glass, fingerprint
powder, evidence bag, donuts. Everything you need
to solve a mystery. Who do you want to be? Shady Spade, Ace Gumshoe
or Sure-Clue Holmes, detective? Shady Spade Willa and Sure-Clue
Dooley are on the case. This is a complete
waste of time. After all,
we know who did it. Do we? You said you don’t think
your alligator did this, and you’re probably right. Look, no teeth marks. Since when has Gus broken
anything without his teeth? What? Good job, Dooley. You keep looking
for more clues around here and I’ll follow the drops
of red paint. Gladys, your problems
are over. The boys and I have taken the
situation into our own flippers and we have built you
a brand-new whatever that thing was. You have papier-mâché? Who needs it? We’ve made it out
of something so much better: balloons! Balloons make perfect
hangy thingies. (Popping) (Crashing) Um, we’ll get back to you. BLINKY:
Hang on, Bob! We’re coming! (Laughing) ♪ (Gasping) Lou, can you give me a boost up
to that shelf? Oh, sure, Willa. Hm. Seems a bit high
for an alligator. Why? What did you find? Dooley, did you find
anything yet? Willa, check this out. These smudges look like they
could be part of a footprint. If it is,
then it’s the footprint of someone with big feet.
And Gus has little feet. (All gasping) (Laughing) Hey! He could have worn
big fake feet. I still think
he’s the guilty party. (Gulping) Hey, maybe someone was outside
last night and saw what happened. I’m going to poke around
and see what else I can find. Gladys, this time we’ve got it. A brand-new thingamajig
made of ice. Huh. Well, it was ice. We’ll get back to you. Did you see anything unusual
last night? WALLACE:
Certainly not. I slept all night in the
bathroom, as I always do. The seals can vouch for me. They were in the tub next to me,
snoring like the dickens. I do not snore. You do snore. But everything else, sure. We had a long day of rehearsal,
so we hit the sack early. Without snoring. Well if you must know, yes, I was in the backyard
during the night. I always take a walk
under the stars. No, we didn’t hear a thing. We were in the garage
all night. Except when we got
a glass of water. Thanks, guys. (Snoring) Hm, Bert, I’ll put you down
for asleep during the night. INKY:
Okay, Gladys, this time we got it
for sure. We made it out
of belly button lint. (Wind gusting) Whoa! We’ll get back to you. (Laughing) KoKo, can I ask you
a few questions? Oh, sure.
I’ll be right back. You know, KoKo, eventually
Willa is going to find out. (Gasping) How did you know? You’ve been acting
very strangely, and you’ve been hiding your
front paws in your pouch. It was accident. I’m sure it was, but you’re
letting Gus take the blame. Well, he’s always
in trouble anyway. And– And I– I didn’t know
what to do. Do you know
what to do now? I’ve called you all here
to announce Gus is innocent. (Gasping) (Gasping, indistinct murmurs) Everyone has been
jumping to conclusions. But if you’re going
to accuse someone, you need to look
at the facts. Number one: no one actually
saw or heard Gus all night. Uh-huh. And number two: the red paint was on
the top shelf, which is too high
for an alligator to reach. (Murmurs of agreement) Too high for an alligator, but not too high
for an elephant. Yeah, and they sleep in the
garage where the paint was. No, no, no, no, no, no. We didn’t do it. Right. Tiny and Lou couldn’t
have done it either. Remember the smudged footprints
on the broken pieces? They were too big
to be an alligator’s and too thin
to be an elephant’s. That’s right.
Our feet are really big. But a camel’s feet
are smaller. (All gasping) And you were in the backyard last night. That footprint could just as easily
have been a bear’s. Or a walrus’ flipper. I was asleep
the entire night. Ask the seals. Well, if you were asleep,
how do you know they were? TINY:
Yeah, how do you know that? Everybody quiet. None of you did it.
I know because… (All gasping) Well, I knew
it wasn’t me. But did anybody listen? No. Where’s the trust? Where’s the love? KoKo? It was an accident. I was going to surprise Willa
by painting Mars red, like it should be. Tiny and Lou must have gone
to get a drink of water when I took the paint out
of the garage. And when I hopped to get the
mobile, it fell down and broke. Pieces went everywhere. So I went looking
for papier-mâché to fix it, but I couldn’t find any. By the time I came back,
everyone had already blamed Gus. I’m really sorry. Why didn’t you tell us? I was scared. I didn’t think
you’d be my friends anymore. I think we all
jumped to conclusions. And they were all wrong. Gus didn’t do it.
And KoKo, we’re still your friends. LOU: That’s right. TINY: Yay! Not me.
I’m going to… I’m going to… Ah, I can’t stay mad
at someone who apologizes. Yay! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, all right, hoppy. Let’s not
get carried away. DOOLEY:
Hey, Willa. Bad news. When I put
these pieces together, it makes a perfect
kangaroo footprint. Gus may be innocent,
but it looks like KoKo isn’t. Dooley, you solved the case.
But don’t worry. KoKo didn’t
do it on purpose. (Car horn honking) Dad’s back.
Now we can fix our mobile. (Lips smacking) Mm, looks good enough
to eat. Relax,
it’s just an expression. Ta-da. That’s bonza, love. Today we’re going to make
our own piece of art with papier-mâché It’s very easy. All you do is mix
your paste and water. Then you take a small piece
of paper or newspaper, dip the paper into the paste
and water like so, and then put it in place. Any questions? INKY:
No questions. I think we got it. I’m good. Good night, guys. Good night, Gladys. Close the door,
You’re letting the warm air in. (Snoring) Wake up, Bert.
Nap time’s over. (Laughing) It’s time for bed. (Snoring) Night, Bert.
Good night, Samuel. Good night, Tiny.
Good night, Lou. BOTH:
Good night, Willa. Good night, KoKo. (Sighing) (Snoring) Good night, Wallace.
Good night, Steve and Edie. Good night, Gus. And no eating
loafers at bedtime. You know what happens. (Spitting) Yeah, right.
Uh, good night. Good night, Jenny. Pleasant dreams, sweetie. (Thunder rumbling) (Gasping) It’s just not right. What? I’m not eating the shoes,
I’m just licking them. No, I mean while we’re all warm
and dry in the house, Jenny has to sleep outside
in the rain. Oh, oh, oh, that. Well, you know, I like Stretch
as much as the next animal, but face it:
she’s a giraffe. She doesn’t exactly
fit inside the house. Well, dogs have dog houses. Can’t Jenny have
a giraffe house? Hey.
Sounds good to me. (Sighing) (Yawning) Rise and shine, Gus. It’s time to work
on Jenny’s giraffe house. Oh, I’ll get Dad and Dooley
to help, because their really good
at building things. And for Stretch,
go ahead, count on me and the gang
to pitch in too. As soon as I get a little more
beauty sleep. (Snoring) ALL:
Surprise! What? Uh, what? What’s all this? Toots, you aren’t going to have
to sleep outside anymore. Because we’re going to build you
your very own giraffe house. Can’t wait. This will be fun. Yeah.
Let’s get going. Oh, my goodness,
thank you. But you don’t have to do that. I’m fine
under my tree. Trust us, hon, this will be
a four-star establishment. I’m here! I’m here! Where? How?
What’s the emergency? Oh, there you are, Dooley.
No emergency. We’re building Jenny
a giraffe house. What are you talking about,
Willa? And with a little help fromGiraffe Home and Garden
I drew up a plan. WILLA:
Looks great, Dad. Let’s get started. (Whistle blowing) ♪ (Yawning) (Snoring) Try it out, Jenny. It’s so fan-tabulous. We should callGiraffe
Home and Garden
magazine and tell them to put Jenny’s
house on the cover. Great idea, Willa. I’ll give them a call
right now. And I’ll get us some lemonade
to celebrate. Definitely four stars. Nice job. Wow-wie. Oh, your own shower. Kanga-riffic. You know, if Stevarino and I
had our own bath, we’d never have to move
when your dad took a shower. And Dad could take showers
anytime he wanted. He’d love that. And we’ve got lots
of building stuff left. If– If Lou and I
had our own place, we could move out
of the garage. And your dad would have more
room to park his car. We could build
an elephant house. Oh, to have
my own oasis. Guess what, Dooley. We’re building homes
for everyone. Cool. Count me in. Of course, we’re going to need
a new plan. Let’s see.
Hm, how about this? Or maybe we could do this. Or, oh, I know. Gus is short, so it won’t take
much to build his place. Hey, hey, hey. Of course, we’ll need
extra supplies since there’s two of us. Well, there’s three of us. But we’re the biggest. (Gasping) (Crashing) Wait! Stop!
There’s enough for everyone! (Grunting) ♪ Hm! (Chittering) Hello,Giraffe Home and Garden
Well, we just built a giraffe
house in our backyard and– (Indistinct chattering
over phone) Uh, no, no, no, we’re not a zoo,
uh, exactly. Well, we’re a normal family,
uh, sort of. I… No, no, I– I don’t think
I’m a giraffe. Well, it’s, uh,
different. (Dad humming) Hey, great news,
everyone. Someone fromGiraffe Home
and Garden
magazine is on their way right now
to take a look at the– Great garbanzos! Well, Jenny’s house was so nice,
we built one for everyone. Only it sort of didn’t turn out
quite right. (Rabbits chittering) ♪ (Sighing) (Sighing) The house feels kind of lonely
without my animal pals. I know.
You know, I took a shower and I actually missed
having to get Steve and Edie
out of the tub. But if having their own homes
is what they want, I guess I can try
to be happy for them. At least I can still say
good night to them. Good night Tiny. Oh, good night Willa. Willa’s here. She wasn’t talking
to you. Hm! Hm! Tiny? Lou? You have your
own rooms, just like you wanted. Why are you still grumpy? Hm! Hm! Do you think maybe
you miss sharing a room? And being part of a family? Because I know I miss
having you in the garage. Dad does too. The house isn’t the same
without you. All of you. A private dressing room
may sound nice, but I’ve got to admit, sharing the bathroom
was kind of cozy. Um, to my utter surprise, I’m finding it difficult
to nod off without the sound
of Bert snoring. Ah. WILLA: Guys, is there any chance that you
could move back into the–? (Laughing) And as much as I appreciate all your hard work, I’d like
to go back under the tree. (Car horn honking) Hello. I’m fromGiraffe Home
and Garden
magazine. I understand that you have
a giraffe house in your backyard. Um, yeah, about that. You see, uh, we had a bit
of a change, you know? So it’s– It’s–
Well, it’s not exactly– (Editor gasping) It’s a masterpiece. It is? I’ve never seen
anything like it. Everyone with a giraffe,
kangaroo, camel, walrus, elephant, seals and penguins
will want one. Ah! An alligator room. I simply must have it. Please, pretty please,
can I have it? Willa? Sure. We don’t need it
anymore. Thank you! Thank you! Nelson, I just got us an animal
house you won’t believe. Bring the big truck.
The big one! WILLA:
Good night, Samuel. Good night, KoKo. Good night, Tiny and Lou. You know, I never thought
I’d say it, but I am so glad everyone’s
back in the house. I guess it’s not the bricks
and wood that makes a home, it’s the family
that lives inside. Even if it’s a family with fur. Or scales. (Door closing) Good night, sweetie. Good night, Jenny. Jenny, why do you like
being under the tree? There are lots of reasons. But the best one of all is that I can watch your dad
tuck you in and know that everything
is all right with you. (Gus burping) Sorry.
Uh, loafers give me gas. (Both laughing) (All squealing) (All gasping) (Whistling) ALL:
Ooh! (Squealing) (Chittering) (Sighing) (All squealing) ♪

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