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Wildlife Expert Forrest Galante Breaks Down More Animal Scenes from Movies | GQ

don’t stick your fingers in animals but speak if you want to lose a hand run up and stick your finger into Tigers but this is not a good thing to do I’m wildlife biologist Forrest Galante and this is the breakdown up first the birds I want you to go as quietly as possible do not make a sound until I tell you to run alright let’s hold it there so the grouping of Ravens or crows is called a murder typically you’ll see two or three or four you know up to ten or twelve but they’re spread out they’re an eye shot of each other but they’re still one in this tree one in that tree in this image what I’m seeing is all of these birds right on top of each other shoulder-to-shoulder on top of the jungle gym so it’s very weird it’s not typical animal behavior it all those leaves you to believe that this is planned right that’s not old coincidence that they’re all sitting there but rather they have come together to do this intentionally Ravens and crows are incredibly social they’re very very intelligent birds they’re able to communicate with each other they form family groups they actually can hold it like a mourning ceremony when one of them dies where the others will gather around and they’ll all start squawking somewhat in unison to signify the passing of one of the crows definitely some of the smartest birds on the planet they’re also some of the most trainable which I presume is why they were so perfect for this film they all take off at once and you see these kids just screaming through the streets I think what’s so funny about this Alfred Hitchcock film is we’re taking an animal that’s very common that we see all over the place and making it a stereo aggressive thing they’re not aggressive animals I mean nobody that’s watching this has ever been attacked by a crow because that’s never happened they don’t just pull them out of the sky and start attacking you it’s really interesting because some of this is clearly kind of bad CG which is probably good CG in its era but some of it is also real trained animals and you can see these Ravens flying down swooping by these kids heads and it’s pretty cool hold there for a second Yeah right there that’s pretty funny if a crow were to attack you given that it’s a bird this big with very limited ability to hurt you I think nibbling on your ear is probably about the most damaging could you when a crow is hunting it’s really foraging they’re not an active aggressive predator like a raptor they don’t hover over and dive on something instead they kind of fly down peck around through the dirt pull a worm out of the dirt kick over a little logs it’s very sort of intelligent foraging not so much like predatory aggression let me jump ahead the sound in this film right crows and ravens make a variety of sounds in fact they’re one of the most vocal birds that we have in North America as far as their diversity of sounds that they can make so they can be taught to mimic cars like a parrot or make other sounds like other birds and trick them but in this case the sounds that we’re hearing is like some kind of small mammal shrews you know which I don’t know what that sounds supposed to be a murder of crows all squawking at the same time is it intimidating enough thing I mean it really is an impressive sound – here let me play that and I think they could have just used that but you know they decided to use this kind of shrill squawking sound that Ravens do not make the kind of aggression that you see from birds today are from cassowaries or from ostriches something like that generally not flighted Birds and in that situation they’re just being territorial so you just want to back off and get away from them when it’s a flighted bird it’s really challenging because they can fly right so they have all the maneuverability I can imagine back when haast Eagles used to hunt Maori children it was a terrifying thing to have this eagle with a 15-foot wingspan swoop down and try and take your child away from you those animals no longer exist but at the end of the day when it comes to birds attacking people it’s kind of like a size thing there’s nothing that a two-pound crow can do now if that Raven happened to be 75 pounds and have a 15-foot wingspan you’d be in a lot of trouble this is gold Kenny here you have both they’re asking do you have balls like are you brave enough to go deal with the tiger what they should be saying is do you have brains and if he says yes he shouldn’t be going in with a tiger no I don’t know this movie I haven’t seen it I don’t know the exact situation as to how captive this tiger is obviously we know from circus shows and shows that certain Tigers can be very very domesticated that being said should anyone just go walking into a tiger enclosure I think not these are animals that are naturally dangerous to people right these are the largest cats in the world they’re extremely predatory should we just approach one on foot absolutely not it doesn’t matter if it’s in the wild or in captivity if you don’t know that animal you should not be walking up to it holder this frame is a perfect example of how great their camouflage is you’re seeing this little bit of orange but that orange is blending in perfectly with the light reflecting off of the leaves and the green foliage and the black stripes looks like the shadows in between them so you picture this kind of gold and orange creature with black stripes you like that stands out anywhere that’s a ridiculous color scheme but the truth is that’s fantastic camouflage perfectly mimics both grasslands and jungle and the stripes mimic the shadows that you get if something moves through that [Music] wouldn’t happen like that right maybe with a trained tiger and enclosure sure but in the wild the animal wouldn’t expose itself by being out in the clearing right in fact quite the opposite as someone approach like that it would circle around and be in the densest thickest foliage to stalk the person and pounce from behind if you’re a predator you’re typically pretty smart and you know that if you attack something head-on you’re likely to get injured but if you attack from behind there’s no way that that creature can injure you back but you know now it’s great you can see it obviously because it’s in a clearing and there’s a standoff so let’s see what happens this is what you’d see in a standoff right the animal would lower its ears like that it would show its teeth this is an aggressive body posture and that’s what it’s doing it’s standing off it saying I’m aggressive don’t come near me beautiful animal hold right there I don’t recommend anybody try this but if you’re ever approaching something like a canine or a large cat you do not want to power over them right so Matthew McConaughey sticking his hand out and being over it it’s expressing another aggressive trait instead what you should do is present your hand nice and low and let them come to you smell you get comfortable and then you could slowly work to touching them and things like that again I don’t recommend anybody do this but if you’re in that situation don’t go jamming your hand out over the top of them that’s scary you know if you’re the animal you’re going oh what’s that on top of me and you could get a fright and SWAT out it or by that it and then you lose a hand freak this frame down at no point in time do we see Matthew McConaughey and the tiger this is clearly someone else right this is its keeper a stunt double petting him on the head we don’t see Matthew McConaughey’s face and they pop out and you see his face again and they pop back into a hand on the tiger they are using the trainer or someone else because you know it wasn’t his contract too dangerous or whatever but although this is a captive trained animal Matthew McConaughey did not actually pet this tiger it’s a real bummer for him because it’s nice to pet a tiger next up welcome to the jungle Oh JC BD great don’t know the movie but anybody that peacocks like that I’m already into it is no tiger what are the chances of a dangerous animal in this island zero okay so just where do we begin Wow what a mess first of all we got super Jack John Claude Van Dam hanging out on the cliffs of what appears to be Hawaii with a tiger just attacking out of lava rock and how nobody saw this tiger coming when there’s not even a bush anywhere to be seen I don’t know but I’d love it Tiger just takes him to the ground and then doesn’t bite him in the neck it doesn’t do anything and then backs off and chills it out while he gets up and he’s like Oh careful this right here the buzzer running or fighting or screaming or doing anything it just turns back to the group easily and starts talking about the animal that’s just attacked I’m a foot away it’s great there are no Tigers in Hawaii Tigers are from Asia right Southeast Asia all the way up into China I mean are there places in the world where a tiger could be on the ocean on a rocky cliff sure are you going to see them standing like that absolutely not they’re back in the jungle where there’s prey sources and everything else get afraid your brother is that really what he said are you positive about that no don’t stick your fingers and animals butts people yes this is a comedy if you want something funny to happen make jokes about sticking your fingers in Tigers but if you want to lose a hand run up and stick your finger into Tigers but this is not a good thing to do what can you do is to defend yourself against the Tigers not much it’s a tiger it’s going to win you could go for the eyes you can go for the ears if you really really desperate but sticking something in this but is not gonna do anything I have to see this movie I don’t know what this is but I have to see this now like what a bunch of nonsense John wick chapter three Parabellum the so far so good all very realistic right we’re just gonna run through stables horses aren’t very alarmed they wouldn’t be there used to people let’s go back so now John wicks doing with you on with does is kicking some butt we’re hearing a gunshot and a sudden you starting to hear the horses whinny in the background that would happen you fire a gun the horses are gonna get agitated in western movies we see horses riding and gunshots going off all the time even on ranches in today’s day and age people shoot off a horseback constantly they can definitely get acclimated to those loud bangs and not even notice them that’s why horses were such important vessels during war times but in this situation I think it’s safe to assume that they’re not used to gunfire so when a loud noise like gunfire does happen the animals are getting upset just a quick comment John wick they’re just gently spins the horse around and the guy who runs into it bounces off of it like it’s a vertical trampoline like I’m not quite understanding why horse but is the consistency of a bounce house but for whatever reason it managed to knock the guy out it’s a little silly but kind of fun to watch yeah that would do it that’ll do for anybody that knows horses you know you never want to go around the back end of a horse right because they kick and they kick when they’re agitated that will and has absolutely happened people get very badly hurt by horses kicking backwards out of agitation just like that it’s just great I mean he’s got this like kick cannon right it you like pet sit on the flank and it just fires out a kick and pets it again fires out a kick it’s great TV it’s not how horses work you couldn’t really command a horse when to kick right like even if you dug your stirrups in or if you startled it it wouldn’t necessarily kick it’s more like if you’re in a headlock and you go like that to get someone off you kind of reaction right it’s something coming up behind you and the horse is reacting to it some of the horses are agitated like the horse directly behind John wick and the guy is fighting and some of the horses are completely calm like when he runs and slides underneath him I’m sure the trainers intentionally tried to make sure that horse was very calm because if it was a lad jeté and someone went sliding underneath it it probably freaked out and kick him pretty realistic except if all this commotion was going on I think all the horses would be agitated horses are working animals for the most part right they know that when you’re on top of them they’re being ridden if you’re a rider you know there’s various commands with the reins and with the stirrups to see someone grab the horn and fling themselves up onto the saddle and then the horse take off that’s not odd that’s how horses are they know it’s time to go and they’re being ridden you’re great I don’t remember the name of the term right my sister is a big writer I’m not but where you kind of hang off the side of the saddle and you can kind of wrap around you can move forward or backwards in Gymkhana where you compete to do these things there’s all kinds of motions like that the idea that you hang off the horse’s neck sideways reach around shoot a guy it’s great could you do it absolutely is it easy no but the horse would allow it up next black sheep touch it what you touch it I will if you will all right what happens a lot of times as bats are preying on small insects small insects are attracted to lights at night so the bats come swooping down picking off the bugs that are circling around the porch light or whatever it is sure enough you know a bug darts in towards a window and in goes the bat now all of a sudden the bats in the house if you see a bat curled up in your house and this is probably something that’s gonna happen to almost everybody at one point in their life open the window and let it out don’t go pokin it it doesn’t do it any good it doesn’t do you any good whoa I think it’s gone I hate those damn things well you just saw was actually pretty good behavior right so the bat flies around and then it disappears the guys are in the corner go no I hate bats whatever and then all of a sudden it reappears that’s exactly what would happen right the bats stuck in the house flies around flies around flies around lands uses a psycho location it’s like all right I’m gonna try and get out of here again takes off and starts flying around again of course it’s not trying to attack anything it’s just trying to escape but they will roost take a break and then take off again yes they can be carriers this is kind of idea that people contract rabies from bats all the time is very very far-fetched there’s only a very my new hand full of species of bats that even bite people and those are vampire bats so the odds of contracting rabies from that are super slim right these animals aren’t biting people so even if the bat has rabies odds aren’t just going to die it’s they’re going to bite someone and contaminate them okay over the fridge you hit the Lights bats are attracted to light by in the fridge I closed the door and a story that’s moths you dumbass not bad oh yeah David Spade is right that is moths but Chris Farley’s actually also right because like I said earlier the moths are attracted to the light and then the bats were attracted to the moth so they’re both kind of riding their wave but saying it’s moths dumbass is pretty accurate [Music] watch this the thought of being able to catch a bat by like gently clamoring two pots together and perfectly trapping it inside it unless the bat is landed it’s impossible you’re not gonna pick it out of the air right again it uses echolocation so it can sense those things coming it consents it closing it also doesn’t want to have anything to do with you it can tell that your there is a large mammal and it’s trying desperately to get away from you you’re not catching it in a couple pots it’s pretty funny right he thinks he’s caught the bat in the pots and then they look in the pot they turn around and the bats tangled and Chris Farley’s hair now I’ve heard stories of bats getting tangled in woman’s hair again I think this is from a bat place swooping in to get an insect that’s landed on the back of someone’s head but it absolutely could happen now the truth is this would be by far the easiest point to catch the bat you’ve got to just calmly walk outside and untangle it but instead there’s just real panic now right the bats stuck in his hair don’t know what to do apparently it’s gross for some reason and this is going to lead to I’m sure a whole bunch more shenanigans like how the bats just flying back and forth it’s not circling any longer it’s not going out the door it’s just staying perfectly silhouetted in there like four foot by four foot bedsheet so their final approach is they get a bedsheet or a curtain whatever it is and put it up between two broom handles right and they they shoe the bat out the door all they actually had to do was open the door and the bat would have found its own way out we’ve got mr. Popper’s Penguins so these are Gentoo penguins there are smaller species they get up to maybe like pound and you congregate like this in flocks we all know if we’ve ever watched one of these beautiful David Attenborough planet Earth things the Penguins like to slide on their bellies as a means to get to the ocean going down an iceberg and what they’re implying here with our CG Gentoo penguins is that they’ve knocked over this water and now they’re using it as a slide so they’re fake penguins that are modeled after real penguins that are expressing a real characteristic so it’s pretty cool penguins congregate in masses typically for breeding they live in very large colonies and their safety in numbers because penguins don’t make nests high up in the trees like other birds they’re doing it on the rocky shoreline when there’s a gazillion of them all together it’s confusing for predators there’s safety in numbers it’s not that that many penguins are a deterrent for a predator quite the opposite that many are predator attractants but if you’re congregated in a group of several thousands or millions the odds of you getting picked off are one and say a hundred thousand verses when you’re one alone out in the middle of nowhere and you’re taking on a polar bear one on one you’re going to lose the way that the Penguins are structured with their arms out is actually very similar to how they swim so if you watch hang ones that have been filmed swimming underwater they’re kind of like these glider Jets that you’re seeing here this is a very rigid aqua dynamic body posture that you’re seeing whereas when they’re sliding it’s kind of more of a sleek like get me to the water type of body position the behavior is good behavior and pretty well represented in the way that it’s done just not in a fancy dress ball obviously what makes the movie funny that they’re doing it in the wrong situation I’m Horace Blanton and this has been my great you

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  4. As he says, "Crows would never bomb out of the sky and attack you," I get flashbacks to when my mom and I got attacked when I was a kid.

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  6. FOR EVERYONE CRITICISING HIM ABOUT THE CROW THING, just to let u know his expertise is in critically endangered animals, which crows are not. U can’t expect him to know everything, especially things out of his range. He prob only knows basic knowledge of crows

    me, who has a bird phobia after watching The Birds when I was 4 years old : oh

  8. This dudes never experienced breeding oyster catchers in NZ. Tiny but aggressive (quite entertaining when watching other people get too close and being surprised). Also magpies can be terrifying. Everyone in Aus or NZ knows that. I've seen crows in Canada have a go as well!

  9. Fun fact: not only the tiger pattern is a good camouflage, but it's prey can't distinguish orange and green, so tigers, as a matter of fact, look green to those animals, which is awesome in dense foliage.

  10. I REALLY wish he had talked about magpies when discussing the Birds…… Like I need good explanation!!! Tell me about them!!!!

  11. Oh crows can do some damage. They are not much but they have strong enough beaks that they can rip human flesh. I am a vet at a wild animal sanctuary. The only crow we have can talk and hates men. He is a male that wants all that is female for himself. I had a chunk of my middle finger ripped off by him. He can talk and when he wants to hurt you he will find a way. He aims for your eyes and for the soft parts of the body for example between the fingers. When angry crows can cause damage. It's not much to be honest but it's not just a nibble on the year

  12. So the penguins waddle on out & caused the waiter to lose the large ice bucket container to fall off his trolley, spilling maybe 60lt of ice & water – yet there's enough water spillage flowing out to go cascading down the internal levels of the building, and so 60ltrs magically becomes about 600lts. Haha

  13. The tiger is defintely my favorite animal in the world but even if i love this animal and would never do anything bad to one of them but i would never go to a cage to touch a tiger i don't know no matter how domesticated he could be.
    If i turn my back on a tiger,he will attack me and if i keep looking at him he may attack.
    It's an unpredictable animal.

  14. The Aussie Magpie will peck your eye out or swoop down and batter you with their wings and they don’t forget a face so they are waiting each day for you like your grade 5 bully did.

  15. Im just watching this back “yeah bats Can carry rabies” (or How you spell it Im Danish not english) and now They Can carry facking Coronavirus

  16. This reminds me of a dream I had once in which a tiger the size of a small elephant was confronting me, and all I had to defend myself with was a pocket knife, which I knew would probably not even pierce its hide, let alone do any real damage.

  17. The Birds is basically Flesh Birds but it's not playing in a dark forest with a giant mutat inside a church and instead chasing children

  18. This is the third video I've watched and I kept hoping that one of these would have Forrest reviewing Orca with Richard Harris. I would love to hear him break that one down.

  19. Vaulting/trick riding is the term Forrest was looking for. Tbh I laughed so hard during this video 👌

  20. The town I used to live in was notorious for its 3000+ murder of crows. It got to the point where air horns were used to try and disperse them.
    This is neither impossible nor implausible. Live in farm country where chickens are raised and you'll see it.
    Trees filled with crows, eagles, hawks and the like waiting for the nightly kill (chickens that died overnight in crowded conditions)

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  23. Everything is pretty accurate but he said something wrong, a polar bear would never attack a penguin in the wild because they live in opposite poles. I’m sure he knows it, but hey, I got to correct this cool guy

  24. I have spent more time watching these “Break Downs”, than anything on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+, and HBO.

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  26. As someone who has been practicing horse riding since an early age and has worked with and taken care of horses, some safety tips:

    1) First and foremost, speak to the owner or trainer of the horse, someone who knows the usual behavior of the animal and can warn you of any particularities
    If not instructed otherwise assume that:
    2) you shouldn't go near the horse's rear, or its mouth
    3) don't make loud noises or sudden movements
    4) basically, don't startle or scare the horse

    Also: horses have individual personalities, fears, and likes. some may be very shy while others would crave for people´s attention, some may be tricksters and like to try and bite you or your clothes in somewhat a playful manner, this is usually considered a bad habit.
    Please know that horses are really nervous animals They would absolutely not attack you and may only harm you in self-defense, while trying to shoo you or escape.

  27. "A grouping of ravens or crows is a murder…" Not to be that guy, but a group of crows is a murder and a group of ravens is an unkindness.

  28. Him: crows aren’t aggressive animals, nobody who’s watching this has ever been attacked
    Me: not only once but twice it happened to me wtf?!?

    And no I wasn’t Taunting it in any way
    Obviously this man was hired by some underground secret intelligence organization to tell the rest of us this farse so he could protect the secret of birds being drones that recharge on electrical lines

  29. The best way to catch a bat is to swing a towel in the middle of the room in circles. Not to hit the bat, just to interfere with their radar and make them dizzy. After a couple of minutes they just fall on the ground. My dad thought me that when I was a kid, and it has always worked for me.

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