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Why We Fear Monsters but Not Climate Change: NBC Left Field | In Our Minds

So what’s it like to manufacture fear? Well, we talked to a couple whose life’s
work is to study and create fear. Eastern State Penitentiary is
notoriously haunted. The world’s first true penitentiary. A building designed to inspire penitence, or true regret. It’s now a museum, and to fund its
year-round operation they run the biggest haunted house I have ever seen. We’re the largest haunted house in the country. Thirty-two show nights. So well over 100,000 people. Spooks have a formula. I talk about the fright triangle. There’s the story, the spectacle and there’s the startle. In more academic terms, acute threat. Haunted houses, they
are going for the in-the-moment startle, high-activation, high-impact trying to
get the body all worked up. Which we know is fake. And I’m interested in, like, why can’t we work up the same kind of immediate
anxiety about stuff that’s actually going to hurt us, and that things like
climate change or nuclear annihilation or, you know, the bad stuff that’s in the
news. For most of human existence we have had to fear things that were in our
immediate surroundings. So they’re coming right at us. We’re not so good at attributing the, I
guess, appropriate weight to risks that aren’t right in front of us. So getting a fright is very different from a sense of angst or deep dread about the future. But recent studies on emotions show that our fear is constructed. It’s actually informed
by our previous experiences Humans, we can think ourselves into and
out of fear even walking through a haunted house people can steel
themselves against the startles. Which might lead you to suppose that you could actually control it somehow. It takes a lot of cognitive control, and it’s not any fun.

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  1. CO2 induced climate change is a convenient lie. Want the truth? 80,000 acres of tropical forest are lost DAILY, to say nothing of the rest of the world's forests. It's a well established scientific fact that deforestation causes changes in rainfall patterns and temperature, in other words CLIMATE. But they don't want you fighting to save the natural world from the chainsaw, they want you fighting for more taxes and regulations which will do nothing to solve the real problem, because that's GOOD for them, it gives them a greater excuse to tax and regulate, "we've got to do more," right? Please, research this for yourself and spread the word.

  2. If global warming was a problem, the equatorial areas would be deserts. On the contrary, the equatorial areas are rain forest areas.

    Plant more trees to reclaim the deserts caused by deforestation. Plants need more CO2 to give you food and oxygen. More forests will also lower the sea level.

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