Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. The best seller of this fake global warming scam is to play on peoples love for nature and its creatures. How about doing a special on how robust nature is and how well the creatures that inhabit it adjust to the subtle changes that take place? O but wait, that would destroy the narrative that global warming is a real thing. Maybe thats why the only rub to it is in the title of the video and nothing about it in the actual video clip!

  2. the world has been changing and evolving for millions of years, if you want and try to keep it the same youre going against nature, dont be a climate fanatic for all the wrong reasons

  3. loved it, but please specify the unit of temperature: 40 deg Farenheit, which is around 4 deg Celsius. More people in the world use Celsius than Farenheit, but still even if you stick to USA units, at least say which units you're talking about.

  4. You guys should add a little subtitle when you mention something in an Anerican unit for people that don't live in the US

  5. 1:45…. just the way you reach these creatures recording them with your cameras and they are uninterrupted from their lifestyle wonders me.

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