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Why SAP? – Employees talk about their roles at SAP

The SAP most people don’t know is innovative and creative and
out there every day changing the world. There is no part of running a business that SAP isn’t plugged into. We power 78 percent of the world’s business transactions. SAP has offices in— I don’t know how many countries.
You can probably fill this in somewhere, like… Down here: this is how many countries we’re in. I’m in charge of SAP’s incubator, where we really focus on
unlocking the potential within SAP. I’ve been in the SAP ecosystem for about six and a half years. I was working with startups and when I came in I saw this
incredible level of talent, and I haven’t looked back since then. I’m an applied data scientist. I am trying to use data and
machine learning to help inform decisions. Everything that I do is used by somebody immediately. Every
model that I build is used that day by its end consumers. That’s incredibly gratifying. I’ve always wanted to be in that entrepreneurial space
where you have the freedom to explore. That’s always what excited me and drew me into SAP. Our customers face problems day in, day out, and they
look at us to provide the right solutions. We let designers work with developers, with salespeople, giving
perspective on how the whole company can work together. I originally joined SAP as part of the Silicon Valley Next Talent
Program, which is a rotational program for new grads. I was expecting a standard engineering role, but I was exposed to
so many other parts of the business. At SAP you have all sorts of opportunity to work with new technologies. We are a company that is focused on experimenting constantly. I have the freedom to choose my tools and to build products with
the best things that I see fit. SAP is a company that cares about ideas. That’s a uniquely motivating
thing for somebody who wants to create change in the world. If you’re exploratory in nature, if you like playing with new tech,
this is a place that you want to be.

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