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Why Republicans and Corporations and the Media Are Failing Us On Climate Change – SOME MORE NEWS

Here’s some news: Someone just got new jammies! Yes. After lying about things & having suspicious finances— and also that sexual assault allegation that the GOP avoided finding out if it was true or not despite a potential date it happened, corroborated on his cool calendars and other details lining up in an alleged witness’s memoir, and everyone just sort of saying, “I believe something happened to her, but I don’t believe it was him” (which is, you know, the most important detail) —after all of that, Brett Kavanaugh was put on the Supreme Court! And it’s only been a week, and he’s already having a good time! And don’t worry! We’re not gonna talk about him all day, alright? We’re just going to talk about the news through his lens. We’re going to use him… LIKE A TOOL. For example, here’s some news: During Brett Kavanaugh’s first week on the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court shot down an appeal that would have revisited a decision written by Brett Kavanaugh that allowed the continued use of hydrofluorocarbons— a climate damaging chemical found in millions of consumer products; a chemical that actually has better alternatives available. Uh… Kavanaugh had no part in the decision to not revisit his decision, so I’m not gonna be like the LIBERAL MEDIA & insinuate that, you know, “KAVANAUGH F***S THE CLIMATE IN HIS FIRST SUPREME COURT DECISION!” THAT kind of language should be reserved for what he’s done to voting, which we’ll talk about later. Ooh, voter suppression! That will be fun! So, why bother mentioning the climate stuff? Well, because, here’s some more news: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report… ONCE AGAIN, warning about the things that are happening to the planet… ONCE AGAIN. The report from… scientists… indicates the radical change that needs to occur within the next 12 years— which doesn’t seem like a lot, so let’s call it, uh… one less than a baker’s dozen of years. And while it’s “fair” to say that Democrats still don’t seem to have the balls or the oves to put forth the drastic measures that are suggested by… science… it’s “balanced” to focus on the fact that, once again, the Grand Old Party is basically the only political party ON THE PLANET that doesn’t care and won’t admit it’s real, or a problem, or caused by humans pumping carbon into the air. This, of course, isn’t because of what the president says… PRESIDENT TRUMP: Global warming, and the, that, it… a lot of it’s a hoax. It’s a hoax. I mean, it’s a money-making industry, okay? It’s a hoax. …but rather because they’re… lying. They’re… liars trying to hold on to the need for the resources they’re hoarding in order to make… money. Oil companies have known for more than half a century the effects of what they’re doing, and they hid it. And then, some people went to prison and billions of their dollars were spent to fix it…? Oh! No, nothing happened. “Don’t we have laws in this country?” he asked nobody, sadly. Also, Nestlé is just taking water and selling it back. It’s actually insanity that we haven’t nationalized water. It’s literally the first thing we look to when searching for life… in outer space. We all need it, and it’s everywhere. “But it’s expensive!” Yeah, so is our constantly increasing military budget. But anyway… We could be mad at Nestlé and all these oil companies—and we should— but the government allows them to do that. They should answer to it too. Money in politics, and companies & extremely wealthy people being able to make large political donations skews influence of the people in terms of living in a democracy. And so the the things that the government & politicians do aren’t necessarily for the people or the general welfare, but rather for profit and the general… money having. Money has no place in how a democracy decides things. I mean, it obviously has a place…. But the point is that these people don’t actually believe that climate change is a hoax or that we’re not the cause of it. It’s an effort by people who make money from not doing anything— and in many cases, from making things worse— and that effort involves money, and then you’ve got the only political party ON THE PLANET avoiding talking about climate change because “well, I’m not a scientist,” or because “well, there’s snow outside, so it’s not true!” The list of lies to discredit is very long, and it ranges from “laughable” to “devious.” For example, just off the top of this piece of paper, people try to point out that just because 97% of scientists agree about climate change doesn’t mean they’re right. You know, “scientists” used to think the Sun revolved around the Earth! Except… they thought that before the development of the scientific method and the discovery that the Earth revolves around the Sun led to the development of the scientific method— a process we used over centuries to discover carbon’s role as a regulator for temperature of the planet and the effect of humanity’s sudden pumping of mass amounts of carbon into the atmosphere in a short period of time! Other people might say, “It’s all a lie! You know, at first, the scientists, they called it ‘global warming,’ “and that didn’t work, you know, on the public, so, they changed it to ‘climate change’ to really push the narrative!” SHAPIRO: That’s why they call it “climate change” now, and not “global warming,” because the Earth basically has not been warming for the last 15 years or so. Except it’s ALWAYS been called “climate change,” and “global warming” refers to a specific aspect of climate change. In 1896, Arrhenius wrote about the effect of carbon in the atmosphere on “ground warming,” then in 1956, there was the first reference of “climatary change,” and in 1975, there was the first reference to “global warming,” again, a specific aspect of climate change. You can find more lies… you know… out there— or at the very least, incredible errors— about climate change in videos from the good folks at “Louder With Crowder” and “Prager University.” And you can find heavily sourced & in-depth explanations of why those videos are f***ing wrong in other videos found in the description of this video. Prager University, of course, is the “not a university” run by neo-conservative radio host Dennis Prager, who is tired of liberal academia & Communism indoctrinating your kids in all the schools, so instead, HE’S gonna indoctrinate your kids. Prager University is “funded” by viewer donations, but it’s “owned” and actually funded by two fossil fuel billionaire brothers. I wonder why they have so many videos about how climate change is a hoax! But enough about what’s definitely happening to the planet; what do we DO about it? Well, according to the report… tons of stuff. It recommends reforestation on the scale of CANADA. It also requires an evolution of global & national financial systems, including a potential redirection of 5% to 10% of the annual capital revenues. This, of course, has led some on the right to believe that the report is a Marxist plot to implement Communism! So, move over, Cultural Marxism! SCIENTIFIC Marxism is here to destroy western civilization… …by saving the planet. Or… MAYBE… the plan isn’t a Marxist plot, but rather just a recognition that we’re facing a severe global problem that will affect… you know… the whole globe because of how we’ve treated it, and it will result in—just off the top of the same piece of paper— mass migration, refugee & housing crises, mass displacement of populations, food shortages, crop depletion, disease, destruction… just, like, all kinds of stuff! So instead of… IMPLEMENTING FULL COMMUNISM, maybe we at least need to go to radical lengths globally to mitigate the effects and prepare for, et cetera, and so forth. Party of personal responsibility can’t seem to fathom taking planetary responsibility. Other solutions from CNN suggest that YOU, individually, eat less meat. Instead of suggesting the government regulate the meat industry and fund alternatives, they suggest that YOU, individually, save energy! Get a smart thermostat; that’ll do it! But might I suggest that CNN, and the media in general, cut the, uh…. s*** and suggest what powerful, wealthy people do? Like, maybe, regularly point out that 71% of global carbon emissions are caused by 100 companies! Point out whose fault this is, and who’s profiting from its continuation, and what THEY should do. And I understand that powerful media companies hate disrupting the status quo, but, uh, the planet’s going to do that anyway! You’re failing us! You should be talking about climate change—and the necessary radical changes that will benefit everybody— every day! Not what your viewers can do on an ineffective individual level, but what powerful people need to do on a massive scale. Talk about it every day! At least for an hour! You have 24 hours available! That’s 12 more hours than years we have until we’re utterly f***ed! Talk about it every day. Point out the liars. Explain why they’re lying. Explain what the people in power need to do about it. Do your jobs every day! Because the people who CAN do something about it do anything they can to avoid talking about it or confronting it, because they know it’s true, and they know what the solution requires of them. The GOP’s reaction to climate change is actually pretty similar to their view of the Brett Kavanaugh allegation: “It didn’t happen.” “If it did, it wasn’t him.” “If it was, it’s not a big deal.” They cannot confront the truth because it means losing power. President “Bad President” said of the very direct language of the IPCC report by… scientists… “It was given to me. And I want to look at who drew it. “You know, which group drew it. “I can give you reports that are fabulous and I can give you reports that aren’t so good.” And this is odd, considering HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION quietly released its own report projecting an increase of 7 degrees by 2100— causing DISASTER— and they’re using this as an excuse to justify burning even more fossil fuels faster! They don’t want to solve the problem; they want to make it worse and profit from it! Because the path to solving climate change involves creating technology and investing in infrastructure on a massive scale that would lead to an abundance of renewable energy and shelter and food, which is… bad… for some reason? Climate deniers claim that everyone is lying about climate change being real to make money. Except… investing in green energy ultimately isn’t going to be profitable… ultimately, because it creates an abundance of renewable energy. The ultimate goal is to cheaply & efficiently harness the awesome & endless power of the Sun, which—as the president can confirm—is up. As in, “Shut the f*** UP, Mr. President!” Hi! Thanks for watchin’ that video! Make sure to check out our podcast “Even More News” on all the podcast things. And our Patreon—it’s in the description below. Sorry I didn’t get to talk about the president’s 400-MILLION-DOLLAR TAX FRAUD THAT NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT, but, uh, who has the time?

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  1. It's not the only party on the planet. The Australian party, the Liberal Party, which isn't liberal, also denies it.

  2. Did anyone else get that RightEdition ad before the video that looked like a goblin doing a This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketch pretending to be a conservative?

  3. The reason why republicans don't care about climate change is because the oligarchs that run them think they have enough money or will get more in this predatory capitalism we are in now to actually survive any catastrophe. Search and you will find many upon many millionaires and billionaires have survival bunkers, some are like mansions. They don't care if the general population dies off, they feel they will survive it with their bunkers. They are sadly mistaken, because as past history shows, bunkers will fail or people running them will abandon them so you either are stuck there forever or you will die there. So it is not that they don't believe climate change is real, they know it is real, they just feel safe in their bunkers and the rest be damn.

  4. You know who else is failing us? Major social media sites happy to sell damn near 100% of their advertisement time to only one side of the political spectrum. Or, how about the intellectual and social paralysis that is, the Flat-Earth movement? I'd love to hear your thoughts on both of these embarrassments.

  5. love the show but about HFC, take an A/C class. A good teacher will explain it well. there'd extra info why its =>=<

  6. They are already drooling over bids for the trillion dollar Atlantic sea wall.
    Maybe they can build it with the F-35?

  7. Climate change is not happening, because if it were, I would have to do something about it. I don't want to do anything about it, therefore it's not happening.

  8. A Ben Shapiro ad for The Daily Wire ran before this video if anyone wants to know how YouTube's gaming the future of all life on the planet.

  9. To rightards who oppose even the TINIEST actions against AGW:
    What about those HYPOCRITICALLY ANTI-CAPITALIST LAWS against IMMIGRANTS and against PRISONERS voting and against what DRUGS a person chooses to take? Prisoners voting does NOT stop YOU from voting. Immigrants doing business on their own property does NOTHING to stop YOU from economic exchanges.
    X using drugs does not stop you nor force you to take drugs you don't want.
    So, as always, righties complain about HYPOTHETICAL laws that have not even put enacted yet, but SHOULD be.
    Typical rightie: you don't want those who cause the most mess the most harm to pay for their harm.

  10. lol well sourced my ass. Your getting all your info from ganda put out by green energy corps that are SUBSIDIZED by the us govt. You know that for the most part green energy has been ineffective at reducing co2 emissions or fossil fuel consumption.. thats proven by REAL scientists who arent having their pockets filled.

    and nobody argues that 'because theres snow outside' blah balh blah.. strawman. literally nobody uses that as an argument. Try looking at the numerous stages of cooling and warming throughout the earths history

  11. And how can you put fault on those who supply power to the grid. You don't have any engineering solution for cleaner power.. so your just an uninformed critic. God its almost like you just have to say 'big company' and the left falls in line with everything you say.

    And the right approaches the kavanaugh situation the same as anyone who understands due process, would. Forgot about innocent until proven guilty? Yeah thats kindof an important concept to remember bro..

  12. Dude, please explain how you have 129k subs but only post the News once every few weeks?
    I know you had a kid but damn: get your shit together.
    I like you but hate checking up on ur channel 6/7 days.

  13. Not the only political party on the planet doing this, the conservative LNP government in Australia is doing the exact same thing for the exact same reasons… all that filthy lucre from the fossil fuel industry pouring into their coffers.

  14. Frank Wilhoit: “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”

  15. I hate how conservatives like Ben Shapiro and hunter Avalone and Dave Cullen act like they're the moral and intellectual superiors and that liberals are stupid and failing .

  16. These idiot conservative govt's Have nothing of value to add to the planet or any living thing on it .
    I hope you remove the corporate component from the decision making process of your politics like yesterday.
    That would help.

  17. My mind is so confused…. I watch both right and left wing channels on YouTube, and I don't know what to believe anymore. I like this guy's jokes, but I wish there were channels that joke and report about and against both left and right stuff….

  18. I watch the beginning to give y’all the view cause y’all are great but after 2 minutes I get so depressed, I’m like if eeyore were a dumbass 16 year old

  19. You're an idiot spewing rhetoric that is not founded on any facts just your personal opinion. You are not a journalist by any means obviously. You seem to be more of a want to be cult leader. So you side with liberals and Democrats because the more ignorant people are, the more they will listen to you and there is definitely not a shortage of ignorance on the left

  20. Climate change isn't caused by humans. Proof? You're not living in a iceberg, with half the planet frozen.

    In other news, Co2 levels may reach levels found 3 million years ago….. wait a second, were we burning fossil fuels 3 million years ago? No? Well wtf happened.

    The long and short of it is that this planet will shake us off with or without our help.

  21. I like your show but could you sprinkle more lies into it I'm afraid I can't keep watching so much truth. I'm probably on a list for simply witnessing this level of truthfulness.

  22. Hey Cody and the Showdy team! Thank you for the videos, I'm extremely worried about climate change, and I'd like to recommend a video that brings some nuance and food for thought:

    It comes after a short video on the Nerdfighters channel that illustrates how screwed we are. You should watch that as well ?

  23. The whole thing is suicide, like killing yourself for the insurance money. How do you profit from burning your own house down?

  24. We humans think we're so smart, but on a large scale we behave EXACTLY like single celled organisms, consuming everything we can as fast as we can until there is nothing left, with no thought of what will happen once the gravy train ends.

  25. Stop calling your partisan pandering news. This is political commentary, not objective reporting.

    Nearly all conservatives accept that climate change is happening, and also that humans play a large role in it occurring. That's not the argument "against" climate change. The argument actually put forward is that the predictions made on a routine basis are constantly proven incorrect and exaggerated, and even if they weren't there's nothing we could do about it anyway. Even if you assume that the recent results of scientific climate discussion are factual, the end game is not the world exploding. It's mass extinction of a lot of species, and potentially less coastline for many areas. A majority of virtue signal twats don't actively research the species of things dying, because like it or not random animals are not more important than the flies you kill in your house a majority of the time. Humans will survive, and no serious model claims we won't. Also we are not the only country "denying climate change", we know it's real. But like china and india, who produce multitudes more emissions while parading how eco they are with useless agreements like the paris accord, are NOT going to cripple their economy over some mislead activists. The US actively relies on fossil energy to power it's economy, just like most the modern world. And nobody is going to stop. It won't make a difference if the US does, all we will achieve is giving more relative power to other countries who are far more malicious than we are. CHANGE MY MIND.

    Also crowder has changed his views on climate change moderately over the last few years, the videos you use as "evidence" are of a reasonable man. He was wrong and misleading and fixed it, you should do the same you spineless jelly.

  26. Yes, Ben, the planet isn't warming at all. That's why Massachusetts had its warmest recorded winter last year, and the ocean's been handing out hurricanes like candy all summer.

  27. BEST QUOTE OF THE YEAR – "President Bad President". You are a national treasure, akin to John Stewart. In fact… John??? Is that you, sneakypeet?? Akin to the policing system, if you're John Stewart (aka, mind-altering substances), you HAVE TO tell me…

  28. Humanity is fucked. Just accept it. Try to be good and sing for the hubris of man as you watch the following generations riot/wage war and die .. we are so fucked..

  29. When will ya'll realize violence is going to be necessary to stop these people. Isnt it worth it to save the fucking planet?

  30. soo ever since I've started to watch a lot of this show, instead of stuff like… "top 10 celebrity cover-ups" my ads have changed from TikTok ads to CLIMATE DENIAL AND EXTREME CONSERVATIVE RHETORIC… ummm WTF?!…. YouTube??? care to explain?

  31. except that investing in renewable energy is HUGELY profitable, for the companies producing it, because they're getting billions in government subsidies for essentially producing a palliative that makes us feel like we're doing something about climate change, without actually doing anything about climate change.

  32. They stopped making the Chevy Volt because it didn't sell. It has both batteries and an economic combustion engine. It is a beautiful compromise giving primary electrical travel with a backup for generic gas driven travel so you don't have to worry about distance restrictions for the (most likely) rare occasions where you'll travel more than 100 mi a day. Absolving consumers of responsibility is stupid. Please don't be stupid.

  33. A few points:

    Much of your audience IS rich and wealthy by world standards. When you say the wealthy need to change their behaviour, the most critical cohort, is the 10-20% of the planet that engage in the behaviours you mentioned frequently. Only 16% of the planet own a car for example. And meat heavy diets are not exactly possible for most people.

    Those 100 companies that everyone always prattles on about? What do they do? They produce meat. They drill for and transport oil. They make cars. See a pattern? They feed the consumption of the developed capitalist world. So stop driving, and stop eating beef. Now.

    Because the alternative is that we sink that carbon, with replanted forests. But that requires major transportation resources and grazing land….

    See the bind.

  34. That fat GOP focus group guy with the bad toupee (Lutz? Luntz?) came up with "climate change" as a less scary synonym for global warming.

  35. The GOP(greedy old people) will kill us all. It's gonna be a tough century. Civilization is sure to crash. It's gonna be tough century or two.

  36. Think about this: What would you do if you knew chaos was coming and you and your friends had endless resources.Most of our problems come from over population. Climate Change undeterred would solve that problem. So for the sake of the future CC can be used to cull the herd, so to speak. In other words, mass murder can be seen as moral. It, of course, would be necessary to keep this information from the population in order to avoid disruption to the economy.

  37. I really wish you'd stop mentioning solar power as the offhand savior of the energy crisis when its efficacy is even theoretically suspect. Space concerns, ecological impact, and the direct implications for the power grid make solar and wind power the local/state level version of saving the world one plastic straw at a time. In fact, according to some ted talk I recently watched, natural gas companies are some of the biggest supporters of solar and wind power due to the reliance on gas to fill in the gaps of power inconsistency.

    Nuclear power is pretty much the only option we have left and the sooner everyone gets on board with that fact, the sooner we can make real progress towards maybe still being able to walk outside without an air conditioned still suit in a hundred years.

    It fucking matters and widespread education is the only way we'll ever get there.

    Really love your shit, though. <3

  38. I'm looking foreward to Florida, especially Mar-a-Lago, going under. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are SO sure that it's a hoax, and when it all gets drowned, I want to be there to tell them to their faces, "We tried to warn you, back when it could've been prevented. But, NOOOO, you had to believe the the bullshit pouring out of the mouth of the world's most notorious liar and his most dangerous lies. You guys are f**king morons, and your Talibangelicals are, too!!!"

  39. Cody, you're lovely and thank you for this video, but it's already too late. We are in the 6th Extinction and the human species is fucked. We have only ourselves to blame. Hopefully the next intelligent species to evolve on this planet in a billion years or so will do better.

  40. Out of all the shows on youtube, you really do explain things the best.

    And I'm not just adding hot air to the atmosphere.

  41. Are you such a dreamer
    To put the world to rights?
    I'll stay home forever
    Where two and two always makes a five

    I'll lay down the tracks
    Sandbag and hide
    January has April showers
    And two and two always makes a five

    It's the devil's way now
    There is no way out
    You can scream and you can shout
    It is too late now

    You have not been
    Paying attention
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    I try to sing along
    But I get it all wrong
    'Cause I'm not, 'cause I'm not
    I swat 'em like flies
    But like flies, the buggers keep coming back
    Not, but I'm not
    All hail to the thief
    All hail to the thief
    But I'm not, but I'm not
    But I'm not, but I'm not
    Don't question my authority or put me in a box
    'Cause I'm not, cause I'm not
    Oh, go and tell the king
    That the sky is falling in
    But it's not, but it's not, but it's not
    Maybe not, maybe not

  42. No it hasn't always been called Climate Change, idiot. Just because they mean the same thing, doesn't mean climate change has always been used. That's really deceptive.

  43. On the plus side sun screen sales will increase. Soon you will be able to buy bottled air from mountains around the world because the closer to god the fresher the air.

  44. Well, I mean, those hundred companies produce that much carbon emission because the middle and upper class consume excessively. The lawmakers should hold these firms accountable, but it's also naive to think we can just continue our current level of consumption

  45. The Republicans are not the only political party that denies climate change. Lots of right-wing polititcal parties worldwide (like the AfD in Germany are doing it too)

  46. getting back to this after some time, that "On the planet" at 2:10 is, sadly, way too optimistic. Stares at Germanys AfD

  47. Nope. Sorry. It's no longer incredible errors. It's flat-out, bald-faced, unconcerned lying. They're lying liars that need to just eat shit until they can't lie anymore.


    **Why Capitalism And it's Pet Governments Are Failing Us On EVERYTHING: A Situation That Fetishising Social Democracy Won't Fix!**

  49. 'it's a hoax, a money making industry' was half true lol. Green ideas are are a huge and growing industry as well as an investment in the future ~of the planet~

  50. But what if climate change is a hoax and we end up switching to clean renewable energy, cleaning up the ecosystem, and making it to where future generations don't have to grow up with health problems caused by breathing in harmful pollutants all for nothing?

  51. If we valued water at its true value, our current economic system would fall apart. If we had based our economy on water access, it probably wouldn't last long after the death of its founding leader. Or maybe not, and it just translates into fertile, hydrated land leasing.

  52. "You have 24 hours available. That's 12 more hours than the years we have until we're utterly fucked" Oof. Rip. F. All joking aside it hurts and it is fucking terrifying. Like, wide-eyed screaming for hours terror inducing terrifying.

  53. What I do hope will happen in the future (hopefully not too late) is that your country will sue the hell out of those companies for manipulation. Like in the cigarette industry, they knew the danger of smoking but put a lot of money into "proving" otherwise until it was too late for many who sued them for millions of dollars.

  54. I know this is a bleak episode, and it really is. It can feel awful knowing that, on an individual level, there’s basically nothing we can do to effectively combat climate change.

    But if doing something on a personal level to mitigate your own carbon footprint makes you feel good? Take solace in that feeling. Don’t let the hopelessness get you, because then when the opportunity comes to protest or vote or help collectively fight for change comes, hopelessness will be the first and most difficult obstacle to overcome.

  55. I hate the GOP but we are letting the Dems off too easy if they wasn't bought and paid for they could shut down everything the GOP wants it takes 60 senators to get anything done

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