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Why Greta Thunberg is Super Cringe – My Views on Climate Change!

[Instrumental music] Choir: Here is the news~ The latest news~ [Instrumental music] Wow, it’s on my bucket list to get on Daily
Mail, yay! [Censor beep] If you guys follow me on Instagram, I’ve recently
had a lot of heat there because I said that Greta Thunberg’s speech
is cringe-y and one dimensional. For some reason people got REALLY pissed off. So I’ve decided to do this video to talk about
my views on climate change. This topic is complicated and quite controversial so be warned that it is gonna be a pretty long video. Many of you probably don’t understand what
the fight is about right? I mean, it’s pretty simple. The climate is fucked and why are we fighting instead of working
together to fix it? Is there a crisis and how urgent is it? What really gets me is that if you even dare
to ask this question people get really offended and term you an
ignorant climate change denier. 97% of scientists agree, they yell. Are you an idiot? You don’t listen to science? Um, excuse me just because I ask questions
doesn’t mean that you are morally better than me. Just because you being alive and using the
internet is proof that you are contributing to humanity’s demise as much as I am okay? But I will get to that part in a little bit. So back to climate change “deniers”. Nobody is really denying the climate is changing because it has actually changed since the start of
time. We have had warm periods and Ice ages. But the questions that the climate change skeptics are asking are At what rate is this change happening? How long do we have? Do humans thrive in warmer or cooler climates? How much of this climate change is actually
caused by human industrialisation because if a lot of it is just nature doing
its own thing then we can’t really stop it no more than
we can stop a volcano from erupting, right? What are your plans to combat this upcoming
doomsday? Is it really gonna work and at what cost? And I don’t mean just monetary cost, I mean
at what cost to humanity as well. Googling about climate change, its severity
and its cause yields thousands and thousands of diverse results and if it’s science, which is always irrevocable
and true then why are there so many people all saying
different things? To make things worse, a lot of money and power
is actually involved in this because different industries in the Energy
sector all want you to vote for Politicians who will give them trillions
of dollars in subsidies because their solution will help save mankind
right? So it’s at all cost. And it’s not just about the money either….
the Politicians want you to vote for them because they want Power. So, how much of the information that we’re
reading are actually skewed? We don’t really know. You may say that scientific results don’t
lie but scientists are humans as well and they
have their own bias. You don’t even need to be a dishonest scientist
to try to sway your argument either way. You can simply omit information and talk about
the parts that fit your own narrative. For example, if I show you this chart of rising
CO2 levels and global temperatures for the past few decades it’s actually scientifically accurate but what I am doing is that I am omitting
the CO2 and global temperatures for the thousands of years before our times. This current chart doesn’t look so scary anymore because there doesn’t seem to be a direct
correlation between CO2 levels and global temperatures. In fact, we have had much more CO2 in the
past and also lower temperatures. So, I don’t know what’s up with that? I’m not trying to show you guys which chart
you should believe. My point is that you can present truthful
information but by omitting parts that you don’t want
people to see you can sway things to your narrative. As it is we are bombarded with way too much
information. Add that to the fact that people telling you
these information often have an agenda both ways so you really have to wonder if
they are telling you the truth and it gets even more confusing. If someone tells you that they are 100% sure about
the murky waters that is Climate science – both the Alarmists and the Deniers just ignore them. They are brainwashed, okay. Climate science is so complicated, and if
even the scientists and experts are arguing then who are we to say that we know anything
for sure? So let’s go back to the questions that the climate change skeptics have First, let’s talk about what we DO know about. We know for a fact that CO2 absorbs infrared
radiation which causes the air to get warmer. We know that the amount of CO2 in the air
is increasing by quite an alarming bit after the Industrial revolution. We know burning fossil fuels cause CO2. We know that temperatures have been having
an upwards warming trend although in the past few years the global
temperature actually decreased. And yup, that’s about the extent of what
science can definitively prove. So, is there a crisis? For this, scientists look to climate change
models, which will predict climate trends based on past statistics. Unfortunately, not one scientist is able to
point to a climate change model that has been able to predict the future accurately. Again and again, we were given doomsday prophecies
that didn’t actually happen. For example, Al Gore told us in the early
2000s that the Arctic ice will be all gone within 7 years. Well, it has been melting, but it has also
grown and it is still there. We know that CO2 levels are rising and so
is the average global temperature trend. Climate change alarmists love to use NASA’s warning video which looks really scary and convincing because
it’s like blue and then it turns really red right? However, here’s the argument from the other
side. We know that correlation doesn’t necessarily
mean causation. Just for example, we know that humans tend
to thrive better in warmer temperatures. When we thrive we build more industry, which
emits higher CO2 levels. Rising temperatures causing more CO2 instead
of the other way around is just one way the correlation could be wrong. How much of global warming is actually caused
by CO2? The air is actually only 0.04% CO2. Can such a small account cause such a huge
difference in our climate? After all, when you look at the Milankovitch
cycles over thousands of years you can see the Earth’s temperature keeps
rising and falling with or without human industrialisation. Could this spike that we are having simply
be part of nature? The counter argument is of course that we
cannot possibly emit such high and increasing levels of CO2 without
some consequences. Alright then, but for that to be convincingly
frightening for the skeptics we need to know what will happen if the temperature
rises, which it has been. They say that the sea levels will rise, entire
islands will be flooded we won’t have Maldives anymore. And Greta Thunberg says that entire ecosystems
are collapsing. Okay while the sea levels didn’t seem to
have risen to a catastrophic level since then. And the Arctic ice caps are melting, but the
ice in Antarctica is also growing. And since CO2 is plant food, the abundance
of it means that the Earth today is greener than it has ever been. According to NASA, a drop of even 1 degree
in global temperature can plunge us all into an Ice age. In the 70s, the scientists were fearing that
we were about to hit another Ice Age soon. What if global warming is actually preventing
that? Again, I’m not saying that I’m on either
side. My official stance is that I don’t know,
because I’m not a Scientist and I’m not an Economist. I’m just trying to give both sides of the
picture here since most people have only heard the argument from one side. Alright, let’s just say that you now believe
that Earth is in a dire state. And something really really needs to be done. We now come to the second part of the climate
change debate, which is: So, what is the solution? The most liberal among us all seem to agree:
No more fossil fuels. People still need electricity, so let’s
harness the power of the wind and the sun they say install wind turbines and solar panels everywhere. That sounds really romantic doesn’t it, we’re using
nature to heal nature. Small problem. Renewable energy is erratic, which means that
you can’t get energy when there is no sun or no wind. Solar and wind only generate Energy about
30% of the year which means that they are just taking up space when they are not doing
anything. They are also weak, and barely enough to power
a city. Solar panels also cost a lot to make, and
it’s great that the cost keeps decreasing as more and more solar panels are being produced, but keep in mind that
using metal also requires mining which isn’t good for Mother Earth. Wind turbines kill loads of birds all the
time, and many of these birds are actually endangered species like Eagles or Condors. When saving the climate is it worth it to
destroy the environment at the same time? Not to mention, Solar farms and Wind farms
take up a lot of space, which isn’t even possible for small countries like Singapore. Another alternative is Nuclear power. For some reason, Greenies really seem to hate
Nuclear power. Nuclear energy is really dense, which means
you only need a very small amount of Uranium less than the size of a Rubik’s cube, to create
enough electricity for you to use your entire life. Now Engineers are sure that the Nuclear accidents
like the ones in Chernobyl or Fukushima will not be repeated
again because those were old plant designs. I don’t know whether that’s true. But how about Nuclear waste? Well, the good news is, Nuclear power produces
very little Nuclear waste. Actually all the nuclear waste in the world
that has ever been produced cannot even fill up a Football field. Bill Gates is also developing technology to
get power out of Nuclear waste, so we can use them again. However, people are really terrified of Nuclear,
understandably so. Nuclear power plants are also pretty expensive,
but they don’t cost nearly as much as Wind and Solar. So all these are the more popular alternatives
to burning Fossil fuel and Natural gas but they all come with their own pros and
cons. Another good news is that as this video plays
on, many new technologies are being innovated to help our Climate crisis. For example, do you know that there are now
machines that can literally suck the Carbon out of the air and transform it into Oxygen? That’s pretty cool huh? Alright, let’s talk about Externality. One of the reasons why Carbon emissions keep
rising, is because of Externality. It means that since nobody owns the atmosphere,
people are free to dump whatever shit they want into it. If a restaurant, for example, wants to cook
food and while doing so emit loads and loads of Carbon into the air it costs nothing to their business, right? So they don’t really care. Since nobody really “owns” the air, it means
that even if you do take good care of it, it doesn’t mean everyone else will. I’m looking at you China and India. So to solve this problem of Externality, people
have came up with some solutions. How about a Carbon tax? Since most of the Carbon is emitted by industries,
let’s tax businesses for the Carbon that they produce. This should discourage businesses from using
Fossil fuels and finding alternatives plus the money that you taxed can be put to
good use by investing in alternative forms of Energy for
the country. Not every country will agree to do this, but
each country can do their own part by having their own Carbon tax. That will help right? Sounds good. But, there is a problem. With a Carbon tax, companies will then pass
down the extra cost to the consumers. A Carbon tax actually affects the poor the
most because the poor spends a larger proportion
of their income on necessities. Just imagine now petrol if more expensive
because of a Carbon tax. The bus fares will then have to increase so
that businesses can continue to survive. In fact, everything would be more expensive
because to create anything at all, you need Energy, right. If businesses continue to use Fossil fuels,
they are now charged a tax. If they use alternative Energy sources it is
also more expensive for them. Regardless, their cost goes up. You think a rich guy cares if his petrol is
a little bit more expensive? No, he will continue to drive his Lamborghini okay? It is the poor people who will have to suffer. If, for example, USA starts a high Carbon
tax what will actually happen? American companies will then start doing their
manufacturing in countries like China or India where there is a lower Carbon tax or no Carbon
tax at all. What will happen is that Americans will then
lose jobs. And what is worse, is that the net amount
of Carbon in the air is still exactly the same. Alright, so what if we force all countries
to enforce a Carbon tax? Firstly, I don’t think that all countries
will want to do that because which poor country will actually want slower economic growth? They don’t. And also, you can’t just force people to have
laws, the citizens need to agree to it. And, you want to try to convince citizens
to vote for a government that intends to increase the cost of
living? Good luck with that. We see first world countries like America
or Europe getting all upset about the increasing amount of Carbon in the air but most of the Carbon that’s already in our
atmosphere was produced by these countries precisely because they used cheap and effective Fossil fuels to build their advanced nations. Just imagine if you built yourself a nice
wooden home and when a homeless guy is cutting down trees to build his house you tell him that he needs to stop cutting
down trees because he is destroying the environment. He will tell you to fuck off. It is patently selfish of these first world
countries to tell people after they abused the atmosphere for decades that we should all stop now together. Well, how about you stop? And poorer countries only stop when they emit
the same amount of Carbon that you already have? After all, alternative energy costs a lot
of money. And when your people are barely surviving,
you don’t give a shit about some day in the future 50 years from now, where the sea levels might or might not rise. You only care about surviving the next week. Until this Externality problem is resolved I don’t really see how we can solve the Climate crisis. See, now you understand right? Everything comes at a cost. Things are not so simple. This is why when I hear people like Greta
talking angrily about Climate change, I immediately dismiss them
as naive and One-dimensional. And yes, very cringe. I should be back in school, on the other side
of the ocean. Yet, you all come to us young people for Hope! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood
with your empty words. Okay we get it, you care that the environment
and the climate is in shambles. So? Your immediate reaction is to blame people
for it. Blaming governments and blaming Capitalism. How do you think you have such a comfortable
life? Your cheap goods, your cheap food, the nice
building that you are staying in, the medicine you take when you
get ill… How do you think all of that was created?
By Capitalism and Economic growth, that’s what. Sure, we can all go back to our caveman lives,
where we get flesh-eating diseases, Dysentery and dying
in the cold without heaters or proper houses and therefore returning to “nature”, but let’s
see how many of these angry climate protestors actually want
to do that. I don’t think that many. Climate change has not been caused by the
greed of the corporate elite for their “Fairytales of eternal Economic
growth”. The truth is that companies produce the goods
and services that people want and carbon emissions are sadly, a by-product of that. We happily buy all these goods and services,
all while condemning the companies that’s supplying them for
destroying the planet with their greed. A little hypocritical, huh? Economic growth is not a dirty, cold word
meant to line the pockets of the rich while fucking up the planet, it actually does make
people’s lives better. We are living in the most peaceful and prosperous
times in human history with global poverty rates going from 28% in
1999 to only 11% in 2003 and infant mortality rates actually dropped
more than 50% since 1990. Yet privileged children around the world are
skipping school and saying that the generations before theirs are greedy and self serving. Now you know why many adults are so triggered
by Greta’s insolent, ill-informed, ungrateful and accusatory speech. Don’t forget, it’s only with wealth that we
are able to develop better technology for saving the Climate. Climate change is nothing to be ANGRY about. You can be worried about it, sure but this
righteous rage that people are experiencing is entirely misplaced. There are trade offs to everything and yes
perhaps the climate is currently fucked but the people who did it did it because they
wanted a more comfortable safe life for the next generation. And by people I mean everyone. Because I doubt anyone living in a First world
country didn’t contribute to the state that we are in right now. You can postulate all you want by traveling
in a sailboat for 2 weeks instead of flying but don’t pretend that you don’t also enjoy
having air-conditioning in your home, okay? Now i know this video is really long but can
we talk just a little bit more about fucking plastic bags and straws? I know these two things have little to do
with climate change, it’s more about conservation and
bio-diversity which means we try not to make animals extinct
lah. So that day I was at a petrol kiosk and I
went inside the shop to buy something. The lady at the cashier asked if I wanted
a plastic bag. I said ‘Yes.’ And then she said ‘Okay, it’s 10 cents.’ I said ‘Urgh, no thanks.’ And I tried to pick up all my 5 items from
the counter. She then gave me this look and said
‘Um, yeah it’s because we are going Green.’ As if she was very disgusted that I refused
to save planet Earth. So I said ‘Oh yeah? So where does that 10
cents go to?’ She pointed to the signboard that was beside
her and said the 10 cents goes to charity while giving me this smug face like ‘Whatchu got to say to that now, Bitch?’ I couldn’t be bothered to argue with her okay
because obviously she’s very stupid but let this just sink in for a second. She was working at a fucking petrol kiosk. Does she know how much Carbon her company
emits? And okay, let’s just say that the 10 cents
goes to charity to save the turtles or whatever. How much of the 10 cents goes to your administration
fees huh? And the money that the company saves from
not giving us free plastic bags? Where did that cost saving go to? Do you think that your company is being so noble
by “going Green”? I don’t think so. If she had given me that free plastic bag I would have used it to bring my groceries home. I would then use it to line my rubbish bin because what else can i use to line my rubbish bin right? I can’t use paper bags. And if I didn’t have free plastic bags to
line my bins I would then have to buy plastic bags to do
that. Now, this bin lining bag that I bought is only
used once and dumped okay? Instead of the free plastic bag which would
have been reused twice. Anyway, it doesn’t fucking matter. Because in Singapore, most of our trash is
incinerated. Plastic is only bad if it ends up in the oceans
or in landfills and this isn’t even relevant in Singapore. So can you tell me, what the fuck is she so
smug for? I don’t mind if companies want to do their
part to go Green or whatever, great! Good for you okay? But what pisses me off is that they act so
bloody sanctimonious about it when this plastic bag crap only serves
to benefit them. And don’t even get me started about straws
okay? If you don’t want to use straws, you don’t
need straws that’s fine, that’s great. But if I am using a straw, please don’t think
that you are fucking better than me or harass me about
it okay. Because I can just dispose of my straw properly
and the straws all get incinerated anyway. Better yet, I can recycle the straw. The problem isn’t about plastic. The problem is irresponsible garbage disposal
methods. We don’t have that problem in Singapore. Dumbest of all are people who use paper straws
or metal straws as substitutes because hello? Paper don’t need to cut down trees to make
is it? And how do you think they make metal straws? By mining the Earth and burning fuel to melt
the metal. I’m so triggered. Anyway, back to Climate change. People who support Greta are really confused
as to why there are people who are reacting so adversely to her. They say that it’s admirable that teenagers
care so much and what is wrong with telling the world to save our planet right? Well, besides the fact that rude teenagers
who think that they can talk down to adults ought to be smacked
in the face what she is spreading is Alarmism and the
false narrative that Capitalism and Greed are somehow to blame for the Climate change
crisis, which is both dangerous and wrong. Urging the world to go into mass panic mode
makes people extremely emotional so they resort to drastic measures without considering trade
offs and this also stops any kind of logical discussion
on solutions. And she’s wrong because it is only with wealth
that we can build better technology. It is wealth that protects us against natural
disasters. Think about it, if a hurricane hits Japan
versus a poor village, the city dwellers can afford to hide
in their safe buildings and get medical care if they are injured. It is actually the poor who die and suffer
the most. Pulling the poor out of poverty is the way
to go to ensure they can fight natural disasters but how can they get out of poverty without
cheap means to build basic infrastructure? To me this just really reeks of privilege
that people like Greta living in safe and developed Sweden, can lecture others on how we should all do more for the environment. It is so easy to look at rich people and blame
their greed for fucking up the Earth, but in my opinion the super rich are a byproduct of making the
average person’s lives better just as carbon emissions are. The billionaires didn’t cause this. We all
did. And it’s only with more wealth that we can
solve this together. Environmentalism has really become a cult
of sorts. I don’t know why people are getting really
pissed off if you don’t join them in their mass panic and frustration and anger. Well you know that you writing a comment on
my Instagram telling me to kill myself isn’t going to stop
Carbon emissions right? I mean, it is technically gonna stop a little
bit lah because I stop breathing. Yeah, neither is yelling about how we need
to ACT NOW and “Spreading the word” about Climate change. Doesn’t help anything. It is really childish to keep talking about
how selfish humans are because that resolves nothing. You protest for what? Protest that you have such a cushy life that
you don’t need to fight to survive everyday so you have time to do lame things like protesting? What do you want the government to do? Ban petrol cars? Increase carbon taxes? Ban
aeroplanes? Ban people from breathing? Kill all cows? It is so laughable to me when people who have
no knowledge of economics at all say all these things and assume that their
shallow suggestions can resolve it all without fucking up the economy or actually
adversely affecting everyone’s lives. By all means drive your electric car stop using straws or take sailboats instead
of aeroplanes if you want. But if you assume you are better than everyone
else who isn’t as loud or annoying as you are about Climate change just remember you are a hypocrite because
you want to enjoy your comforts but also berate
others for wanting theirs too. Just fuck off. Alright, so that’s my two cents. What do you guys think? If you agree with
me, give this video a Like and if you don’t agree with me… I’m very tempted to ask you to fuck off. But no, leave a comment down below and tell
me why! And of course if you have any suggestions for future videos leave a comment down below as well. And don’t forget to subscribe guys! Bye! Oh yah and PS: I’m not sponsored by the oil and
gas industry okay?

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  1. As an environmental scientist, I need to inform kids to please take this with a pinch of salt!!!!! There are many loop holes in her argument 😓 and some of the data that she have referenced are very outdated that have been debunked with new technologies that help scientist get more accurate data and results!!!

  2. I have watched a lot of CC content – thank you for adding some balance and sense to the debate (the one that's apparently over, even though it never happened). My only criticism is that at 3:31 you note CO2 rising at "an alarming rate". CO2 has been at thousands of parts per million and life flourished. Equally, below around 150 ppm, plant life cannot survive – so everything dies. The rate is only "alarming" if you set arbitrary levels for "tipping points" and the like. No such levels exist – or have been scientifically "agreed". Great content, thanks.

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    If I won’t be able to do these this things it will be also because of people of you .
    Please I care about my planet and my future so please don’t make this something we shouldn’t be worried about.
    Also, clean energy will produce new industries and new jobs.

  7. Actually like you said, it’s not that simple. The cause of climate change is complex. It’s not only because of the increase of CO2 concentration. If you take a look deeper on the byproducts of fossil fuel like coal, you’ll be scared too on how many percent of the dangerous byproducts are released to the environment, and that’s only one aspect from one source. There are a lot more than you think out there that are genuinely caused by human. And all of those aspects are connected with each other and cause a snowball effect with the end result of climate change and other side effects on the environment. And yes, Capitalism and greed have influence on changing the policies on climate change. Let’s take a look at one example, oil companies. They are multimillion dollar companies that will be devastated immediately if people find an alternative to it, like algae biofuel, solar, wind, water generated etc., these companies solution is to bribe the politicians to lobby the policy on keeping the oil companies alive. How? By making sure people believe that the alternatives won’t work which means putting their narratives on media, reducing the budgets on the technology and research development related to finding the alternatives. Why are the politicians willing to do it? Greed. Also, you mentioned “without the wealthy people, others can’t survive because they are the one who contribute more on making sure things happen”, it’s just sad that you are okay with the existence of segregation. You’ll be surprise at how much, we regular people can change things if we raised our voice, like Greta. Sure enough, she is cringeworthy but you should accept that she was the first one who create a wave for others to start raising their voice so people worldwide aware of it or at least curious about this topic.
    To surmise, climate change and global warming are caused by nature and human. The cause and effects of it happen very slowly and even tho it’s slow, the effects are massive on our life in the future so we do need to accept that it exists and we should find a solution for it before it bites us in the back. And yes, I’m more in the optimistic group regarding finding its solutions. You don’t need to be scientists or politicians or be the wealthy to contribute, you just need to be aware and well informed, try to find a better and healthy alternatives for you and your family. Like one of the examples is bringing your own grocery bags, or have your own special straw. If those are not your things, there are still plenty that you can be involved in.

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  23. I disagree with her argument of capitalism, defending corporate greed. But I completely understand her perspective coming from an influencer with the lifestyle she has, and coming from one of the most developed and capitalist countries in the world, she almost comes off as a Tory in away (British conservative party). Xiaxue is right, we do benefit from unregulated capitalism, but we can also begin to benefit from conscious, regulated capitalism as well, which would help to limit the destruction of our natural resources, and thus begin to control climate change. And there have been growing discussions and changes in business models, to include sustainability and corporate social responsibility. As well as lifestyle changes such as veganism and vegetarianism, which no joke can help the environment. While still ineffective (just take a look at H&M's bs CSR pledge). The efforts of people like Greta that continue to place pressure on the international community (the UN) and thus also the international cooperations as well. Keeping in mind that she is a teenager and her efforts are well minded, she is simply reminding us of the reality the actions of the current ruling class (yes corporate greed, the 1% etc) have towards the next generation. And doing so in a manner that sounds childlike and honest (refreshingly so), which is why you might consider it to be cringe. I suspect the reason you believe she "cringe" and "naive" because, you come from a country with a realist political stance (just google realism theory), having lived in Singapore and watched the way you speak on a couple of your videos you have that very honest and have realistic bleak mindset as well. Which while I understand, keep in mind that the way of thinking is different in other countries, depending on the culture, socioeconomic state of the country. Greta is from Sweden, they have a different way of thinking and I believe it is what has shaped her optimistic "naive" way of thinking. Maybe so, but that does not make anything she says any less valid. Because we need to at least try to effectively pressure corporations and governments to take action on climate change ASAP. No matter how unrealistic it is, you must try, think about your son's future for example.

    Xiaxue I recommend you to read: the Buddhist economist. it's definitely a starter book on the insight of capitalism and how we should improve it. I bought mine in Kinokuniya at orchard road. So you should be able to pick up a copy as well.

  24. Wow, I really love this episode! You’re really smart and have given so many interesting points for thought and discussions!

  25. I had a colleague who'd complain everytime she sees someones with plastic cutlery or straws. The attitude is so off-putting.

  26. You go girl!!! Preach it!! Throw the whole darn kitchen sink at them! Turn the table on those professional BS Conmen activists

  27. Everyone has their opinions, but how you talked about Greta on your ig story was as though you’re bullying a kid. You’re approach was so rash and immature lol, that’s why people didn’t care for it

  28. I totally agree with you! Except the part where you mentioned that the wastes in singapore like plastic bags and straws are incinerated. What happens if you dont live in singapore? Your wastes still ends up somewhere and we don’t know how they will process these wastes. Of course what we can do to “save the environment” is to reduce waste, and maybe recycle, but I feel that it’s all part of the circle of life. We can’t immediately change everything even if we all became vegans, stop using plastic and plant more trees, it’s just not as simple as that. The simplest way is to destroy all mankind, all living organisms, then the “environmental chaos” can be solved. Or so you think, if all humans and living organisms don’t exist anymore, it will lead to other things that nature itself will deal with. This would be too lengthy for me to explain, but in general, we can’t change what’s meant to happen, but we can help to improve and sort of “change” some of the outcome, but in the end, nature will still take its course. So at the end of it all, we’re still fcked, bc first of all not everybody has the same mindset, and 2, you can’t control and change everything. There are so many other factors involved like what xiaxue mentioned. Ok i’ve rant enough. Great video tho.

  29. She said some important points, actually!! Just think, a lot of stuff owned by the US companies are actually manufactured in China. And then, suddenly they blame "other countries" because they think other countries don't care about the environments. Lol! And what about the cost of the solutions ? People knows that most countries have a fuck ton of poor people barely have the money or the resources to live. Should the government just say "fuck it Greta Thunberg says this and that we should do it, it sounds right and brilliant! " Most of other countries have helped to developed the US and the europe, mainly asian countries. What a peacock speech

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  31. Quite a balanced video. One thing though about nuclear energy. It's great but it's NOT a global solution. A nuclear power plant produces tons, actual tons of byproducts that are the stuff of nightmares. Ever heard of polonium for instance? One ton of that stuff can poison every single human on this planet a thousand times over. Well, imagine a world where there are three or four nuclear power plants in Sinaloa, Mexico where the local cartel controls EVERYTHING. Or in El Salvador. Or in one of those African countries where warlords are fighting over power.

    Call me racist if you want, I don't care. The fact is that's not going to end well.

  32. Nice. By the way, solar power is usually paired with batteries so you can store the excess during the day and use it at night. Advancement in solar is really interesting. Has a lot of potential.

  33. honestly the metal straw phase is pretty stupid to me……. metal seems like a lot more resource than plastic (light-weight straws)……. ALOT of people get the metal straws… ends up conveniently "forget to bring the metal straw"… ends up using plastic straws for bbt anw…talk about unnecessary waste and resources of the UNUSED metal straws… but doesn't matter… they got a metal straw, they are doing the part for the environment… smh.

  34. Thank you for this video! I think there were some valid pts being raised and i applaud you in your efforts to research on all these. One striking pt you made that i would like to point out is that, incineration do harm the environment as well due to the pollutants released into the air… So that argument is not really valid. Reusables such as metal straw would help if one were to continuously use it more than the cost it takes to make the straw in the first place

  35. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 thank you for forming the most rational rounded argument I’ve ever seen this climate debate that’s been so one dimensional and entitled from so many ignorant People

  36. daangg i agree with her in almost everything, especially when she started talking about the "renewables". A lot of climate activists are too focused on these energies even though they're actually less sustainable. Like for example, solar panels could only last for around 10 years cuz after that they'd have to be disposed of.

    But i gotta say, I don't agree with her opinion on plastics. I mean they don't directly worsen climate change, but we do know that when plastics got burned, they'd release harmful greenhouse gasses right? Imagine billions of people contributing to it:)). And i'm not entirely sure about this, but I've read somewhere that plastic has a connection with fossil fuel. I think it's produced from a byproduct of oil(?)
    But most importantly, a lot of countries aren't Singapore. Take the neighbouring country Indonesia for example. A fuck ton of plastic got dumped onto the ocean. And I don't think the issue's are as simple as littering. We do have landfills, but when it gets too much, some of the trash could get blown and end up on the seas. So yes, it's still important to lessen our plastic use as much as we can. Though i have to agree, paper straws are dumb as fucc lol

  37. You said plastic straws don’t matter cause they are incinerated in SG but you do know burning of plastic is the biggest cause of greenhouse gas right.

  38. i love her arguments. she doesn’t try with win with roasts and sarcasm. she actually lay down the facts and evidences and shut people up with it

  39. I applaud you for gathering the information and take the time to do your research, but my problem with naysayers or deniers is that no matter how much evidence you present to them, they will always find ways to nitpick and deny them, there's always something wrong any study or research. While it is a good thing to be doubtful and not be gullible, it makes one wonder if there is actually anyway that they can be convinced, even when they are wrong.

  40. For the 1st time last year in the Climate-Change industry (IPCC Corp.), they have started to include some of the effect of the sun on earth climate model they create.
    More Real Science here —->

    Mean Wile …. The INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of BANKSTERS keep on screwing Us All with out opposition >`.<

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