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Why Giant Goldfish Are Invading The Planet

– [Narrator] Right now
Washington state is fighting off an invasion. And who’s the culprit? It’s goldfish. That’s right, goldfish. Thousands of goldfish have
infested West Medical Lake and are now crowding out
the native fish population. So how did this happen? The Department of Fish
and Wildlife thinks that a few irresponsible
pet owners are to blame and while the goldfish they
originally bought might’ve just cost the owners a few dollars, this mess is gonna cost the
state an estimated $150,000 to try and remove these feral fish. And this isn’t the only place
that this is happening. Goldfish are invading lakes
and streams worldwide. And it’s all our fault. (light jazz music) If you think you’re doing
the goldfish a favor by releasing it back into the wild. You’re not! Instead you’re setting the
stage for an ecological disaster which could threaten
hundreds of other species. As it turns out goldfish are one of the world’s worst invasive species. They were first selectively
bred in China 2,000 years ago for food but by the 14th
century, goldfish had been promoted from our food
to our entertainment. It wasn’t long before pet
owners helped them spread across the world, eventually
reaching North America by the 19th century. They may look small and
cute in your tank at home, but in the wild it’s a
completely different story. Given enough time and
resources, these little orange monsters will grow into giants, reaching as much as four pounds. About the size of an American football. These big fish are also big eaters. They feed on plants, insects, crustaceans and other fish. But it’s not just that they
consume other fishes’ food, their voracious feeding
time actually kicks up mud and sediment which can lead to harmful algae blooms and choke
the rest of the ecosystem. And if that’s not enough
they also introduce foreign parasites and diseases that
wreak havoc on delicately balanced ecosystems wherever they go. And they aren’t content
just to stay in one place. Goldfish are a rapidly reproducing fish and will migrate across
multiple bodies of water. Case in point, when a few were dumped into a local Australian river
in the early 2000’s, they eventually migrated to
the Vasse River where they’re still a major problem today. There are similar accounts of
goldfish invasions in London, Alberta, Canada and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In fact invasive fish species
accounted for over half the total fish population
in Lake Tahoe basin. Besides causing fiscal and
environmental disasters, there are other reasons you
should keep that goldfish in its tank. For starters, goldfish are
smarter than you think. (“Pomp and “Circumstance”) Which means you can teach
them tricks like this. And they can tell the
difference between Stravinsky (“The Rite of Spring”) and Bach. (“Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”) Can you do do that? So consider the wildlife
and think twice before tossing that goldfish away. (light classical music)

Reader Comments

  1. Gotta love how we're so concerned about goldfish being invasive and yet we destroy and build over entire ecosystems killing millions of plants, insects, fish and mammals yearly world wide and are doing nothing to stop it.

  2. They are not giant gold fish these are comet goldfish they are related to karp they are a cold water fish and can get up to two feet long people buy these poor unharmed for fish and put them in bowels which is why they are so small it's called grwoth stunt where they will only get as big as the home they have which is absoultly dusgusting becuase there body may not grow but there organs do cuasing there early death becuase you didn't do the research to care for them that's why you or you kid are crying over your much loved goldfish you stuck in a bowel there so small when you get them becuase they are babies comet goldfish/feeder gold fish require I believe 50gallons per a a comet goldfish if you cannot afford a 100 or 200 dollar tank for just the one fish then find somebody who can do not own a fish unless you have the money they are much more work than A DOG

  3. FLUSHING THEM DOWN THE TOILET IS A VERY VERY BAD WAY TO DIE. Especially for a fish. So like maybe don’t do that?
    —some will say fish don’t feel PHYSICAL pain but like that’s under controversy and there’s many angles to it

    Extra fact for those of u who have goldfish or know someone who has a goldfish(that’s like 90% of everyone les be real you guys)

  4. The reason people release them, is because they don’t know a goddamn thing about the pet they’re getting. People buy a goldfish (or any fish) and put it in a bowl, a bowl that it cannot physically fit into as a adult, it is completely inadequate and downright cruel. Fish bowls have been illegalized in Germany and parts of Italy, if my word and a simple google search doesn’t convince you.

    Please, people, use half a Brian cell and tease arch online where there is endless information to help you know how to not torture your pet.

  5. I have bluegill that I caught and even if I put her back in the same lake I could spread diseases so I am gonna build a pond for her.

  6. I need goldfish for fishing bait and if he does not behave ill smash that goldfish hard on ground wich is the old fishing kill way for bait

  7. Over 400 'dislikes.' I swear if I uploaded a vid of a mountain lion protecting an infant from a grizzly bear and guarding it til help arrived, I would get 5% dislikes.

  8. Cheaper than that; my goldfish cost 14 cents a piece. And forget about having to be in the wild to get big. Mine went from an inch the to within 6 inches in less than a year.

  9. How the heck do they get that big?! I had a tank full of them and they all eventually died. (before you ask yes i cleaned the tank and fed them regularly)

  10. I honestly didn't know goldfish could grow so big! Apparently it has to do with the water quality that determines their growth. Also, I had no idea goldfish were once a food source. The more you know lol

  11. That's why we mut thank Snake Discovery for removing about less than 1% of the population of goldfish from a pond. Go check out the vid.

  12. Most of the world eats carp and related fish no problem because they know how to cook them… north americans are accustomed to fad cuisine and filleting fish, they like the natural flavor of a few specific fish… we need to learn to cook entire fish and know how to use condiments to make goldfish and carp interresting as a stable food. We might never exterminate them, but if we would at least view them as a resource, and not just for niche ethnic markets, then we stand a chance to keep them under control.

  13. For more info
    They saw goldfish taking over the lake so they took a few and fed them to an alligator lol
    And they said advice on why you should NEVER release goldfish into the wild

  14. Goldfish are really not threatening. This man is really not thinking before he made this video. It's actually the goldfish that are threatened in the lakes because they are a food source for bass, Channel Cats, walleye, snapping turtles and black ducks. All of them are capable of eating a fish over 6 inches.

  15. Who else only clicked cause of the thumbnail and read the title
    Its says keep goldfish in a tank and shows a bowl

  16. Nice, good job to whoever put there goldfish in the pond! They're having a much better life there taking over the seas gotta be a proud owner, not crammed up in a tiny bowl left for dead

  17. Dumbass liberals buy em on purpose just to free them.. They keep doing that w snakes in Florida the Everglades will be fucked on next 50 years

  18. Why You Should Never Release Goldfish Into The Wild… educational and engaging. One would never otherwise surmise cute little goldfish could wreak so much havoc in nature's balanced waters.

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