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What’s up guys and welcome back to a brand new episode here at The Koi Partner. Last october I made a number of episodes about Jumbo Koi who came from the Mud Pond. You can watch these episodes If you click on the link at the end of this video that already appear in the right upper corner right now. So in this episode I explain why koi grows so fast in a natural Mud Pond. I show you different Footage of koi breeders how they do it in Japan Before a koi can reach this size they stay in the Mud Pond for some seasons So let’s start at the beginning in the summer the temperatures in Niigata rise very high while in the winter huge amounts of snowfall. An ideal combination for growing koi, let me explain why.. It is now mid-february and the breeders are selling their one-year-old koi to their customers from all around the world. During this time of the year the breeders can do little work outside In winter up to 4 meters of snow can fall in this area Niigata also has one of the most popular ski areas in Japan. Inside the work continues and breeders slowly prepare for the new koi season. During the months of March and April the metres of snow that has fallen into the empty mud ponds are slowly melting During the spring the mud ponds filled with fresh and ice-cold meltwater. When the Sun warms of the water the breeders can start preparing for the first koi in their mud ponds First their breeders are releasing the smallest koi and after that they release the larger ones There can sometimes be weeks or even months in between.. The reason? Smaller fish can do more against the temperature fluctuations during the first spring months then of course the bigger koi During the hot summer months the fish grow very fast, in addition to feeding koi food.. the Koi make optimal use of the many natural food sources such as shrimps, frogs and other high-protein foods.. But there’s another reason why this koi grows so fast in a natural mud pond.. Niigata prefecture is known for its rich clay soils.. the large presence of minerals and vitamins ensure that the koi can develop optimally. A supply of fresh water and you have created the ideal growing environment for a fish.. It is now October, forever dealer and breeder exciting times. The fish that we’re allowed to grow in the mud pond have grown enormously. Depending on their age, the younger the fish are the more the grow they get. When the Koi gets older and they grow at a slower pace from all around the world dealers and hobbyists came to see which results their fish and those of the breeders have achieved. A whole happening where it is quite a party to see the Koi of very high quality at their very very best. After the nets against predators and bears and according to its removed starts catching the fish, a precise job.. Where a mistake produces the same extra work. time that the breeders Desperately needs during the harvest season. When all the fish are caught they go to the greenhouses. Here all the fish are checked for the length quality and health. The fish are also offered here for sale, if they are not sold they will continue swimming in the winter.. Waiting for a new potential owner. So if you want to have some tips on how you can quickly grow your koi in your pond Please comment below ask me your question and I will answer it as soon as possible So the upcoming minutes you can see some few of my own fishes that are Transformed over the years during there Azukari projects. Just enjoy Don’t forget to subscribe on our YouTube channel, please put a thumb up and thank you for watching. See you next time

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  2. How many food i should feed to my fish… If its take on pack 5 minutes then i will bankcrupt soon… 50 fish 5 inch to 7 inch long

  3. Hello from Los Angeles ! ? Thank – you for this very informative and great video – subscribed !!! Wishing you tremendous success with your channel and looking forward to your videos so i can learn more and more about these wonderful animals ??? !!

  4. will it be possible for us living in tropical country to achieve that size of koi if be raised in natural pond? I mean is the melted snow a really big impact to their growth?

  5. so your telling us that koi aka fish grow bigger and faster in a natural environment???? well that's like the most bizarre secret information I've ever heard of thank you for this knowledge sir. mankind thanks you also. and what was that new form of vocabulary???? "here is some of me fishes for you to see"???

  6. i keep 4 full grown koi in a 55 gallon drum of half mud and half water . they grow so fast within a month they each get there very own 55 gallon drum. it basically is a clone environment for them. its where "kettledrum" came from Japanese Wagyu koi

  7. Hi broo please tell me that how to import these orignal japanese koi fry to india .. damm need this in my pond

  8. Can all breeds of kio grow to such lengths or is there breeds better then others to buy, i have a 20×25 by 4 feet deep pond and wish to buy some little kio that will grow 2feet or more in size and its confusing which ones are more likely to grow bigger.
    Thank you for the great videos

  9. watching this video makes me relaxed. it gave me an idea to make a mud you have a video on how to make one? thanks.

  10. Yes they get big in dirt ponds we raised them in 1/4 1/2 to 1 acre ponds . And it is a very labor intense process to sort through thousands of. 1 -3 inch fish looking for the right patterns and colors

  11. Great video, with some great koi! The skin quality is top notch when they come out of mud pond, amazing! 🙂

  12. if i just have a pond with the size 2x1x1 meter, can i growing koi into the jumbo koi? thank you. . . . . . 🙂

  13. I've got a concrete pond with a couple of d.i.y. barrel bio-filters. Any tips on how to get them to grow bigger or faster?

  14. Now i remember why i have only 4 koi in my pond so that they still got plenty of space to swim even if the get 4feet long

  15. Hi. I live in western Washington. We have great volcanic/clay soil with high minerals. We also are in the upper foothills and have 12 acres with a natural water source (two if you count the seasonal spring). Our water table is also generally very high as well. We own 12 acres and are interested in constructing mud pods for koi. What else is done to prepare the pods themselves? Are they just dug in or lined in any way? What are the typical sizes used?

  16. FAB VIDEO, just recently started 8ft x 4ft pnd for my koi i have a air pump but getting filter next week i have barley straw in the running water from the submersible air pump, the water is starting to go green the fish feed fine do you thinkl they ok or should i do a part water change any info appreciated, thanks in adance

  17. I live in New York in the USA I have a pond in my front yard so if I buy small koi and put them in my pond will they grow and also there is a big largemouth bass will it eat the koi

  18. Loved your video; thank you for all the great info about raising Koi. What is the best food to give them . Are there mineral and vitamin supplliment to help them as well.

  19. i am from Indonesia. have a lot Ketapang leaves in my place. contacts me if anyone need to order. my WhatsApp +6285265208995

  20. Hello, Koi Partner, question please, I have a natural pond of around 80000 gallons, however, I'm not sure the temperature will ever rise above 65 degrees or so, will my Koi still enjoy the faster growth in a natural pond at this Temp, thank you.

  21. You forgot a crucial part the koidensity is way way lower. It has nothing to with clay or whatever. There are mudpounds with a lot koi and less food these don't grow as fast compared to the pond with only a few fish and huge amounts of food.

  22. Hi there,i just bought one koi fish which is 8 or 9 inch big ,proper healthy fish..can i put him with.small gold fish nd which food should be best..i.bought from shop,its just called fish food or i can.give them any thing else.thank you

  23. Alright weird question time: what are the ideal salinity, temperature and ph levels for them to thrive in? Is there any other parameters I should be aware of? Thanks again <3

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