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Why climate protests matter.

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From Howard Zinn to Angela Davis, thought leaders and activists across the world have
understood that protest is not just some march–a mere inconvenience for commuters–but instead
a necessity for the fight for freedom, to make people’s voices heard. Roughly 7.6 million
people took to the streets all over the world in September to make that voice heard. To
urge governments to look towards the evidence, to look towards the future, and to understand
that a climate crisis is upon us. But how did we get here? 7.6 million is a significant
number and the strikes are part of a larger string of actions that have turned the world’s
gaze towards the problem of climate change. And the momentum only seems to be growing,
with another global climate strike slated to counter the industrial gluttony of Black
Friday. So, with these realities in mind, I want to take a look at the current state
of environmental protest, understand its impact, and figure out what’s the next step after
this newest explosion of climate strikes. “The climate strikes aren’t asking you
to go vegan or change a lightbulb. They’re saying that’s the baseline at this point
and we have to look further to hold our elected officials accountable.” That’s Jerome
Foster II, founder, and editor-in-chief of the Climate Reporter, Founder of One Million
of Us, as well as a climate strike organizer for Fridays for the Future in Washington D.C.
Needless to say, Jerome has his hands in a lot of climate action pies in the D.C. area.
On top of all his work, he also happens to be a senior in high school. In many ways,
Jerome seems to echo the mold of many youth activists that have taken a stand against
the reluctance of world figureheads to act strongly and ethically on climate change.
He’s young and he’s tired of global climate inaction. And this new wave of climate activists
seems unwavering. They’re lit by a fire of frustration. A fire that many point to
Greta Thunberg for igniting. Young people all over the globe have been walking out of
their schools every Friday to pressure their governing bodies to create bold climate action
plans. This youth-led movement known as Fridays for Future continues to build as young activists
like Jerome start to establish themselves as serious organizers across the globe. But
to believe that the current protests are solely due to the workings of Greta Thunberg would
be folly. Thunberg is a piece of the puzzle, but a leader does not make a movement. The
September climate strikes, and for that matter, prior environmental actions like those aiming
to prevent the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines were the product
of thousands of hours of hard work done by people at every level, especially communities
of color and indigenous communities. Environmental protest continues to forge a path towards
an ethical coexistence with and on this earth through the interwoven efforts of activists
like Jamie Margolin, founder of Zero Hour; Wanda Culp, an indigenous activist fighting
to protect the Alaskan Tongass from logging and industrial use, or the 20 environmental
and land rights activists murdered in Brazil in 2018 including those with Brazil’s Landless
Workers Movement who were shot dead because the group was deemed a terrorist organization.
So the state of environmental protest around the globe is one that seems unprecedented.
Cities and local movements are interconnecting in solidarity. From Nairobi, Kenya to Melbourne,
Australia a loud rallying cry has been sounded to shake the world into overdrive. Asking
simply that their governments take action to mitigate the climate crisis. But are governments listening? Has this new
slew of climate protests been effective? And when it comes down to it, can we really know
for sure? Lily Gardner, a Kentucky-based organizer from the Sunrise Movement, thinks the protests
and actions have had an impact on how politicians and citizens view the growing climate crisis.
You might recognize her from this action in Mitch McConnell’s office. “As to change
that has been coming out of the protest, I think the fact that we even see a CNN town
hall that’s entirely dedicated to the climate crisis, that presidential candidates are opening
their remarks at debates with mentions of the climate crisis, that we’ve made it on
the front page of the New York Times. I think those very public pronouncements and integration
of the climate crisis into people’s consciousness is something that we hadn’t seen before
the strikes.” In many ways, I too feel this hope in the US. These new mass demonstrations
seem to actually be pushing the mainstream towards a more aggressive stance on climate
action. But I’m simultaneously wary that I’m viewing this apparent momentum with
rose-tinted glasses. According to the International Center for Non-Profit Law, US state governments
continue to push for bills that would criminalize protesting near pipelines and “critical
infrastructure,” with even more egregious legislation like South Dakota’s recently
passed SB 189 that would allow the state to go after “riot boosters” or protest funders
for aiding in any disruptive protest. Across the country over 100 bills attempting to restrict
protests have risen to the fore in recent years. While legislatures have struck down
many of them, 16 anti-protest bills were enacted. But elsewhere, the recent climate strikes
seem to be shaking the system at its core. Thanks to the highly publicized actions of
groups like Extinction Rebellion, the United Kingdom declared a climate emergency, with
countries like Austria, Spain, and Argentina following suit. With over 1000 climate emergency
declarations across local and national jurisdictions, the pressure of protests seems to be pushing
global governments to recognize the necessity for climate action. But of course, many of
these declarations are non-binding, so, much like the Paris Agreement, we’ll have to
see whether these pronouncements actually create tangible change. Understanding that this mass mobilization
of climate activists is just a start then, is important. The momentum and desire are
there, but shaping the raw energy of 7.6 million people around the world into an actual transition
from a carbon reliant capitalist world to one of economic, social, and climate justice
will be difficult. Jerome Foster II wants to channel the energy of the marches into
a strong voting bloc with his One Million of Us campaign, “The only reason why politicians
care about anything is if they get money or votes. So young people don’t really have
that much money to put into a system, but they have a lot of votes…One Million of
Us is an initiative to re-engage young people on every level from presidential elections,
to senate elections, congressional elections to teach them about the importance of why
they should vote and how they should vote.” But as he admitted to me, the way this movement
continues to be successful is if adults join the struggle. “Adults have to join. We have
to be bigger than just saying ‘young people are fighting for our future’ because it’s
not our future and it’s not just young people… If we are going to replace elected officials
we need someone to replace them with. We need people like AOC and Ilhan Omar… Big champions
of the environmental movement.” Meanwhile, Lily Gardner seeks to continue to mobilize
young people across the U.S. “We are hoping that this is not just the one day, Sept. 20th
but the start to several strikes that are going to be happening this year. We are hoping
to enter an era in which students across the world are taking active action in the face
of the climate crisis. We’re calling it in the United States, Generation Green New
Deal. We will not be Generation Z, the final generation, instead we’re reclaiming this
we’re becoming Gen GND.” Jerome and Lily reflect the countless approaches organizers
are using to translate this growing movement into tangible policy and systemic change.
The Green New Deal, in many ways, is a product of this renewed vigor of climate protests.
As a proposal and as an idea, it frontlines the interconnected reality of climate change.
It’s not just about curbing greenhouse gases, it’s about supplying meaningful jobs to
thousands, improving infrastructure and creating a just transition away from our current broken
global capitalist system. As we look towards the next couple of years
wondering what we can do, we’ll have to work hard to not only make individual changes
but more importantly fight for global and structural changes that will inevitably be
made possible by the loud calls of climate action movements. So, what can you do? You
can call your government officials, march, vote for strong climate action-oriented candidates,
take on the labor of educating people who don’t think the climate crisis is important,
and follow or financially support those doing the much-needed work. And, if you need inspiration
for all of that, I’ve put a list of activists in the description below. At the end of the
day, mitigating global climate change is not an easy task. While recycling every piece
of plastic you find is admirable, it won’t change the global industrial system that continues
to allow 36.2 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year. To address this
problem, we need tangible, courageous climate action, led by those who are most affected
by the climate crisis and supported by all of us. We are working to build freedom for
all, which, as Angela Davis puts it, requires a constant struggle. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change, full-scale societal restructuring is essential within the next eleven years
if we are to keep the global surface temperature below 1.5 degrees celsius. But in order to
do that we’ll need scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, among others to help envision
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Reader Comments

  1. Laughable, all these ignorant youngsters protesting "climate". Glued to their mobile phones, which they change every year or two. The most well-fed (and therefore fattest) and safest generation in human history. Spout "the science" when their STEM knowledge is abysmal, and in any case science is thrown out the window when it comes to the gender nonsense. When exactly was the climate on planet Earth "ideal"? Less than a degree Celsius since 1850, in the 17th century at the height (or rather depth) of the Little Ice Age it was a degree Celsius colder. I hope these idiots disdain the use of all infrastructure built by their forebears, turn off their mobile phones and devices, and throw away all their modern clothes which are mostly made from petrochemical fabrics. In their rush to throw out organised religion climate alarmists adopt their creed with religious fervour, and even have high priests and priestesses. Plus heretics, of course, namely all those nasty climate change sceptics.

  2. If the recent demonstrations by extinction rebellion are anything to go by, they have the effect of turning people away from the cause because of the sheer stupidity and interference with public infrastructure. All governments will do is make laws to stop activism if it gets out of hand. Going full retard isn’t going to get through to government. Another tip: rent a crowd protests earn you zero credibility. Also, if the vast majority of your flash mob looks like they haven’t showered in over a month and have insect colonies in their hair or beard it has the opposite effect. Furthermore, educate yourselves about important things like socialism because it doesn’t work. It never has and it never will. Stop trying to promote it as a solution to climate change. It just isn’t.

  3. the climate is mostly driven by the sun and sun is now going into a quiet period so we are headed into a mini ice age . the coming winter will be very bad with crop losses , expect food to go in price next year . ELECTROVERSE  is a good site to google .

  4. People protesting for climate change against their goverment is at most of little use and in the worse case, totally useless. The "Governments" we refer to, people think they are some kind of evil goblins who control climate change and by protesting they can magically have it disappear. A government cannot do much, people can, the same people that protest and then do not recycle, the same people who use their car for the smallest distance, the same people that won't buy products manifactured following certain standards because they cost too much, people who waste food, water, electricty, goods and much more. Instead of protesting against your government because you think they can magically solve the problem, start thinking about the life you and your closest live and start from yourself and your community, if you can change the habits of 7 billion people you'll change something, by protesting against your government you can obtain a tax on fossil fuels and some incentives to buy sustainable goods (which either way you won't buy because they're still too expensive).

  5. Here are my thoughts on protests….bunch of aimless wankers looking for something to follow and believe in….that's it

  6. Do consumer boycotts, e.g. veganism, work? Did the boycott of South Africa help to end apartheid? Is the BDS movement having any measurable effect?

  7. With the recycling restrictions that China put on the USA a few years back, it severely damaged our waste management industry. It showed a lot of the glaring inadequacies in our system and forced businesses to either close or innovate. Those who innovated, while they lost jobs in some areas, they gained those same amount of jobs or more in others. More inspectors and more intelligent systems to help sort, new machines and operators for those machines, new marketers and representatives for partnerships with other companies and manufacturers to buy the sorted wasted. It's through these major pain points that forces change.

  8. it's not as much the fault of capitalism as it is the fault of the corporate neoliberalism that has been around since the Reagan years

  9. Greta and her adherents are deluded data deniers. The salient data indicates there is no climate emergency. Climate change hysteria is nothing but a popular grand delusion.

    Here is just one example of the data:

  10. Greta is a truant 16 year old half-wit. Why do you listen to her when there are people like Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus Atmospheric Physics MIT?

    "Future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century's developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly uncertain computer projections combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age." ~Richard Lindzen

  11. Homo sapiens evolved through adaptations, instincts, and tribal organization responding to an open consequence-free environment born of natural selection, which process designs “success” through species achieving genetic and environmental hegemony through sexual reproduction and violence. This process rewards growth and competition, and produced 200 millennia of tribal warfare achieving hegemony through Lifecycle Empire, which repeatedly burned themselves out like a mold consuming a prepared culture in a Petri dish.

    The biological phenomenon of Homo sapiens recently became exponentially energized through fossil fuels and mechanization, where the resulting industrialization, world wars, and Cold War arms escalation created the Anthropocene, which has produced the conditions of a closed system. The emergence of a closed system – which is consequential for essentially all life being affected by the Anthropocene, 6th mass biodiversity extinction, and climate catastrophe – has been caused by the effects of growth, artificially inflated populations, and industrialization overconsuming and compromising resources that would require an estimated 3 Earths to provide. Homo sapiens growth, consumption, and industrialization has unsustainably impacted finite and limiting recourses, nonlinear environmental feedback loops, untenable industrial, pesticide, and nuclear contamination, anthropogenic climate change, and global warming.

    Homo sapiens evolved with virtually no biological specialization, institutional organization and tribal imperatives, instincts, psychology, pathology, or ideology, which can comprehend, conform to, or benefit from the science-based systems-based steady-state reverse engineering required by the environmental determinism of a closed system and environment. The closest approximation would be the highly centrally organized, collectively cooperative, scientific and physics-based security and sustainability protocols of living in space, applied to Spaceship Earth, which would require wholesale conversation to the near polar opposite of what currently exists.

    Protesting will only work if protesting means objectifying the biological phenomenon of Homo sapiens growth-model authoritarian church-state tribalism competing in the evolutionary arms race, and then transcending that legacy obsolete origin story through a science-based physics-based transformational paradigm shift. Such a mandate and organization formatively resembles environmentally determined distributions of locally sustainable eco-socialism.

  12. No surprise to hear no mention of animal agriculture being the biggest single cause of climate crisis. Only when we begin to acknowledge that can we truly begin to address of the climate and social issues in the world

  13. there's a mistake around 10:00 – it's 36 billion tons of carbon DIOXIDE, not carbon. that's roughly 10 billion tons of carbon.

  14. No , not protests based on socialism , communism and any one rule government. If you want socialism , go to a socialist country and let us live our lives free. You are wiping your feet on the intelligence of human beings and when you are done and only those human beings standing are the self righteous, virtue signally few you will look around and then realize your next.

  15. I think what this video is missing is what it is that we as individuals should actually do. Economics got us into this problem and economics can be what get us out. Each of us makes a vote every day with their dollar. Each plastic water bottle purchased is slowly poisoning our future, every kilowatt of power from coal costs us. We have to reduce our gas usage, our meat consumption, and challenge companies to use less plastic and more bio-decomposable material. I believe in innovative solutions that have to replace this, hence why companies like Tesla and beyond meat alternatives are making waves. If we all buy it the price will go down. If you want to really make change we need better marketing and ban government lobbying. Crooked politicians are the ones approving it and someone had to elect them. Education and mainstream normalization of the change necessary have started and I believe in a brighter future.

  16. Californication Collapse Here's How
    I know a woman addicted to opioids, with a broke back disc, not allowed pain medication and she's poor as fuck.
    California has a homeless bomb going off, exacerbated by annual firestorms. They have more homeless than they can handle. Disease will spread through the homeless to the yuppies.
    These are the same Yuppies who tell 50 year old working stiffs to get stuffed and learn to code.
    China is gunning for their jobs and will win the 5G AI race.
    Food price hikes and a homeless bomb are, not a good thing.
    Sorry, this is where I rephrase, not a good thing, with rich expletives.
    Another economic great recession is coming while globalism's brittle fragility becomes undeniable.
    The only thing that can get more inter sectional than this are the sox in my drawer.
    Wind turbine blades are the perfect metaphor for collapse.
    The difference in wind conditions between the top and bottom of the newer larger blades is worse than thought.
    Wind blades are mostly made of fiberglass and glue.
    Promising new materials cannot scale up in time.
    Nor will wind turbines make any difference to the energy behavior/climate chaos dilemma.
    We are promising a $15 trillion money bonanza for wind turbines.
    Whenever there is a construction bonanza, there is fraud.
    Ask any condo owner in downtown Toronto. They'll be slums in 20 years.
    The material promises and the actual material through puts won't match.
    They'll promise IOT blade sensors made of fairy dust, but they'll still be mostly glue and fiber glass.
    People want them offshore because they're ugly as hell, kill critters and make horrible noise.
    The fish don't want them too. Offshore wind farms use 1,000 times more copper than onshore.
    Their laminated blades literally dissolve into the sea faster than expected.
    They produce 25% of their power rating sticker, and decline to 10% in 10 years.
    The stresses for the new bigger offshore turbines are not properly modeled.
    They break apart from both the inside and out, waver, buckle and collapse faster than expected.
    Spending trillions on them will solve nothing and end in a massive misapplication of resources.
    Saving ourselves from extinction is not a get rich quick scheme.

  17. This video is bankers propaganda for profit.
    I got big news, there is no climate crisis, it is a hoax, fake news but what isn't fake news is the poisoning of the world we live on for a few meaningless dirty coins, yes all of the problems come from money because he who controls the money, controls everything and your governments give the control of money to private for profit banks. Your governments are the enemy of the world pretending to be the savior. Britain is the most corrupt country in the world and has poisoned the whole world with proxy private banking institutions. The Federal Reserve was their biggest coup and since it's inception has choked the life out of everything that has opposed it. Billions of dollars in profit to combat faked chemical attacks in Syria, perpetual war in the middle east all for financial profit and climate change is just another one of many fake events designed to screw you over, like all the fake wars, "all wars are bankers wars". The wholesale slaughter of innocence for profit because the banks own all of the businesses and have been given this privilege by your governments.

  18. Honest question here for the very well informed viewers of this channel. Could it be that disruptive protest might both polarize and alienate people, being, sadly, counterproductive?

  19. If you think protest works, watch all or part of this 2 hour documentary of the Sioux at Standing Rock roughly 18 months long protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Once I started watching this gripping footage I was riveted and could not stop watching.

  20. "climate action" all for it, however, and this is for both sides of the divide, in spite of the best of 'moral codes' the minute you threaten someone with denial of access to the necessities of life morality is out the proverbial window so which ever side you take, unless you present feasible solutions based soundly in science(you know evidence) then the outcome ends up being a zero sum game. Keep in mind the only reason we need law is that our current science is insufficient.

    In summary I'll quote the late great visionary Buckminster Fuller “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

  21. Until all people turn their backs on all religion, especially those which tout anti birth control, anti abortion and misogyny, the planet doesn’t stand a chance. Until all people turn their backs on consumerism, hyper consumption and greed, the planet doesn’t stand a chance. The protests refuse to address the truth that population control is vital in every country on the planet. Stop all immigration. Institute a world wide one child policy for the next hundred years. End the meat and dairy industries. End all coal industry. Tax the companies that insist on plastic packaging. It’s all too realistic to make any headway. Everyone wants their large house, own car, meat filled freezer and imaginary friend to make their life worth living.

  22. The UK did declare a climate emergency then didn't do anything. Even in our current election the Conservative and Liberal Parties have no plan at all while attacking the only party that has a credible one in the corporate funded media. It's a real shame but most voters don't see it as a number 1 concern at all.

  23. If you’re not vegan, you’re not an environmentalist. You’re willingly funding the very thing you supposedly hope to halt.

  24. If it was made financially worthwhile to SHARE the jobs WE democratically decide WE need and want to have done and enjoy our lives working much LESS..then there would no longer be the capitalist drive to just keep on and on coming up with ideas for turning this entire planet into 'stuff' that can be sold to people.

  25. Co2 climate supifacation of the people is what you people push, break all the thermal laws of Physics. You are destroying your future.

  26. You know that climat marches a good because politicians and there friends are trying to prevent them. It means that they know it's the right thing to do but it bothers them and their interests.

  27. Being Completely Honest, AOC and Ilhan Omar would make Horrible presidents. Look at their humanitarian track records…

  28. “No Future and no jobs on a dead planet !” & No time to lose – in Solidarity from France:«TIME!»

  29. There IS a practical solution to climate change. Advanced nuclear with thorium. It will be safe, clean, and cheap. See TEDx Kirk Sorensen Thorium —

    The (One Country) of 1.4 billion people China has more C02 emissions than the (Two Continents) of North America and Europe together.
    Yet 37 million people Canada thinks a carbon tax will save the world's air , when China makes the amount C02 as 20 Canadas .

  31. You know what I want? Jobs give me Private industry jobs NOT government jobs that we can't pay for. Also I suggest we work on colonizing. Mars and the Moon, plus for rising sea levels why do people keep buying seaside homes?

  32. Governments and corporations are not evil. They are only supplying that which their citizens and customers demand, which requires the use of cheap fossil fuels.

    Money controls the world which is why climate protests accomplish no real political or economic change. If those protesters drove cars to the protests, they're supporting the use of fossil fuels. If they buy buying bottled water, they're supporting the use of fossil fuels. Vote with your money, even if you have very little. I agree that protests make the issue more known, but unless everyday people make changes in their buying habits, nothing will change.

  33. It does not. The whole fucking thing is made up by the green party and socialists who this way gain support and. Climate change is something natural that has always occurred and man kind has nothing to do with it. But we should definitely do something about all plastics and stuff that is made to last for about two years and move to a more service culture where smartphones, home electronics, cars, etc. should be produced in a way that makes them repairable and possible to upgrade.

  34. They don’t matter because the climate change is not that important right now yes we need to take care of our planet but all these climate change activist are wrong and have an IQ of a crayon.

  35. There must be more science about this issues, not a teenager telling us what to do. Not to Travel on multi million dollars boat and jets!! This totally based on emotional effects and adult behind those kids, take advantage of the kids.

  36. You had me until AOC, Omar and to a lesser extent, Greta. None of these people are environmental activists. They are using it as a tool for their socialist agenda. Just look at the Green New Deal

  37. We let hundreds of thousands of people die in massacres. We will let millions of people die in famines. And we will happily enjoy our beef burgers during our climate conferences. Nobody… really… cares.

  38. Literally looked up "climate change bitch" and this was the result. It's funny bc it's a falsehood. It's the government controlling the weather is what's really going on. So when the day comes where they create hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis etc. Everyone will assume its climate change but really it's their population control

  39. I been concerned about this since yrs ago when I was in HS but no one seemed to care. Now that we’re seein the effects ppl are starting to realize the huge danger that climate change is. But still prominent ppl like the failure president we have in the US keep denying a fact. Its embarrassing af how ignorant he is.

  40. Capitalism is not the cause of the global climate catastrophe, it is the solution. These "protests" are feel-good-but-do-nothing distractions that people use to blame "Big Oil" rather than interrogate their own complicity in the neoliberal-neofeudal socio-cultural-economic assumptions that are the actual cause. The root of the problem is our most basic metaphysical understandings and expectations concerning our relationship to Nature and each other. Put simply, it is how we conceive of Nature as "ownable" that results in land tenure policies that are the primary motivating factor in forcing profligate consumption to substitute for better design and better choices that would obviate that consumption in the first place. In order for humanity to survive this cataclysm, we need to immediately abolish any and all claims of private property in Nature, embark on a global programme of urban redevelopment so that we can condense human settlement and abandon personal motor transport, radically reduce our consumption by 90% as a first step, and begin a global project of carbon sequestration through soilbuilding on a scale that is literally unimaginable to human brains. In other words, unless the people of the developed nations relinquish their homeownership and their automobiles, their outsized privilege and waste, we are all going to die. I'm not holding my breath waiting for WeCAN, 350, or any of the other predominantly white, affluent organisations to give up their cars and retirement nest eggs. The celebrated child activists of today are not saying anything different than millions of people have been saying for decades. The difference between me and Greta Thunberg is that someone realised they could make money off of her image, and put her up to a stunt ride on an multi-million Euro high tech ocean racing yacht crewed by an elite team of sailors. When these activists vote themselves out of homes, cars, and privilege, then I will believe they are truly committed to the only solution that is ever going to work.

  41. There is no Climate Crisis it has always been the same since the 70's Climate Change hysteria and we'll be debating the same nonsense for billlions of years nothing will change.

  42. I liked the content.
    but you should check the pronouncation.

    It sounded like Greta Thunberry.
    and its "Friday for Future" not "… for the future"

  43. HAARP and Chemtrails is what is causing the climate change, so even if nobody makes carbon the climate change will still go on. The simple fact that nobody is actively protesting these harmful activities, even though it is not hidden and the damage to humans, animals, trees, land, oceans and climate is massive. The aluminum in the chemtrails causes alzheimer's and autism in the old and young as well as being quite the accelerant in forest fires which are being steered by frequency with the HAARP. The effect shows on radar for weather reporting, giving evidence to the manipulation and the location of the antenna arrays being used. The damage to land,crops,buildings etc. could be charged back to the owners of the HAARP machines causing the damages. The chemtrails are being applied by contracted military and civilian aircraft outfitted with tanks and sprayers, mixed with potash from local factories and shipped to airfields with all the spraying everywhere in the world it would be easy to find the culprits, but they might not be reported. Pilots are saying if I don't do this shift somebody else will get the money, but the spraying will continue only he might have less cash. They are changing the jet stream and ocean temperatures. They are releasing methane into the atmosphere from the oceans and frozen tundra. Investigate, and educate, then you can protest the real enemies of the earth and I'm pretty sure you are protesting with them as your comrades, and together you are fighting victims like yourselves instead of the beings who are working to profit from your demise. Being evil, lying and cheating, grinding faces of the weak and poor, and nothing satisfies like the spilled blood of children. As disgusting as they are, we are not to cause harm, these beings are sick and demented and will suffer forever. If I do not treat others with decency and forgiveness then I too must suffer for the harm that I have caused, but thanks to God, Jesus has paid the bill for me and all who will believe it so, so I strive to live as he has taught ands forgive all, with the urgency that I will need when I stand at judgement to review my horrible mistakes.Vengeance belongs to God and not me, as I have learned. Hopefully I will be deemed worthy when Jesus comes to keep us from the hour of temptation that shall come upon all those that dwell upon the earth. If not, then the only way out of everlasting fire might be the martyrs death. The bible tells of many souls that appear in heaven because they were slain for the word of God and the testimony which they held. They were given white robes and were told to wait until the rest of their brethren and fellow servants that will be killed like they were, are fulfilled. This eventually becomes so many souls of all nations, a great multitude which no man can number. This looks like how most people will get to heaven.
    And there was a war in heaven. And Michael and his angels fought against the great dragon, and the dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceives the whole world, he was cast out into the earth and his angels with him. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. I think that must be the trick of it because Satan has his followers chained to him because they fear their own death all their lives. But we who are to be saved, defeat him, by Jesus's blood, our testimony, and our own deaths which we do not fear, because we appeart up in heaven with all the others. One more thing never take the mark of the beast even if they will kill you. If you take it, you will for sure go to everlasting fire.

  44. Hey my friend! I love your videos, but I have to correct something that you said… I am from Brazil and I can tell you that the movement you mentioned, the Landless Workers, kind of is a terrorist organization… they invade useful lands and destroy plantations that are thriving to “protest”. They carry knives, they are sometimes very violent. Their leaders are not interested in obtaining a land for their people, they’re just working to the interests of some political parties. We’ve seen them invading lands of politicians of the opposition, but not of the parties that finance them… this is a very complicated issue… and to my knowledge, there was no official governmental declaration that they truly are a terrorist organization. Some people were discussing it, but I think the subject just died…

  45. Climate strikes matter if they are done properly by people who are scientifically literate (agreeing with just one or a few scientific consensuses doesn't make you scientifically literate) and they do understand also the technological, economical and social challenges of fighting climate change. And most of these superficial activists don't.

  46. Even though it is sad to see that that was only 0.1 % of the population of the world at the time, it still meant something significant…

  47. How can people believe that one is "free", if some politicians just forbid you to use your democratic power to protest?

  48. Great job! How about a comprehensive video on agenda21 and it’s impacts on the social, economic, and environmental?

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