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When Balloons Fly

Every year thousands of balloons are released or escape at outdoor events across the country they eventually make their way into the oceans because what goes up must come down These guys tend to be fairly generalist feeders so what that means is anything floating on the ocean’s surface is kind of fair game and so whether it’s plastic or whether it’s something natural they’ll give it a bit of a try the adults go out there they collect it and they don’t realise it’s plastic, they mistake it and they bring it back and unfortunately feed it to their chicks Most people don’t even think that letting go of a balloon at a party or sporting event could be killing seabirds hundreds of kilometers away but that’s exactly what the research is telling us There are plenty of alternatives to using balloons outdoors you could even start your next party blowing bubbles instead of balloons

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  1. I am an advocate of getting rid of plastic and
    can't wait for the ban the bag to take place.
    I do have something to ask you to consider. Balloons have been lumped in with plastic. Balloons are NOT plastic, they are latex. Latex comes from the rubber tree, we need trees for our earth to survive. We all care about our earth and as a balloon professional, I do not and never will condone balloon releases. Unfortunately, people still believe that letting balloons fly off to heaven is ok. I do not. It is littering. Please take the time to head over to PEBA @proenviromentalballoonalliance to see what we are doing to help prevent littering.
    Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Latex balloons are biodegradable and if we can educate people about littering then perhaps we can continue to bring joy to people with balloons. Educate not eradicate.

  2. Sadly, there was this time where this school I went to had a birthday celebration and some of the students actually released balloons up into the sky. Hopefully, after watching this video, the schools now know why you shouldn't release balloons up into the sky.

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