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What’s the Most Natural Looking Foundation? 🏆 Tinted Moisturizer, Skin Tint, CC Cream & Foundation

You know when you
go to the store, and you’re so crippled with all the
products that are on sale, and you’re just kind of
like what do I do, this is also known as the
paradox of choice, Mia what about you, I just
want my skin to look like skin, and seriously there are like
so many products out there, like foundations and products
like give you different finishes, enhances different things,
it has different textures, or its luminous matte semi matte 12-hour
stay all day waterproof, so lucky for you guys in this video, we’re going to be breaking down what
these four products are best known for what skin types they work with, and show you guys which one actually
lasts throughout the day, and we’re gonna try a product on each
side of the face over two days, and we’re gonna put them to the ultimate test,
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to miss anything, okay have you done it, okay let’s go, you might want to ask yourself,
what kind of texture you like, are there any skin
benefits that you want, is it color correcting to cover redness,
cover over pores, brightening effect for
your skin type, but also ask yourself what
is your skin type, is it oily is it dry is it combination,
so starting off with skin tints, what is skin tints, skin tint kind of lies in between bare skin
and a little bit of makeup, it’s like this wash of color over the skin that’s normally lightweight and
very light coverage, it evens out discoloration, and leaves your face looking more
toned and smooth and dewy, they’re normally very breathable
thinner formula, and it kind of auto fits to your skin,
so what is a tinted moisturizer, as the name suggests you use it as a
moisturizer but you also get additional coverage, a tinted moisturizer gives
hydration to the skin, but at the same time it evens
out the complexion, and a lot of tinted moisturizers
because they are moisturizers, they’re packed full of vitamin C E
botanical extracts and antioxidants, and also a lot of the time they have
some sort of sunscreen in them, okay guys day one so I’m in the
makeup room in the office, and I’m about to put on the
first two products, we’re going to be using the Neutrogena
skin clearing complexion perfector, this is the tinted moisturizer, it’s actually got salicylic
acid in it for acne treatment, so as you can see,
I have some blemishes, these are all like old acne scars, so it’s
not lumpy or anything it’s just a scar, I haven’t used this one before,
so it’ll be pretty interesting to see, I like to just apply these type
of things with my hands, cuz it like warms up the product, and I mean you would apply a moisturizer
with your fingertips anyway, so yeah, when you put it in,
it’s very light, and it looks like I’ve
applied nothing, the Laura Mercier Flawless
Tinted Moisturizer, and I’m putting on this
side of my face, I’m just gonna try it because
everyone keeps raving about it, I’ve never got into tinted
moisturizer, I needed heavy full on to cover my acne
and everything like that, so to me tinted moisturizer
was just a joke, it’s like settled in a little bit, so I’m just gonna take a
little bit more, and just apply another
half layer maybe, the thing with tinted moisturizers is I feel
like you can’t exactly build up the coverage, but you can still see like my little
blemishes coming through, so it’s not really a full
coverage obviously, even if I layer it, you
can still kind of see, yes there’s really no point favoring it,
so after two layers, you can see that my skin is definitely
a little bit more evened out, but you can definitely still see my scar
as well as still a little bit of the darkness under my eye, definitely light sheer coverage
almost invisible. I’m gonna be using the NARS Velvet Matte skin
tint that I got from Sephora, this is like a mousse texture,
it’s not runny, so let’s put some of this on,
definitely right off the bat, this has got more coverage, it’s like covering
way better than the tinted moisturizer ,whoa whoa, First Aid Beauty Triple Protection
Skin Tint on this side of my face, as you can see of the texture
of the foundation, it’s actually very watery, like a water-based sort of foundation
that you gotta just work it onto the skin, this is actually got really good
coverage for a skin tint, and actually I was expecting
it to be a little runnier, it really just erases all the discoloration, the tinted moisturizer is actually
a little bit darker than this skin tint, so I have a slight discoloration on my face, it feels really lightweight on the face, I’m loving this actually, it might just
be a little bit harder to work in, because you want to make sure you
blend out any edges, if you have any droplets on my face, so this side oh my God,
look at my pores, you can see all my pores with this
like tinted moisturizer situation, but on this side it looks way
more smooth, I don’t know what it is, it just
like gives this soft focus look, which is kind of blowing my mind, this side it has tiny little bit
more coverage, but it feels like it’s a little bit
heavier than this side, and coverage wise, this is always
slightly less coverage than this side, but you can still see blemishes
through it anyways, let’s just see how this works
throughout the day, and I’ll check in with
you guys later, hi guys so it is pretty
much the end of the day, I’m still loving the skin tint side, because I feel like this almost
looks like no makeup as well as just giving your skin
that bit of color, with this one I can still start to
feel it a little bit oily around this area, with the tinted moisturizer it’s
getting a little bit greasy along here, especially in this region where
I can kind of see pores and whatnot, which is not a good look for myself,
and a little bit patchy, if I was to choose one to wear to have
that sort of like no makeup look, I’ll go with a skin tint, it still feels quite dry and like skin Hello so it’s 7:30 now
I am oily like a frying pan, just the Nars did a better job controlling
my oil throughout the day, kind of blurring over my pores
and it looked brighter, This side is definitely shiny,
which is tinted moisturizer, and my pores are humongous
especially on this side, I don’t know if you can tell
throughout the day, they only got bigger, so both
of that did pretty well , in terms of holding makeup, but just in terms of like coverage
and long lasting, I feel like the Nars is better, so I would
choose this one if you have like oily skin, alright so moving on to CC cream, CC so CC cream stands for color correction
it’s great for camouflaging redness or dull skin, I mean like a lot of these sound like
they’re doing the same thing, the reality is it is because they are, so CC cream can range from more
of like a really really sheer coverage to more of like almost a medium, and it really is designed to kind of
camouflage into your skin, and cover for the most part hyperpigmentation
and a little bit of like discoloration, and then there’s foundation, we are going to use a low coverage foundation
the most sheer of the range, good morning guys, as you can see, it is freezing
here in Australia, so today I’m going to be trying half face low
coverage foundation and half face CC cream, the CC cream I’m going to go for is this
Chanel CC cream complete correction, my color is number 20 which I feel
like it’s actually still quite light, I normally go for a 30 in the summer,
so I stick to a 20 in the winter, so before when
I had acne and whatnot, I would prefer a heavier coverage, because it would cover all the like acne
scarring and stuff like that, so this to me is quite a full coverage, and it still gives you that nice glow,
can you see like glow, so for CC cream I’m gonna
use my favorite, it’s the Erborian skin illuminating
high definition face cream, the cool thing about the CC cream so when
you put it on your skin comes out white, I think it’s like pigment beads in them, and then you start to work it into the skin, and then it just blends in, so I’m just gonna put this on to the right side, okay so as you can see, I do have old acne scarring and
just some light pigmentation, let’s see how well this can like cover it up, and I thought the best way to apply
this is actually either a sponge or a brush, I actually don’t like my fingers because I feel like this takes forever,
maybe that amount was too much, because I could have used a little a lot less,
because the coverage is so high, as you can see already, there is a huge difference from this side
of my face to that side of my face. covered most of my sun spots
and freckles and everything, so you don’t really see much medium
to full coverage I think, so I have the CC cream on this side, you can see that it’s kind of just evened
out my face, like it’s more of a flatter plane, and on this side where there’s still
discoloration around my eyes, I can still see the scarring on my chin, and also this area tends to get really red, and on the other side I will be using this
low coverage Foundation by Marc Jacobs, it’s called shameless, it gives you like a youthful look along with
foundations but very lightweight, and also not a lot of coverage, it comes out like this, which I can see
it’s already darker than my CC cream, so I’m definitely gonna look
like a weirdo today, if you guys ever see me on the streets, they’ll be like huh that’s that girl that put
two different foundations on their face what a weirdo, and I’m gonna be using
Estee Lauder’s invisible fluid makeup, so I’ll show you the
consistency is really runny, so you can see it’s just like
dripping down my hand, normally the more watery the
consistency of foundation not all the time it generally means that the
coverage is more sheer, I’m just gonna apply this on
with my hands as well, oh the color is pretty good,
it’s not too light actually, immediately you can tell it
gives you a bit of coverage, but not the same courage
as this side, because this one still has a
semi matte finish, it doesn’t have this glow that
the CC cream has, so this actually dries down to
like more of a mattish feel, although this side is doing a lot
more of a coverage job than this side, okay so now I have both sides on it, so as you can see, you
can still see the scar, and you can also still see my
scars here on this side, I don’t know if you can
see the difference, but I feel like the CC cream was
actually better just creating more of a illuminated and even base, this one kind of just makes me
look like I’ve covered my skin, I’ve made it even, but it doesn’t look like fantastic. I like how this feels like skin,
it dries down pretty matte, whereas this one gives
you that glow, and the challenge now is to
walk out the house like this, and not be asked what
is wrong with you, I’ll check in with you guys in a couple
hours and see how this holds up, and I’m gonna put on the rest
of my makeup to my hair, so nothing crazy, just put some
eyeliner on some of the gloss, but I can tell that I can
see my pores for days, they are so huge because I didn’t apply
a primer which I normally do, Gonna go on about my day, as you can really see from the wear and
tear of the foundations today, there’s some sunglasses mark, as you can saw obvious on the side
because it’s got the heavier coverage, and whereas it’s not so obvious on
this side, because of how oily this is, it makes my waterproof eyeliner
run whereas this side it doesn’t, in terms of glow, you still see
that nice glow of the CC cream, this side is still somewhat semi
matte and feels more like skin, in terms of getting the
CC cream benefits, you are getting more moisturizing
components antioxidants anti-aging as well as more coverage, whereas a low coverage foundation give
you coverage and just that sort of skin look I guess, it really depends on what you personally
prefer, and not much on the nose, just thought I would check back
in at the end of the day to show you guys how it looks,
okay so I am like oily oily, I actually prefer the CC cream over
the low coverage foundation, because it actually did a really good job, and kind of like giving that glow
as well as look really smooth, I don’t know what it is, this one from
the get-go was a little bit patchy, wasn’t really feeling that
foundation at all, my vote goes for the CC cream,
so that was the video guys, which one did you think look the best
or sat the best or felt the best, obviously it really does just depend on
your own lifestyle and what you’re most comfortable with, and also your own skin condition and what you want like a foundation
or a skin product to do, so we hope you found this helpful, and it like helped you when you go out
to find the product that is best suitable for your face, let us know if you have any other questions,
or if you just like this video, let us know what you
liked most about it, leave us a comment, and
we’ll make sure we reply to that, make sure you also subscribe to the family,
and notify for all our new videos, and we’ll see you in the next one bye.

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