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What’s Real Evidence of Climate Change? | Let’s Talk | NPR

First, the climate has always changed. But it is changing faster than before. Temperature records that go back for many decades show a clear upward trend. The last 20 years have included some of the hottest on record. As a result, the oceans are rising and we can measure that. We know that water expands when it gets hotter. And ice that’s sitting on land is also melting and pouring into the oceans. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 is an example of the dangers of rising ocean waters – a relatively small storm made catastrophic from rising water. And these changes are exactly what climate scientists predicted when they first noticed that we are pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Those gases trap heat. And sooner or later, they said, it will get warmer. And that’s changing the weather. Now, you can’t blame every big storm or heat wave on climate change. But the overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that a warmer world means different weather – maybe way different. You know we live in a society that depends on predictability. If we make the weather unpredictable more people are going to suffer. From flooding, heat waves and more intense storms. So, we’ve already seen the world’s average temperature rise about 1 ½ degrees Farenheit since the late 1800s. And, there’s more warming already baked into the atmosphere that we can expect to see in the coming decades. But it’s not too late to keep a lid on warming. It won’t be easy….and it won’t be cheap. But at least we know the solution. Change the way we use energy and the land. The good news is it’s already happening.

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  1. The graph he displays at :14 does NOT show a "clear upward trend" as he claims. Nor does it illustrate a correlation between CO2 levels and either warming or sea level rise. In fact it does the opposite. But to understand this one actually has to KNOW something about the history of 20th century climate. From the beginnings of the industrial revolution until roughly 1950, CO2 levels were not high enough to have much of an effect on global temperatures. This FACT is acknowledged by most if not all climate scientists, who ascribe warming during this period to natural variation. From ca. 1940 to roughly1979, as clearly illustrated on the graph, there was no warming at all. Yet from 1950 on CO2 emissions were beginning to soar — a clear example of counter-correlation. And from 1998 through ca. 2015 there was only a very slight increase, if any, in warming. And again, CO2 emissions were continuing to soar — another anti-correlation.

    This graph has been used to mislead people into believing that there's been a steady upward trend in temperatures since the beginning of the 20th century due to CO2 emissions, but as is clearly the case, that is not at all true. As for sea levels, they rose at a relatively steady rate throughout this entire period, despite the mid-century cooling and despite the fact that temperature rise due to CO2 emissions could not have have any effect on sea level during the 1st 80 years of the 20th century, nor during almost all of the 21st, as I've just explained.

  2. IPCC models prediction had been wrong all this while. Wrong by the direction, sensitivity of co2 and magnitude of warming. And whenever IPCC was wro g they just kept extending the time for their doomsday scenario. That says a lot about the climate change doomsday scenario.

  3. 20 years is not a trend what a joke. I know a place that has is 10ft above sea level hasn't changed in a hundred years.

  4. I remember in the 70s global cooling was a thing. I remember acid rain being a huge thing. And there was even a hole in our ozone at one point that was a huge deal. Hacked is we don't pollute our are anywhere close to how we used to. one volcano puts off more toxic gas in the atmosphere then all of the cars on the planet combined throughout the history of the automobile.

  5. And we had record cold weather up north… and if it turns out to be true with more proof not things that could just be a cycle of the Earth then politicians are the only ones making this not possible cuz they make money off of fossil fuels cuz what are they going to do tax the sun, probably. There the reason why we didn't have jobs, had a crashing economy, crashing stock market and Trump is trying to saving everybody's ass from the destruction by puppets that don't do anything in office that they said they were gonna do trust me I voted for Obama and he didn't do shit nothing changed beside having a black president

  6. Why is it that I cant find a video about climate change that actually presents evidence. If 97% of scientists on earth agree, shouldn't there be hours, or even days worth of content to present on? Why is the video presenting the evidence only 90 seconds long?

  7. climate control isn't real the weather that we are seeing now is a sign that jesus christ is returning soon don't let satan blind you to the gospel

  8. Does anybody here read or have read the Bible.(god's word) for starters the Bible is mainly prospect, bear with me. Right, God said that (when man's knowledge increases, know u are living in last days), just over a hundred years ago we were still on horseback. Now look at us. This is one of many prophecies. U will find then, God warns us that the weather will change drastically in the last days., Since the beginning weather has down spiraled as we separate from God. He will return when the days are like Noah's time. Wow. Peace to whoever reads this. God's gonna do more damage to anything surrounding Israel then we will.

  9. Most cities are underwater " now" to late we should have gave Al Gore more money ! Water world "wow" people are gullible .

  10. i think i should put one word in this
    global warming is real ,it is serious,and it is irreversible
    just check out this link

  11. The earth has cycles. These cycles last for thousands of years. You can not use a 20 year chart or even a 200 year chart to illustrate something that has a history that goes back hundreds of millions of years. That's like using a 5 day chart for crude oil and claiming it's at historic lows. Look at an arctic ice chart or a geological chart that go's back at least 300,000 years, you will see the cycles and that we are just close to the high point of another cycle. We have had several of these cycles in the last 300,000 years. And the earths high temperatures were comparable to where they are now before dropping again, WAY before the industrial revolution! It's going to happen and there is nothing man has done to cause it nor can man do anything to stop it! You could illuminate every kind of pollution created by man and it will still happen. I do however know that pollution has a lot to do with air quality and the impact it has on our health.

  12. 3 things: First, being as unbiased as possible I have searched and watched videos for and against man made climate change. It's much harder to find videos that show proof and/or evidence for man made climate change than it is to find videos showing proof and evidence against man made climate change. The videos for man made climate change just seem to be some guy saying it's true and anyone who doesn't believe, based on their 1 or 2 charts, is an idiot.
    Secondly, Has everyone totally forgotten that co2 is what makes it possible for us to live? If plants and bacteria didn't have co2 to breath they wouldn't produce oxygen for us. co2 is not a pollutant. It is a chemical containing 2 of the most prolific elements on the periodic table and essential to life on this planet. In fact, if co2 levels drop below 150ppm in the atmosphere plants on earth begin to die off.
    The third most worrying thing I have found is that all of the temperature charts they use are based on ground data. The way that man made global warming is supposed to work is that co2 can hold temperature. This is 100% true, no argument there. The problem lays in the fact that all the co2 increase data is coming from the atmosphere. Fine. But if co2 colds heat and more than doubled in the atmosphere then this means the temperature in the atmosphere has to increase before land temps. This has not happened at all. there have not been any "hockey stick graphs" or major increases in atmosphere temps. Check any satellite atmosphere charts. It looks like a heart rate monitor with a slight trend upward. Nothing like the surface temp charts.
    An added note. They seem to love saying the oceans are raising due to man made global warming. This is a blatant lie they throw in for some reason. The worlds oceans have been gradually increasing for the last 8 thousand years with no radical increases. You can check the chart on Clearly shows the same gradual change since 1880.

  13. No facts, just statements and then backed up with the "most scientist agree" blanket statement, which is the weakest debate point one can use you might as well just say "the internet says so" This was just propaganda. And not a single statement was factually correct. I can prove that because most cereal box mascots agree

  14. Wait 1.5 degrees in over a hundred years can someone who knows something about science tell me why that is changing all the weather. Are you saying that if the temperature is 94.5 instead of 93 it going to make a small storm into a hurricane? I don't doubt it because I know nothing on this topic but someone please explain

  15. This is a very, very bad job. I see charts with well known artificial adjustments and anecdotal evidence in the form of particular events. Please do a better job if you would like to make an argument for trillions of dollars of economic changes. – and don't include any lies if you want to build credibility. Why is that so hard to do for something that's absolutely certain?

  16. haven't the ocean levels been rising for thousands of years? since the last ice age, haven't there been many citiies swallowed up by the ocean before the invention of the gas engine?

  17. This is all bullshit. I lived by the water of the Atlantic ocean for my entire life. The water lever by what we called the creek is the same today as it was when I was a baby. I am 50 yrs old and the only difference is that the cleaned up the area. This is total horse shit

  18. Coldest winter in the U.S. this year since how long ago. The planet constantly heals itself its called mother nature. On the other hand our garbage and plastic is having major effects on sea life and everywhere else. Recycling should be mandatory everywhere. We need to get rid of the plastic in all our food chain and food supply. Im sure the chemicals that bleed into our food & drinks is a huge reason everyone is getting cancer

  19. nasa report,, sea ice is growing faster during the winter months today than it did decades ago. our planet is not warming and that the overall amount of sea ice isn't declining in the Arctic

  20. What is it going to take for these alarmists to understand that there are intelligent educated folks out here who want to hear a real argument that consists of more than anecdotal evidence mixed in with fear mongering and the propaganda that they have been feeding us for decades? I am a critical thinker. I will readily believe that climate change is real and that we need to do something about it, but first they need to prove to me (1) that it's real, (2) that it's a problem, and (3) that their proposed measures will solve the problem. When they do this, they will finally start to see public opinion change. Do they think we are all too stupid to understand the science, or is this just the best they have? When I typed in "evidence for climate change," this was the #2 result. Seriously?!

  21. Go to New York harbor and look at the seawall sea that 2 feet of discoloration that is how high the ocean was there in 05 so the oceans are not rising total myth just go look for yourself go to Florida and ask yourself why is there 5 more feet of beach between the ocean and the A1A

  22. “Neil deGrasse Tyson scolds cherry picking climate science” on YouTube, check it out.

    I gave the climate myth a go… but it doesn’t hold up to science. Everyone who doubts the facts, I totally understand, check the video if you’re ready to have your views challenged.

  23. You tube should not provide a forum for deniers, equal representation of the issue is false when only a few deniers get 50% of airtime.

  24. Sorry but 140 year sample of temperature out of what 7 billion years. Thats not a very reliable data set. The climate is complicated and I think its a very easy answer to just say we are causing it.

  25. So dinosaurs should have been more progressive to avoid the changes in climate? Far stronger hurricanes have occurred before the creation of factories

  26. NPR a globalist propaganda vehicle posing as "news" is no different than most mainstream media, paid for by the satanic globalist cabal billionaires who want as much control of the population as possible

  27. This video starts with LIES – the "hottest on record" is, first, based on an alleged increase that is LESS THAN THE ADMITTED MARGIN OF ERROR OF THE ESTIMATES. Second, if you remove the "adjustments" to the temperatures used to create those ESTIMATES, the warming goes away.

    There is no evidence of any catastrophic warming, or really any significant warming. In fact what we've seen since this fraud first hit the scene is that the climate has changed – both warming and cooling – and these changes are driven by the sun and modulated by the oceans.

  28. Now go and listen to some of the worlds best scientists spell out why this is a hoax, type global warming hoax in the YouTube search box and listen to the difference as they state FACTS not the same old worn out lies and half truths like this guy spouts.

  29. Did he just say that’s why Hurricane Sandy left a slight flood in NY ?? Lmao GTFO that’s What a HURRICANE DOES ASSHOLE


  31. He just said that water expands when it gets hotter. Doesn’t waters volume increase as it freezes?

  32. But CO2 doesn't trap heat indefenatly , it fairly quickly gets heat saturated, therefore it will not heat up as they say! The models are wrong. The heat pattern follow a 60 and a 240 year solar cycle! Nothing to do with CO2!

  33. "Climate change is happening, it has always been happening, and will continue to happen."

    The earth goes through Ice age cycles that last hundreds of years, sometimes upwards of 1000 years. Yes humans contribute to global warming but our influence is insignificant compared to the solar and galactic influences and cycles. Also, at the rate of our technological advancement we will have multiple solutions to global concerns like warming and pollution LONG before these climate change apocalypses would occur.

    Most people have no concept of the times scales that need to be considered for accurate predictions.


  35. He is hitting the nail on the head here…..They're not concerned about global warming because of crop failure, sea level rise or anything like that. Its because theyre all suffering with Entomophobia. It's a known fact that plants get bigger when given more CO2 and that when plans get bigger they produce more oxygen………wait for it….wait for it….and it's also a proven fact that more OXYGEN PRODUCES BIGGER MORE HEALTHY BUGS!!!! They are terrified at the very thought of it. It is mental illness driving the whole man made climate change agenda. They know full well that more CO2 will produce a healthier environment than we have now and that is what frightens them most…….I know I am right but you do not need to take my word for it as this hypothesis is easily testable…….If you know someone who says they believe people are causing climate change you must put a big bug on them. This is the only way we can test my hypothesis.

  36. Thing about this climate change hoax is that the scientist get grants (money) for spewing this lie.  Those dinosaurs must have farted a lot to become extinct.  NPR is forever pushing this and this world would have already been gone by their predictions back in Al Gores days where he predicted we only had twenty years.  Now the genius AOC says we have 10 more years.  God must have given her an extension. NPR is an arm of the Democratic deranged Party.

  37. We need more evidence than see it's getting warmer. The planet is 4.5 billion years old. It's obvious humans are having some impact on our climate I am sure. But who says this doesn't happen every 10K years or so anyways? I'm ready to believe actual evidence if anyone can produce any?

  38. So we're just gonna act like HAARP just doesn't exist, or what? These fuckers control the climate and make us pay for not being in control. Fuckers.

  39. the planet has been getting warmer since the ice age it's just mother nature heating the planet to kill off the human Race virus, that has over populated the planet and destroying it, if you want to save the planet don't have kids then they won't have kids population drops less need for more things . Climate Changed saved, but the planet will keep heating up

  40. This video was done in simple terms for laypeople. to understand simple truths presented by a news organization that has a ton of credibility.. At this hour I am not going to do the work you can you do yourself.. Go to youtube and google and google your questions about the topic. There are tons of videos on the topic. and tons of information and scientific papers both for average people and scientists. One is certain. Most every climate scientist and all the major scientific academies in the world agree global warming and climate change is real. Ask a simple question like " Is global warming real?" and "Has the temperature of the planet risen"? or " what is going to happen with global warming"?? Believing global warming is NOT REAL is like believing the Earth is flat. Its really quite simple!

  41. Climate change is a hoax. It’s already been proven the scientists falsified the data to fit their narrative. Kinda like Russian collusion. The democrats lie about everything.

  42. People in poor countries are those who are affected much. Their resources and quality of life is much different than those in the first world. They dont relly know what is going on in the 3rd world countries. And I guess some people needs immersion to open thier eyes to the truth.

  43. 0:17 "…oceans are rising." Instead of telling by how much they have risen, he fear mongers with a story about a localized flood from a hurricane that has nothing to do with rising oceans, but will trigger the fear of a large portion of the audience who he knows lives in the country. Floods from hurricanes are not the same as rising oceans, and he expects the audience not to realize that.

  44. I am old enough to remember them pushing the next 'ice age'. When temperatures began rising to a point someone thought they could make money from it, Global Warming was born. Since that did not work and temperatures starting to level off and lower some, Climate Change was born. So what is next, asteroid's falling from the sky? Preaching doom and gloom is becoming pathetic.

  45. The climate has been changing for millennia. Nothing new. Mankind is so arrogant and small in the scope of things and imagines this as a personal affront when the weather is not to their liking.

  46. Scientist has been well known for years to be very good in selling you an absurd theory to get funding for their research that 99% of the time are useless…

  47. Same as the guy that spoke about climate change who said quote ''I remember back in the days when i was young snow use to reach my knees and sometime even up to my hips '' and the other guy replied you grew up idiot that's why snow can't reach you knees or hips anymore …????

  48. Why hasn't the media learned that stating "97% of scientists agree" is a TOTALLY MEANINGLESS STATEMENT??? Presenting facts does not mean that you use the word "fact" over and over again.

  49. Right, so within 12 years, the world will be doomed if we don't do anything dramatic according AOC's Green New Deal. Our education system, with the help of Al Gore, has brainwashed our next generation. This is the saddest thing, sadder than climate change, global warming, etc…

  50. For the first evidence he is showing GISS temperature data which is adjusted or 'corrected'. He didn't mention that. The raw temperature measurement data tells a different story. And even if the temperatures would have risen in the past hundred years like he is showing, that itself isn't an evidence of human caused climate change.
    Next was raising sea levels. So why is he referring to a hurricane which brought water with it? Was that 'sea level rise' global or just in that area, and is the sea level still as high as it was in those photos?
    He didn't mention how much of the CO2 in the atmosphere is caused by human activity relative to the natural cycle. And he didn't mention that most of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is water vapor.
    Warmer world means different weather. Is that another 'evidence' of human caused climate change? Does he mean that if humans didn't cause climate change, then warm and cold areas of the world would have the same weather?
    "If we make the weather unpredictable, more people are going to suffer"? What does he mean with 'unpredictable'. The weather is unpredictable, and it always has been that way. Can anyone say with certainty, is it going to rain on Eiffel tower 14 days from today?

  51. Ok so this is the best proof that man is making the earth warmer? All you have here is coorolation and only looking since the late 1800s. You say it's never been this hot in recorded history but we have fossil records that show it's been MUCH hotter on earth during dinosaur days for instance. Do ya really think in the late 1800s when we were really burning sooo much fossil fuels to kick off this warming trend instantly? The environment couldn't handle any of it? All this is super speculative. It's not science fact. Only a vague theory. This argument wouldn't never stand in a court of law. So why should I buy it?

  52. Where is the data show WE are causing the heat increase?? Green house gasses have less impact than water vapor by a huge margin for a start. We are coming out of a Globally cooling period termed a mini ace age ending 1850 which is why the Earth is obviously warming. So everyone jumps across the facts to focus on what warming means. Do we even speed it up? no one has measured this question at all. they are just measuring a net temperate increase FFS

  53. Much of this "data" has been entirely disproven and the NASA graphs have been shown to be constructed in a way that hides everything that contradicts their conclusions. The graph shown here says that the temps are now hotter than at any previous time, yet the ACTUAL recorded data shows that there was a significant cooling after the 1930s, which we are coming out of and which is not shown here.
    We still have not reached the temps of 1930's, contrary to what this NASA graph shows.
    Sea level rises? Not according to NOAA charts, tidal gauges and historic photographs of various locations, including the isle of the dead.
    Severity of storms? Not according to NASA and the IPCC.

  54. It's so sad to see the comments… We just want the world to be better, but people keep not wanting to believe… Even though we DO have evidence… You just need to look at the fucking maps.

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