Importance of Natural Resources

WHAT'S IN A MAJOR: Environmental Science

this is a snippet from what's in a major Wednesday's a series of programs for students who wonder what it would be like to go out on co-op or even what kind of jobs are available in different majors do you wonder if you can handle the workload of a science major or the challenges of say a journalism major the original program was presented as part of our series on wednesdays at node in twenty stetson east please check our website for information on programs to come my name is Kristin and Esmil mentioned we have the studies program and we have the environmental science program which I am taking currently taking courses in and I'm working two bachelors of science in geology as my concentration so there are several concentrations within Sciences I've challenged antique fairs and between studies there's surficial processes there's an independent track and then there's wildlife which is more likely to focus and so my courses have involved physics math courses and then many many earth science courses and um a lot of them have labs where if you got into the field and you get to get your hands on qik wells that we have on campus with well testing in structural geology we use those people with the breath and compasses and not not so much the surveyors that you see out on the quad but we get our we got our hands on things around the city and around Boston and New England really and i also have taken part in environmental science geology focused co-ops and a big section of that is GIS geographic information systems you're looking at maps and we mentioned topology and we have theirs I guess certain parts of gif's that incorporate that as well and that's what my last co-op focused mainly on and it was at Boston water sewer right here down the street about mile away and did a lot of GIS work a lot of mapping a lot of Dimona with the engineering team to do survey and I'm currently I went an interview yesterday for environmental compliance services so a lot of co-ops in my field are also geared towards environmental consulting companies and that would will also involve a lot of water testing they actually do air quality testing as well and as students we get to go out and we get to assist other professionals working in the field and we also get to to be responsible for our own testing and data collection so lastly the environmental science program offers Malin mentioned the dialog program which was a nice London I guess that's kind of not relate to this but it's a great experience that helps you get out into the field and you get to see everything firsthand so there's any other questions I really talk about my courses but you can always which which course did you find the most challenged the most challenging um challenging is difficult to say but hydrogeology is a course that there's just so much depth in it's a combination of a lot of classes and something that i'd like to get deeper into but it's definitely i could see the potential for difficulty and laundering stuff that you can't see on the ground and so maybe that would be my most difficult flex what about your favorite my favorite um my field passes in Iceland Wow but probably also hydrogeology which my here with us

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