Importance of Natural Resources

What’s happening on Amazon Rainforest? [Portuguese and Spanish subtitles]

(video link in description)

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  1. É lamentável o que vem acontecendo na Amazônia, mediante à irresponsabilidade de Bolsonaro! Parabéns ao canal!

  2. Obrigada pela informação. Muito triste tudo o que está acontecendo no Brasil.
    Gracias por la información. Muy triste todo lo que está pasando en Brasil.
    Thanks for the information. Very sad everything that is happening in Brazil.

  3. I am very sad to see how the Brazilian government, which should take care of its most important treasure, does not care to preserve it.

  4. The Amazon has been being destroyed little by little for a long time. This current Brazilian government is making the situation even worse with its anti-environmentalist and anti-ecological policy.
    La selva amazónica ha sido destruida lentamente durante mucho tiempo. El actual gobierno brasileño está empeorando las cosas con su política anti-ambientalista y anti-ecológica.

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