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What you need to know about the novel coronavirus

A new type of coronavirus has emerged
from the city of Wuhan in China. Within weeks it has spread to several countries
and has killed multiple people. Corona refers to the virus’s distinctive shape. They are a large group,
common among mammals and birds. But in rare cases like this one, they can spread to humans – a process known as zoonosis. This new virus is the seventh
known human coronavirus and it affects the
respiratory system. Some coronaviruses have mild symptoms, however others are
much more dangerous. SARS and MERS are both coronaviruses. The most urgent question is how does it spread? It seems that the virus can be
transmitted between humans, but it’s still unclear whether
this happens routinely. Some early severe cases caused a lot of concern, but this has receded slightly,
as more mild cases turn up. The new virus does not seem
to be as deadly as SARS, which killed around 11% of the people it infected. Researchers think that the virus originated in an unknown animal at a market in Wuhan. Identifying that animal could help
control the current outbreak and gauge its threat
going forward. The virus’s genetic code could offer clues
to its origins and spread. Labs in China and Thailand have sequenced
at least 19 strains from infected people, and made them publicly available. Analysis is ongoing. There are no known drugs that can effectively
treat coronavirus infections in humans, and no vaccines are currently licensed. But researchers are working on the problem. One possible avenue is
to block the receptor the viruses use
to infect humans. With more cases being reported every day, the race is on to contain the outbreak. And scientists
are at the heart of the effort.

Reader Comments

  1. That why Wuhan doctors are claiming already there are dead bodies are starting to pile up in Chinese hospitals. Doctors are collapsing from nervous exhaustion and people when they fall forward aren’t extending in the arms. Because it is a mild flu like virus. Not a highly virulent strain that also attacks the brain stem. Propaganda BS, go a watch the smuggled out videos #wuhan

  2. I believe this virus is man made to control the population of china that was 1.386 billion in 2017, that's got out of control and now effecting other countries.

  3. It's hard to prevent happened in many more times cause of the numbers of cases so much and important branch in prevent spread the infection in same time …..?,….

  4. This video would have been so much better if the narrator would have spoken very softly over loud background music.

    Yes. That was sarcasm.

  5. This is what you need to know:

  6. ‪Infection death rate is lower than car accident. 60K dead by flu every year in the US. And you fear a coronavirus killed 40?

  7. War (ww3 Donald trump), famine (plants and animals dying in fires and with global warming), pestilence(The wuhan coronavirus), death (has yet to be seen)

  8. Purgatory 1: The Beginning
    Purgatory 2: The Chaos
    Purgatory 3: The Hope
    Purgatory 4: The Salvation
    Purgatory 5: The Cycle

  9. China would gain much respect among regular people by being as transparent as possible . Most of us are used to being lied to by our governments….for once it would be comforting to know even the bad news rather than be lied to

  10. Its not unknown animal, its from snakes, rats, camels, pigs and most often eaten raw or contact with their flesh with open wound, be careful people if u eat meat, make sure its trusted source of meat when you buy it (if its even possible) and dont eat the meat raw

  11. lets all ignore the fact that Wuhan has a level 4 biohazard laboratory, famous for its work with SARS & in 2017 warned of the likelihood of a virus escaping. we’re just gonna act all puzzled as to how this could have happened.

  12. Don't forget more people are dying from the flu in America…take the necessary precautions. The Corona virus is no joke either. My husband died from the flu in the Winter of 2017 within a few days. I know how bad it is.

  13. I need to know how in the hell they'd even try to lock down NYC or any other major American city. Never dreamed a half ass virus could potentially start a civil war.

  14. This is a message that we should stop eating exotic animals. Why people want to eat, for example, pangolins, rhinos' balls, bats, etc. seems to me to just be asking for it. Maybe, this is nature's way of thinning out those who harm it.

  15. Everyone Deserves to die it is because the Earth is slowly dying and This Virus is bout to spread and its getting stronger than its seems so hoping that the virus is gone and i want to see earth to collapse cuz theres no point of living in earth… havent you see how we are bad these days? Its our fault, everyones fault even the ones who are nice and good. humans are the one who should fix everything and its no point living young and after 10 years maybe we are in mars so yeah Theres no point to live until we move to mars and start a new colony in mars

  16. The video states that labs in Thailand have sequenced strains of the virus, I am curious which labs in Thailand are doing this?

  17. Idk but could it be anyway for a gene mutation in the virus level that will modify the receptors to know human cells, can genetically modified strains be used in order to purify the virus , like the bacteriophage mechanism of action against other targeted bacteria …. i'm Just saying

  18. I thought of a theory of making a type of bacteria that kills viruses like Bacteriophages and I call the bacteria Virophages

  19. It is generally believed that this outbreak is caused by the habit of eating all sorts of animals in the wild by the Chinese people, eat anything with four legs except tables and chairs. An act of not respecting nature. And for whatever reasons, the government does not prohibit. A total failure of civic education, and barbarous act.

  20. Yes, believe it or not, these things are extremely common in society throughout history. From plagues, droughts causing famine to natural disasters it's all normal courses for nature. We'll experience it, people will die and we'll move on.

  21. Well it could also be from a cow or pig kidney which is a natural heal remade in china chichi is common multiple people also got the Black Plague from this method too so it’s possible

  22. The fact that this virus is patented by a LLP in London makes all this talk poppycock! The asshats running this world need to stop all the lies!!! NOW

  23. my science teacher says that young babies around 0-13 months and elderly people are most likely to die because of their weak immune system.
    So that's more calming and i hope as little as people die
    God save those infected

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