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What Will The Earth Look Like In 100 Years?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. While my animator can delete me with a few
keystrokes, hey watch it buddy, it can be quite a bit more complex to bring an end to
the human world as you know it. At the risk of being super morbid, let’s
take a look at just how the last scenes in our movie about humanity might play out. I just hope there’s a sequel… or at least
an after credits scene. Ya know for earth 2. We know the effects of global warming and
climate change are scary and are going to affect our future but global climate change
has already affected the world in many observable ways, from loss of sea ice, to the accelerated
rise of the sea level, to shifting plant and animal ranges. But if global warming doesn’t bring an end
to the world, then what might it cause the world to look like for generations down the
road? Future human youngsters might have to deal
with long term effects of global climate change like increasing temperatures, greater occurrences
of heat waves and droughts, stronger and more intense hurricanes, and the Arctic Ocean becoming
free of ice. In fact, the sea level is supposed to rise
1-4 feet by 2100, further increasing flooding in many parts of the world. Maybe we should let the future humans know
they should try and learn how to live underwater… or at least get some cool snorkel gear. Going even further, life for the next generations
might be riddled with other complications of climate change like famine and social or
political instability. But life in the future might not be all bad! One thing humanity always seems to be good
at, and I’m a little biased here, is creating wonderful new technologies! A type of technology that future generations
might have as part of their lives are brain implants that could allow people to connect
to the internet. Even the modern marvel Elon Musk is on board
with his recent launch of the company Neuralink. This startup company aims to create what Musk
calls “neural lace”, which would be technology that’s built into the brain that could create
a wireless interface between human noggins and computers. There also still seems to be a push for flying
cars to be a part of our future. While there may be some safety and practicality
issues, a study from the University of Michigan found that two thirds of Americans want to
ride in or operate their own airborne vehicle. Uber seems to want to capitalize on that desire
with Uber Elevate, which has hopes to one day have a force of VTOL aircrafts, or “vertical
take-off and landing” vehicles, for urban transportation. You humans sure do love the idea of flying! I don’t meant to brag, but I can teleport. So what potential future technology interests
you the most? Let me know down in those comments! Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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  1. Thanks for watching and THANK YOU to everyone who has bought the poster so far! WOW! We're so happy you guys like it! check out to get your own. Your continued support has kept Life Noggin running. We are so grateful for that! QUESTION: Would you want us to make this type of video into a series? There is so much we could talk about here. Let us know!

  2. I hate that so many people complain about how bad these problems are but don’t do anything to change them. Come on people, we only have 12 years. Stop complaining and do something! I’m going vegan for the environment and trying not to use plastic. Please. Do your part. Just like you did for Pewdiepie.

  3. Nice vid but of all things I wish would happen soon more than anything however probably wouldn’t happen for another billion years even though we probably wouldn’t be around at that time is time traveling. Maybe we could discover a way to see what the future holds for us around the year 5000 or so but actually time traveling or even teleporting wouldn’t be for another million-billion years ?

  4. Person: *throw garbage in water*
    Angels: why do you still have hope?….
    God: oh myself….everyone can change…
    Angel: are you s-sure?…*
    God: yes…
    *10 years later*
    God: oh gosh….
    Angel: * now do you have hope?…"
    God: y-yes..
    Angel :….
    God: I wish they do change

    Look what were doing to our home…
    How many mistakes have me make?



    Throwing garbage…..

    Killing animals…

    We take horns from an animal just for fun…
    Now they're now almost extinct…

    Every one can make a difference..please don't do anything bad…..
    We are distroying our earth our home…. For the 1% ppl reading this I hope you're a good person…and you can make a difference

  5. i know some technologies might not be possible but anyway.

    ion engine space travel or warp drive (bending space and time).

    fussion energy.

    black hole magnetic radiation amplifier.

    artificial gravitation.


    bionics and another enhancing stuff

    big evolution step (maybe human beings will be lost in history and we will live on as artificial inteligence?)

  6. Wha???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Mom: Why are you watching this, son? And what does keep on thinking-

    Son: About how much you suck at Minecraft

  8. not technology persay but the idea of life extension using new means. some current drugs supposedly are being tested for this as well as things like PQQ or NAD+ which could be promising supplements though it's uncertain for now.

  9. Hey there well come to rico noggin just kidding life noggin dear blocko can we eat sunflower seeds? comment bellow you have 5:10 do it faster

  10. We actually only have around 12 years until we’re in big trouble because of global warming etc we’ve been learning about the problems of fast fashion in school and we never realised how bad it is, that’s why it’s really important to change now and do some research on it

  11. 2017: one day Uber will want something called “Uber elevate”
    2019: Uber has just released the new UBER AIR

  12. if we stop being stupid lazy people we can clean up this world and hope technology doesn’t make us any lazier

  13. Teacher in the future: so kids 100 years ago people used to communicate through texting and phone calling
    Student in the future: really why can't they just use an empathy link.
    ( that's a Percy Jackson reference )

  14. 1980:we will get flying cars
    2016:we will get WALKING cars
    Life noggin:we will be able to connect to the internet/electronics with our minds
    Me:we can technically already do that

  15. Blocko: what will happen in 100 years
    Me: simple …
    Donald trump would have separated every country to their own planet

  16. Technology I want in the future is something that you plant in the brain
    And it lets you delete anything
    Diseases sicknesses trash plastic etc.

  17. To be honest earth will not be alive in 100 years, this is my first life and my last one but if i wake up is in another world becuase there is alot of planets out there that we don't know, just hope i don't start my second life in a alien planet i will freak out, jk i will explore

  18. ima be a scientist and i think i figured a way to not use fossil fuels therefore less climate change therfore more time & stuff

  19. Do u know which person thinks Global Warming is not real? Donald Trump. Don’t listen to that fat, plump, lazy excuse for a President. Everything he tells you is a lie. Especially about the environment. He just doesn’t see that climate change is real. We tried proving him wrong the passive and assertive way, but none of it worked! It’s time to do it the AGGRESSIVE way! ?Who’s willing to make Trump believe that climate change is real! And who is willing to use renewable, environmental friendly, and long lasting alternative fuels for our vehicles!? ✊ ♻️???
    ????⛽️+ ?=☀️????? ? ??? ✅✅✅

  20. I hate the fact that adults are affecting today's and the next gerneration's future. To the adults that are doing it, plz stop I beg u

  21. just like Wall e the movie you know in the Wall e movie then WE gotta build robots that Can clean up and WE have to GO on city spaceship and take a few Laps araund the solar system

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