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What is Your Ideal Environment for Writing Code?

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass. My name
is Eric and I make apps. Today let’s ask the question, “What is your ideal
environment for writing code?” Okay so today I have a couple of client
meetings. I’ve had my first meeting already and I’m waiting for my next
meeting which is in about two hours time so I have quite a bit of time to kill so
today I’m coming to you from a roadside services outside of Oxford. Which are
pretty nice, I guess they have probably have them in every country, it’s
like, they’ve got like a Starbucks and Burger King or whatever, it’s just people stop. A lot of times, you’ll see
business people sitting down and working at their laptops or sometimes people
have meetings. I’ve had lots of meetings at services with clients especially
individuals not with companies but I’m meeting with a company later today so
I’m sitting here on my laptop trying to get a bit of work done in between these
two meetings and you know what the nice thing about being a software developer,
is that we could work from anywhere, we just need a laptop where we just sit
around, where you sit down and be just as productive as we are in the office. Okay
so that’s not really true. One of the things that, so I have like lots of
stuff to do when I do get back to the office later on this afternoon.
After do some work on an app I have to test out some code that we have done on
an app which means I need my devices. I don’t have my devices with me so I
can’t really do any of that work. So I’m forced to do the kind of work which is
like, the busy work catch up on emails bothered the
developers that kind of stuff. When I was a developer I always knew, when
my manager was out he was like had a bit of dead time because that’s what he
would bother me the most right wait whatever it was, wherever I was working
that’s where you get bothered the most is when somebody sits down and says, “Hey
Eric I have a bit of time to kill, why don’t you catch me up on the project.” “Ugh, okay fine.” right so wait which I never really liked, so I’m gonna try
not to do that but I’m just gonna do emails and maybe I’ll answer some
YouTube comments stuff like that because even if I had my devices with me because
I didn’t bring up my iPad and my iPhone and all the Android devices. Even if I
did have those with me, I’m not really that good at working on a laptop alone
and I’ve seen developers do it. Like they’ll just sit down, hunker down,
scooch it over and just coding away totally in the zone and I get it but for
me I think I’ve just gotten lazy I need the mouse and yeah I know all the
shortcut keys but I’m still used to using the mouse and I need the
multiple monitors so at least one extra monitor. I need my simulator up in one
and my code window in another. Rather than switching between one screen
and another like that just so it feels like it slows me down. I mean I have done it
before, I have set to hire and code away after a lot laptop alone but I think I’m not a hunched over on the little screen kind of guy, I’m more of a
laid-back, scooch down, slouched in the chair and coding away looking at the big
monitors. So it’s two different types of working, by the way I love the fact that
I’m sitting here with all these other business people looking like I’m doing
business here in my suit with my laptop and everything like that. However
I know that they don’t have they’re not software developers, they don’t have
all this code to do they maybe they have they have emails to catch up on, oh I
need to do this presentation or whatever you maybe they’ll do some PowerPoint but
as software developers sometimes I think, we need a place to
develop and that’s the way I’ve always worked. That’s why I have
the office exactly the way that I needed. Where nobody touches anything,
everything stays where it is and I need my big monitors and I need to be able to
work that way. So my question to you today is, since we have a bit of time I
thought I would ask you this question today. What is your ideal working
environment for you? Do you prefer having one workstation where you work at or you
could just taking a laptop? Because you know what, when I got this MacBook when I
first got it I tried to not use the mouse ever because I thought if I never
use the mouse then that would be totally portable, I could be the guy who could
work on the train I could work in the car I could work everybody but I just
never I just never did. I’m too used to having the extra
screens and maybe that makes me less of a developer, maybe that makes me
less of an alpha coder who knows but anyway. What do you guys think? What is
your ideal work environment? And that is it for today, I will be back tomorrow
from the office in the office all day tomorrow and I’ll talk to you then.

Reader Comments

  1. I need a powerful workstation and lots of monitors to get the job done fast. I do so many stuff and a laptop can't get the job done for me.

  2. Hey eric I wanted some help. I need an open source dictionary for my app, the app is related to translation so can you help me with that? Actually its my first big project after small projects like making clock and calender.

  3. Hi Eric. I have the same problem. Since I am developing mostly VR games for mobile devices… I can't use notebooks. I am using 2 monitors(21", 32")and one tv(55"). I think that most of devs use big monitors to be more productive.

  4. I'm good with only my Macbook Pro – but, I 100% need noise canceling headphones. It's really hard to develop with others making noises.

  5. I recently invested in a 29inch lg wide screen monitor. It really helps me to work faster but sometimes it also gives me an headache 😅

  6. I really like the idea of being completely mobile because it gives this sense of freedom. Also I would suggest only buying a MacBook with 4 cores and 16 gig memory. It feels like my old desktop.

  7. I usually use my MacBook Pro in a vertical stand (super easy to detach) connected to a 40” 4K TV, a Magic Mouse and external keyboard (with the numeric). I work from home 95% of my time, but when it’s nice weather or I feel like it, I relocate to my terrace or the sofa in the living room. I don’t have much problem with using the Laptop screen and keyboard, but after a couple of hours it’s nice to get back to the big screen.

  8. I am not mouse dependent but I do like my two large monitors and a mechanical keyboard so I do prefer not to work on the go, but if needed I always bring a portable 15 inch screen and a mouse and I found that I can code with that for hours

  9. I'm a digital nomad now and I have embraced the laptop lifestyle. Even just a few months before I became a nomad I could never have imagined that, it was never on my radar. I guess I didn't really appreciate that laptops are so powerful now it's hard to push them to their limits.

    I definitely need the mouse. I have a bamboo laptop tray I travel with that has a slide-out mouse pad which was a life changer. I also have Bose noise cancelling headphones which turn any space into a private office.

    For my first 500 days of travel I carried around a USB powered second monitor. I came from the classic three monitor pilot setup, height adjustable desk, nice chair, great speakers, and thought it was going to be a really hard transition. To be honest it was really easy and I hardly used the second monitor after a while. I'm about to set off travelling again tomorrow and it's staying behind.

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