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What If Hammer Head Sharks Went Extinct?

A Shark! With a head shaped like a hammer! Nature always finds a way to delight, doesn’t
it. Hammerhead sharks and their ancestors have
swum the oceans for 20 million years. But what if they died out? Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I
am asking What if Hammerhead Sharks Went Extinct? For one thing, the oceans would get far less…. Well…you can’t see the gesture I am making
but it involves hands at the side of my head. Before I get into answering this question,
why don’t you let me know what your favourite animal is and why in the comments section
down below. I love dogs the most but I guess I am exposed
to them more than other creatures and they play well with humans …other than that though
I love elephants because they’re sweet natured and very intelligent. So… hammerhead sharks. Hammerhead sharks are a group of sharks in
the Sphy-rni-dae family. What the sharks have in common is their unusual
shaped head, with eyes at the side of their distinctive hammerheads. There are several breeds of hammerhead; the
Great Hammerhead, The Smalleye Hammerhead, the Smooth Hammerhead, the Scalloped Hammerhead,
the Carolina Hammerhead, the Winghead Shark, the Bonnethead, the Scalloped Bonnethead and
the Scoophead. The Winghead, Scalloped hammerhead and great
hammerhead are officially endangered right now, with the all but the bonnethead a concern. So…there is a very real possibility that
Hammerheads could go extinct in our lifetime. The reason for this is as a result of overfishing
and hunting for their fins. Shark fins, as you may or may not know, is
an awful and wasteful practice in which Shark’s fins are cut for a food delicacy. Once the fin has been cut off, the fish is
thrown back into the sea, where it dies from its injury. Hammerheads aren’t a threat to humans. According to the International Shark Attack
file, there have only been 17 recorded unprovoked attacks from hammerheads on people. If they went extinct it is not like humans
would be affected in terms of not being offed a la Jaws style…surfers would continue at
risk as normal. The main human killer is of course the Great
White Shark. SO, what would happen? Well…it would be very disturbing for marine
ecosystems. When an animal that has been around for 20
million years dies out predicting the knock on effect is pretty hard, seeing as the animal
is so ingrained into the food chain. A few examples so you get the idea. According to scientists who know a little
more about ecosystems than me, an ocean without sharks in general would mean an underwater
swamp with far too much algae. Without the sharks to eat the species that
prey on the algae-eaters, those algae-eaters will decline, leading to an accumulation of
algae swamps everything else. Another example, or a case study if you will,
when the shark population of the Eastern Seaboard of the USA took a nose dive in the earlier
part of the decade, it seems that shellfish started dying out too! This was because bigger sharks weren’t around
to eat and compete with rays, skates and smaller sharks so they thrived, meaning they were
having an absolute banquet eating all the shellfish in the hood. As you can see, the ecosystem, the foodchain
is a delicate thing. Remove one element, and it can be whacked
way off kilter, affecting our own food sources. Beyond the issue of the marine ecosystem,
Hammerhead sharks play a very important role in a lot of cultures across the world. In native Hawaiian lore, Hammerhead sharks
are considered to be gods of the sea and protectors of humans. Some believe sharks are reincarnated humans
of prominence and children who are born with the hammerhead shark as their animal sign
are believed to be destined to be sea warriors who sail the oceans. Oddly, Hammerhead sharks don’t really swim
through the waters of Maui, but a lot of Maui natives believe that their swimming by is
a sign that the gods are watching over the families, and the oceans are clean and balanced. SO we already get the oceans are cleaned and
balanced bit – there is scientific evidence to back that up – so if that is legit, then
what about the spiritual part? I know there a lot of skeptics out there and
I understand that, I do, but perhaps there is something to it. If the hammerhead sharks are consider good
omens, protectors and even gods, it would be bad news without them indeed….and…to
be honest….no matter what you believe in thats true. If they do go extinct as per the current trend
it will be directly the fault of humans. We have been here just 200,000 years and we’re
killing an animal that has been here 100 times longer than us? That is not cool. Not cool indeed…and a signifier of things
to come. SO what do you think to this? And what do you think would happen if hammerhead
sharks went extinct? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section down below. Also don’t forget to let me know what animal
is your favourite and why! Perhaps you love sharks like a certain Holly
Mingay I know …friend…all shark videos are dedicated to you. Comments
from What would Happen if the Moon DIsappeared….if you havent watched that video yet please do! Victor Reeds said: I love the way Rebecca
presents! It keeps me coming back for more LBQ’s Good
work Marv: If the moon disappeared i would find
out were the moon is and force it back home – LOL I enjoy the though of that…like…BAD
MOON….. Get home. I’ve always considered myself a bit
of a bad moon!

Reader Comments

  1. What if the Earth was a half of a sphere? (not flat, not cube, not doughnut shape) how would the gravity, environment everything would be!? Please answer! I really wanna know! And no one has answered it before!

  2. My favorite animal is a cheetah ?
    They are so fluffy and look so nice
    But on the other side they are really fast
    And are strong! Not the strongest though?

  3. We still haven't discovered other parts of our planet and,we keep going out into space like what.Also what if them part we haven't discorvered what if them creatures never left but stayed somewhere we haven't looked yet or hidden from us

  4. My favorite animal is a polar bear I've seen a lot of documentaries about them I also had to do a study on them in school

  5. What if asians were extinct? They're the ones ending our ecosystem and thanks to them various species are now in danger of extinction.

    Also if these sharks went extinct then they (people) will move on to fishing for a new specie and that's how they go extinct

  6. What if winter was the only season left on earth? Could humans survive? Or what if summer was the only season left on earth? Could humans survive?

  7. We really like to destroy everything, don't we?Pathetic species, fingers crossed we dissapear before we destroy the entire Earth and his species.

  8. Quit it China and Japan! How would you feel if we chopped your arms and legs off, and threw you out to rot?

  9. My favorite animal that isn’t extinct is a Bonnet Head shark! It looks like a baby hammer head even full grown! They’re so cute, like totes adorbs! Lol I do love a velociraptor, pterodactyl and trex also… but alas they didn’t hang around long enough.

  10. What if all the world's water was clear, it still has its properties but the water is just crystal clear, how would it change things.

  11. People may fear great whites more than any other sharks, but tiger & bull sharks pray on humans more? Excellent video Queen Rabecca?☯️?

  12. Rebecca I just love the way you present. Keep it up.
    My question is what if humans went back to stone age immediately or what if a mass Extinction of life on earth takes place any soon? Yeah I know that is scary. Anyways all the best for future:)

  13. After watching aqua man I learned that it is insanely cool to ride a hammerhead so I would not want them to go extinct in case we meet atlantians in future!

  14. My favorite carnivore animal is:WOLF
    Reason:It’s so badass and makes incredible noises

    My favorite herbivore animal is:OKAPI
    Reason:It’s so cool,beautiful and pretty

    My favorite omnivore animal is:BEAR
    Reason:they r so strong and terrifying

    My favorite sea animal is:ORCA (KILLER WHALE)
    Reason:they r big and beautiful and dangerous

    My favorite insect is:MOTH
    Reason:they r big and pretty

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