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  2. Figure out how to make your app work in the background. I want to listen to this while doing other things!

  3. C3PO is a droid built for Human-Cyborg relations, thus why he knows so many languages

    Odd to assume that Genie even has a name, he introduces himself as the 'Genie in the Lamp' it's even possible that his name is Genie considering that he's technically a djinn. Also Um Actually she can't get the point for calling Abu 'Apu' – the Simpsons character, plus Rajah has four fingers – the merchant has been confirmed to be Genie so technically speaking your right answer is the same character which is a paradoxical question

    Um Actually also, Alphonse too can use alchemy without a transmutation circle as of Episode 15 – Envoy of the East when his repressed memories of seeing the Truth came to light. First anime does not have Al clap alchemy but that's not canon to the manga

    Um Actually that picture was a Tortoise…

  4. Um, actually, Edward Elric does still perform alchemy using a transmutation circle. The act of clapping his hands together creates a circle from one hand, down his arm, through his body to the other hand

  5. um actually Edward does make a transmutation circle, he does so when he claps his hands making a circle through his body. I didnt live for that series for nothing haha

  6. Alyssa's farts HAVE to be dense and volcanic, you can just tell she's constantly holding in a shart. Russia.

  7. Um, actually, droids do not become sentient until a period of time without being reset. So only droids like R2-D2 are fully sentient due to him never being reset.

  8. Um, actually, your image uses a tortoise, but Zaratan is a turtle, also it's Abu, not Apu (the Simpsons character)

  9. idk if you submit questions in youtube comments but here's mine

    The Avatar the Last Airbender universe is populated my many fantastical creatures. Every non-human animal in the show is either a mixture of two real world animals, or a purely fictional creature.

    Um, actually Earth King Kuei has a pet bear named Bosco.

  10. Um actually, Apu is the former conveince store clerk who worked at the Kwik-e-Mart in the hit show "The Simpsons". Abu is Aladdin's monkey side-kick.

  11. Um, actually Iago also forms his wings into four fingers (three fingers in a thumb) when he gestures like a human, so that question is increasingly inaccurate, as the Genie, the Merchant, Abu, and Iago are all shown with four fingers!

  12. If C-3PO has a human brain, that would explain why he's such a coward all the time. I always wondered why anyone would program a robot to have anxiety and a fear of death.

  13. I would have said e-3po was c3-po and when I got told that was wrong, my language would have got all of collage humour shut down lol. I have no filter when I am angry!

  14. I do love um, actually, however I will not ever subscribe to dropout tv for 1 show alone. That would be an absolute waste of money that people in this climate can't afford. You would think a bunch of nerds might know that!

  15. Um, actually I want to see the animated misadventures of a cyborg/robot navigating life as a human while being in denial that it is infact a robot.
    Make it happen Collage Humor!

  16. Thats an interesting fact to know that in the original cut where the storyteller is the Genie was accepted for the 2019 movie version after all

  17. Um, actually, it's very sad that none of the contestants knew that a Zaratan is a sea turtle with an island on its back. They are huge.

  18. I have a glitchy phone so it throws me off when the sound is cut to censore swears. I'd say just go with the traditional bleeps.

  19. Um, Actually the merchant at the beginning has been confirmed by the writers to have been the Genie in disguise. It's the same character. The only other character to also have 4 fingers would be Abu.

  20. Um Actually, the creature shown with the island on its back in that artwork was a tortoise, not a turtle (flat feet in stead of fins), which in itself is incorrect because tortoises are not marine animals

  21. Um, Actually, the subtitles are completely wrong in the first sentence. It's "From Holodecks to Hollow Knight".

    Furthermore, it's "Anakin", and "Smeargle".

  22. Um, actually the peddler does not appear at the end of the original Aladdin. That scene was the cut scene. He does appear at the end of the movie series, King of Thieves.

  23. Um actually I'm pretty sure Edward Elric creates a transmutation circle when he claps his arms together with the circle his arms and body makes also later in the series alphonse also learns to do this

  24. Um actually by the end of the series Alphonse can also perform alchemy without the use of a transmutation circle.

  25. Umm actually Alphonse could also transmute without a transmutation circle after remembering his passage through the truth

  26. Um actually, the picture you used to demonstrate the Zerteran (sp?) (or aspidochelone) was part tortoise not turtle; two, very different animals.

  27. Eeehm actually, there is a scene were genie has a lot more than 4 fingers on one hand, so technically he has as many fingers as he wants to…

  28. Um, actually…
    Edward DOES need a transmutation circle, but he can use his own body as a circle. When he can't use his body as a circle, he must make a transmutation circle like any other alchemist. Only a Philosopher's Stone can do alchemy without any kind of circle.

  29. Um actually in full metal alchemist he still needs to use a circle to do alchemy he just forms the circle using his arms and clapping making it much more efficient

  30. Um actually! Both Alphonse and Edward can use alchemy without a transmutation circle because they both saw the truth, however, Alphonse only later was able to do it.

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