Importance of Natural Resources

What does a better river environment look like to you and how do we get there?

A better river environment for me, is one
that is free of pollution and where rivers are allowed to move freely in our
landscape To me, a better river environment is one that serves everybody’s needs, is diverse and resilient to future changes. So I think what would make a better river environment, would be to have more naturally functioning rivers. A better river environment has lots of wildlife And is safe and fun to explore. A better river to me is one that shows natural process, dimensions and forms. A better river for me would be one that is naturally functioning and one that’s
full of healthy populations of Wildlife. I think we need to make sure that in
25 years time our rivers are fit for our children to swim in. It’s a place that you want to be, it’s a place to cherish It’s clean and full of wildlife So this is what a healthy river looks like to us. It’s free from dams, embankments, or canalisation. The natural processes are
at play here so this river gets to choose its own course. To achieve this we all need to work
together at the catchment scale. I think we need to work hard to engage, inspire and empower local communities so that they have the ability to make change and they are
invested in their local environment. In order to do that I think we need to make
sure we have a much more integrated approach to how we manage our rivers and
the land that surrounds them. I think we can achieve this by finding common
ground within our communities, sharing a vision and valuing our rivers better. To get there, we need to work together. To clean up all pollution and value all river life. If we’re going to be the first people in a generation to leave rivers in a better state than when we found them, Then we need to put a stop to all forms of pollution, and we need to give rivers the ability to move freely around our landscape.

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