Importance of Natural Resources

What Comes Next : Climate Change the Future and You.

Imagine a terrifying scene You’re inside a tall building that has been lashed by torrential rain below you Is a violent torrent of muddy water as a massive flash flood tear through the city. motorcars and buses and people swept away by the deluge. Stunned and fearful you asked aloud, “Why is this happening?” I’m standing next to you. I’m the guy who can give an answer to that question. My name is Guy Lane, I’m an environmental scientist and for the past thirty years I’ve been on a quest to answer the fundamental questions of ‘Life-and Earth’. What the hell is going on? And what should we do about it? In this role it is my duty to share with you difficult and yet exciting news and I do this through a chilling and insightful new book WHAT COMES NEXT is written for everyone if you can read a novel or a Harry Potter book? You can read this it doesn’t have magic but it has science instead and what comes next is short punchy and fast-paced You can get a free PDF copy or buy the e-book or the paperback. It takes just two hours to read and This is probably the most important two hours of your whole life because this is a story about climate change the future and you You see sometime in the next few years or the ice will melt in the Arctic Ocean and our planet’s air conditioning system will fail The coming climate crisis coupled with the impact of dozens of other long ignored Environmental problems will push human civilization to the brink and if we’re not careful it may well push us over In every modern building is a fire alarm system and its function is to ring a loud Bell in the event of the blaze Consider me the Fire-Warden. This book is my bell and I am ringing it as loud as I know how. It is time for our civilzation to wake up and take command of our destiny before we sleep walk into oblivion. We need to restore the climate to its original state by rapidly winding up the fossil fuel industry, transitioning to a zero carbon economy and pulling a trillion tons of greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere We need to regrow nature and in so doing understand ourselves as a part of the natural living system of the planet that birthed us. Only if we can foster a rapid and global mass awakening for sustainability and overthrow the destructive systems of power only then do we have the opportunity to honor the purpose of us being here and this is why we are here. And it is our sacred duty as human beings to save our planet from the people and the processes that harm her Your first task is to read this book. Share the message and then take effective action until the job is done. Start now.

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