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What are the predominant methods of OTT fraud?

(upbeat music) – We put out a fraud in OTT white paper where we detailed many of the ways that we were observing fraud entering the ecosystem with research contributed by many of our members, especially, MadHive and Beachfront. And so what we found was a few really interesting
schemes were going on that very closely mirrored digital. So for one, we were seeing
a lot of bot traffic, of course where, especially on traffic that is OTT but it is being
shown on a desktop computer. So, a long form piece of content but being shown on a desktop computer is exactly the same as digital. So there are bots there. Other things we saw were
apps spamming the system with many different requests. So an actual human is not watching 15 different 30 second
ads in the same minute is physically impossible. And then there were also
interesting circadian data where, ya know, real humans
go to sleep sometimes, and sometimes they’re awake. (laughing) We were seeing a good
amount of content coming in with a very kind of steady number of requests no matter what
hour of the day it was. Which was interesting as well.

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