Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. This channel concept is honestly fucking genius. When I first watched I thought it was literally about a video game and when I realized you were just analyzing nature in an approachable and fun way I got hype. Well played.

  2. One of the new powerhouse Human Builds has started griefing builds such as elk by getting Devs to allow hunting. It’s causing a ton of Rage Quits from Elk players because of the human’s spawn killing. I feel like this drops them down to D tier or even F tier if the rage quit rates continue. If all the Elk mains leave it can play a huge part on other builds like Carnivorous Builds in the North American Server such as Bears, Coyotes, Wolf, Bobcat, etc. On another note, Turtle Mains like myself are getting trapped in plastic containers and such because of Human Builds. I believe that Human builds need to either have their intelligence nerfed or get completely banned

    Petition to nerf Human Builds comment I

  3. OH MY GOD THAT'S THE WALKING WITH DINOSAURS INTRO SONG MY CHILDHOOD I used to watch WWW so many times! I've just found this channel, and I'm so happy now. I'm a terrible gamer, but hopefully this'll help.

  4. The concept of the channel is incredibly imaginative but it always gets me thinking if our existence is actually a video game

  5. I have never heard of this aparrantly popular channel, and when I watched this intro, I thought it'd just be a lame ass family friendly channel, but when I saw that dino get impaled in the neck, it not only made this an un-lame channel for me, it also gave me motivation to check this channel out further, and if it exceeds my expectations, I'll consider subscribing, and I do that only to the channels I deem worthy (I'm weird like that)

  6. I just discovered your channel and Jesus fucking Christ is this shit brilliant. I remember coming up with a couple jokes like these before in the past but you overhaul it to a whole other level. Keep it up man.

  7. Here in the Philippines server, not too crowded for deep water encounters. Requires patience to catch some low level ones, but bigger catches need better gear.

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