Importance of Natural Resources

We are a product of our Environment

Now I can expect someone to be bad, but
for me not to judge, but there is bad in in the world, like evil and goodness. But
they do exist. -Yes, and if you know that people are doing the best they
can, with resources they have available… Those same people that you referring to
now, are not necessarily by choice like that. Much like a lot of us, we are simply a
product of our environment. – Yes. -If you are in an environment where such person exists, and yeah, you can take some responsibility for that creation too…
because you, as part of the environment, created that person in that way. -Yes, I’ve
always through this way, this comes in the upbringing of a human being. -It’s just nature, if you take, you know stem cells? They can become any cell in the body. Okay, so you take stem cells from the same culture, you just separate them and put them in two dishes, and in one dish you create
this environment and in the other dish you create a different environment. Guess
what those cells will become? Something else, different. So environment determines what those cells will become. -Yes. -Same, as above
so below, you know, it’s the same for us. We are the product of our environments. -Yes.
-And some of us became conscious in the process, and decided to be bigger than their
environment. I’m kind of messing with your minds a
bit, but hopefully in a useful way. -Yeah, it is a useful way.
-You know, you as a human being awakened human being, you you have a choice and an animal will become whatever the environment creates it to be. You have a
say, you’re a conscious human being, you can manipulate the shit out of your
reality and the environment that your cells live in, has nothing to do with the
environment that you live in. -Again? -This body of mine lives in this
environment. In my environment that has influence on me, right? -Yeah. -From media, to whatever else gets into my mind, this is the influence of the environment that’s feeding me from the outside-in, does that make sense? But my body,
my cells, they don’t have a clue anything about what’s happening outside
of me. My cells are only getting information that my brain dishes out to
them. So my perception of the environment I live in, is the perception of my cells
will have. Not the reality, a perception of my reality! I could be living in a spa, feeling like
some ninjas are gonna come out and take my life, my cells my body will be in
a freaked out mode all the time, thinking I’m about to lose my life. -Yes. -My cells
have no idea what environment is actually out there, it enjoys the benefits of whatever
hallucination my brain is entertaining. And because we are filtering the
incoming information, we are constantly creating our own perception of our
reality, so when you are awakened human being, you get to choose all of
that stuff and when you don’t like your perceive reality, you go inside, fix the
root cause of the problem, shift, change, update your conditioning…
creating a different reality for yourself
and your cells… defying the odds, becoming bigger than your environment.

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