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Walmart & Dinner in the Rainforest | US Adventures 2017

Morning folks! It’s about 8.40am just now. I’ve been awake for a couple of hours,
I’ve been trying to pack up a little bit and… watching movies, I watched “Sydney White” today
which I’ve never seen before, with Amanda Bynes in. Burns, Bines? I don’t know But yeah that kind of kept me going for a while
so that’s another movie I can tick off. And yeah I’m just getting ready to um,
to go somewhere, I’m not really too sure where. As you can see my hair is wet,
I’ve had a shower and because there’s a lot of Swifties
traveling today and getting to Houston, I’ve got a 13 on my hand.
That’s not something I’d usually do but um it’s really good for finding other Swifties
so I decided to do that today. Okay and as you can see my hair is now dry,
I’ve got some makeup on. Basically what happened
was I used my cleanser and my cleanser is only
really meant for at night time because it makes my skin
look very oily afterwards. So I decided since I was gonna
have to put foundation on, I might as well do the rest of my face! So it became kind of like a
trial run for tomorrow night, although tomorrow night
I’ll maybe do gold eyes. But it took me forever to try and do
something that resembled a good cat eye. It’s not perfect but, you know, it’s passable. And I chose my outfit
before I done my makeup but it kinda goes quite well together, I don’t know if you can see that. Like the kind of red
and then the red here. it’s like I put it together on purpose
but I really didn’t. So anyways I’m going to kinda go for
a wander around the hotel it’s still only about twenty to ten
so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go down to the tech center and
check my emails and do everything that I need to do. Because I am using my mobile data to check my emails
at the moment and it’s not really too good so since they do have computers downstairs
I’m going to go and use them. I’ll also maybe go down to the front desk
to buy some toothpaste. And… I don’t think I’m gonna
need to do laundry here, but I am intrigued as to why there’s
a laundromat on the second floor so I might go and check out that as well but I probably
won’t bring you with me for that cause… they’re all just kind of personal errands,
they’re not gonna be that interesting but I’ll see you later, I’ll meet you back here. Okay folks so I went down to the foyer
to try and buy some toothpaste and the toothpaste was gonna be
$2.50 for quite a small one and I was like “Well no, I’m trying to save money. I’m gonna go across the road to CVS
and I’ll find one that, if it’s not cheaper,
it’s least gonna be better value.” So I went across the road and I got my toothpaste
and I saved myself money. Wait no I didn’t,
that’s not what I did at all! Because I bought a ton of other stuff at CVS and it’s all stuff that I feel I need, but everybody else in the world probably doesn’t
agree with me, so let me show you what I got. Okay so for those of you who are fans
of Taylor Swift and have been fans a while, you’ll maybe know that she had
a greeting card line in about 2010. Like 2010, 2011? It was Speak Now era
which is quite a long time ago and I cannot believe it, but they still
had some of the cards on display So my first card says,
“Awesome, amazing, incredible. You’re all of it. And me – well, only one word really comes to mind… Lucky! Happy Birthday” Just to clarify I’m not going to be sending them
to anybody, they’re for me. Ok next one,
“I’ll never forget the day I met you. There I am having a regular day
in a regular life, feet planted firmly on the ground
and then you come by…. And I’m floating towards the sky.”
Aww, that’s a cute one, “Happy Birthday”. The next couple are singing ones, this one
will have been Red era for obvious reasons, “Don’t you dream impossible things?”
I think all the Swifties are singing along by now. [SINGING] “Oh my….”
I won’t play the whole of that but yeah, it’s “Starlight” from the Red album that’s playing there. And finally, “You are the best thing…”
Any Swifties want to hazard a guess which song this will be?
[SINGING] “Do you remember we…” Yeah I won’t play the whole of that as well. I also bought the biggest pack
of pretzel M&Ms I’ve ever seen. We don’t actually have pretzel M&MS in the UK so I suppose technically this is “the biggest pack
of pretzel M&Ms I’ve ever seen” by default but it’s also a really big bag. I’ve never tried these before but I’ve heard
they’re really good so I’ll be trying them later and finally for my favorite Dad…
Jolly Ranchers! He’s obsessed with these, he loves them
and I kinda love them too so I hope he gives me some. Right and I’m back into the Testing Zone
for another American treat. These are pretzel M&Ms.
I’ve never tried these before but I have friends who swear by them,
they say they’re the best things ever. Okay, here we go. They kind of remind me of the crispy M&Ms
only it feels like the inside tastes like it shouldn’t. It looks like that on the inside. Which is very appealing, it’s like Grandad’s teeth. Okay I can kinda see the appeal now,
it’s kinda like sweet and salty at the same time. I’m still not a massive fan though.
I do really like M&Ms, but I’m not entirely sold by this pretzel flavor. 4 out of 5 because they’re M&Ms,
but I wouldn’t buy these again. I’d buy a regular bag of M&Ms. Well it’s time to say goodbye
to my lovely hotel room. I’m really gonna miss this one,
I was really enjoying it. So I’ve already checked out via the TV who knew could happen?! But yeah I’m checked out and they’ve just said,
“leave the card in the room”. And they’ll get it when the cleaners
come round I assume. So I’m gonna head downstairs
and have a word with the concierge and see what the best way
to get to Memorial Park is. And then I’ll maybe go there for the afternoon.
Seems like a plan. Alternatively I don’t really know
what I might come up with otherwise. You know what I’m like, I say one thing
and then something else totally different happens. Walmart! One of my friends described going to Walmart
as “an experience”. So hopefully it’s a good one. In case you’re wondering, my eyes are watering
because I’m walking into the wind. It’s not such a touching moment
that I’ve felt the need to start crying. Okay so the store has been
pretty standard at the moment, it is bigger than the ones I’m used to, but I’ve just found the area where they sell fish. And I’m not meaning like fish to eat,
I’m meaning pet fish. I had no idea they sold pets here,
that’s crazy. If I could get one of these home in one piece,
I would totally buy it. Little Eevee piggy bank.
And there’s a Pikachu one. Okay so I’m in Mcdonalds now
and the menu is so different from at home. Let me just tell you what I have. So these are hot cakes.
I would’ve called that a pancake. And sausage, we definitely
don’t have that at home. And Sweet Tea. I actually prefer their menu because the
breakfast menu’s available all day, which is really cool and this is also connected to Walmart
which is quite unusual in the UK. And it’s looking really good. Okay so since I last saw you
I got the bus back and I’ve been in the Galleria
for about an hour and a half and I got some cool t-shirts,
I’ll maybe show you them later. And now I’m just heading over to my friend’s hotel. The reason I keep saying “my friend” is because I’m
not sure how much he wants to share with the vlog. Maybe he wants to be on camera, tell everybody
his name, tell everybody his life story and that’s okay. Maybe he just wants to keep private and leave it
to me to vlog and that’s okay as well. Anyway I’m just heading to his hotel, it’s kinda
nearby the one I was staying at until recently and later tonight I’ll be heading to my new hotel. Right so I’ve made it to the hotel and I was saying that it’s weird that
there’s so many plants in the foyer here. And then my friend pointed out that there’s two swans right down in the bottom there. That just takes it to a whole new level of crazy. Hi folks! We are in the Rainforest Cafe,
which is just like my dream. I’ve always loved stuffed animals
and things like that and there’s things moving,
there’s like animatronic stuff everywhere. I’m such a big kid right now it’s brilliant.
So we’ve already had some snacks today, so I think I’m just gonna have
like an appetizer or something. Because my golden rule,
“Always save room for dessert. Always.” That’s the way it should be. [TROPICAL THUNDERSTORM RAINFOREST SFX] So this is my Tropical Getaway. It’s Pinnacle Tropical Punch vodka, tropical juices
and grenadine, sounds very delicious. There’s my quesadillas! I’m having my first ever root beer float,
another American classic. [ROAD NOISE] Right folks, I’ve said goodnight
to my friend for the night and I’m now in my new hotel! This room is a little bit different than the others because at the Houston Medical Center there’s
people who are receiving treatment long term so this room is kind of adapted to kind of help
the people who have to stay longer term. So because of that, I have a kitchen. We’ve got a kind of stove there, a tap, microwave fridge, washer and kitchen cupboards… But no freebies for Kate.
Oh there’s a bin. We’ve got a desk over here with a phone on it. This is the sofa.
All the luggage is provided by me. This is the bed. The view here is mostly of a car park. But I can see a Cancer Center over the road there there’s a swimming pool over there… So mostly it’s just like industrial
buildings and things. And over here is the kind of bathroom area. This is like a kind of makeshift wardrobe. Again they’ve tried to make it as versatile as possible
for the people who are staying here longer. This is the mirror and the sink. The towels, the cupboards, Toilet, more towels, the shower and the bath. So while the amenities as such feel quite basic, it also feels very well prepared
and such a versatile place for the people who need to stay here longer. Anyways I’m also going to show you
what I got at Walmart because my dad is gonna freak
when he sees this. Okay so the first thing that I got is a clear bag
that’s about 11.5″ by 11.5″. and the reason that I got that is that
bags of this size, as long as they’re clear, are okay in terms of security
for Superbowl events such as the one that we’re going to
tomorrow with Taylor Swift. So they had tons of them on sale and I picked one up
because I’m really struggling to find a smaller bag that fits the 5″ by 7″ that goes
for the non-clear bags. So there we go. Also for tomorrow I got a pack of Chips Ahoy.>From what I hear there’s 22 cookies in this pack so the way that I see it I can find up to 21 friends
who like cookies as much as me and would like to eat one
while we’re hanging out in the car park and waiting to be cleared by security
to go to the pre-show party. And my final item I was so excited to find. To give a background on this, my dad is obsessed
with Jolly Ranchers, he absolutely loves them. When I went to San Francisco last year he was like,
“Can you get me some Jolly Ranchers?” “Of course” I said I’d bring him some back this trip as well, but he’s expecting a regular sized bag of Jolly Ranchers
he is not expecting this at all he is gonna flip. He is gonna be so amazed by these.
This is the biggest bag that I could find. This is a two-ounce bag of Jolly Ranchers or 1.7 kilograms for those of you
who use kilograms, I certainly do. I’ve never seen a bag of Jolly Ranchers this big and I certainly think that’s going to last him a while. I did buy Jolly Ranchers this morning as well but think that’s maybe going to be
my personal bag now and I’ll let him have this massive bag. It’s honestly so heavy, I’ve been carrying it all day but it’s not really bothered me too much
because I know it’s gonna make my dad happy. I know he’s going to really enjoy them. So if you’re watching Dad, I hope you’re eating a Jolly Rancher and thinking
about how wonderful your daughter is! So when I was looking around the Galleria,
I went to BoxLunch which is like
a really really cool place for… I want to say “nerdy merchandise”
but it’s not necessarily nerdy. It’s the sort of place where if you’re passionate
about certain TV shows about certain popular culture, you’re gonna find t-shirts that express your love. So I bought 2 t-shirts this were honoring
the aliens in Toy Story and if you know anything about me then you maybe know that I absolutely love the aliens in Toy Story. I have so much merchandise relating to them like whenever I see something with the aliens
from Toy Story on it’s hard for me to resist buying it. So the first t-shirt has like
the Pizza Planet logo on it It has four of the aliens kind of on the front there,
one of them is being dragged by The Claw… It’s just so cool.
And then the second one has like a quote relating to The Claw,
which is really cool as well. That black one’s a lot more girly and I feel
like it’s a lot more discreet as well. People aren’t gonna maybe look at it
and realize that it’s a Toy Story so yeah, that’s really cool. So it’s about 9.30 just now which is quite late compared to the times I’ve been staying up to recently, but it’s not gonna be that late
compared to tomorrow. Tomorrow the pre-show party will be finishing
at around about this time. It still hasn’t really hit me that I’m going
to see a Taylor Swift concert tomorrow. I’m in total disbelief that all of this is happening
and I am so so lucky. I can’t wait to see everybody, I can’t wait to see Taylor again.
Like it seems… It’s been like a year and a half
since I’ve last seen Taylor like just over a year and a half and that’s exciting
and seeing who else is going is exciting Being in another country for a show means that I’m
getting to meet people that I wouldn’t usually see and that’s really exciting to me
and I can’t wait to see everybody. That’s why I’ve brought cookies as well
because I want to speak to like as many people as I can
dare myself to speak to. Because it’s not just Taylor that makes these events wonderful, it’s the other fans as well definitely. So anyways I’m going to get to bed now, thank you very very much
for watching and goodnight! Okay and as you can see my hair is dry,
I’ve got some makeup on – [BLOWS INTO CAMERA] It’s going to be a very very long day tomorrow – Oh, the air-conditioning’s turned itself off again. So if I comes out this path it’s gonna… suddenly feel like it’s very blast… – argh. This is an editing nightmare.

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  1. Ooh! Glamorous makeup! A cat-eye and a red matte lip suit you.

    WalMart can be very hit or miss. They're certainly inexpensive, but a lot of their stuff can be not of the best quality.

    "No freebies for Kate. Oh, there's a bin." Now I'm picturing you carrying a bin back to the UK with you on the plane. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! I got a Taylor Swift card from my sister for my 16th birthday (February 2011). When it was opened, it played "Stay Beautiful." Your CVS haul brought back such good memories. 🙂

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