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VAN LIFE FRANCE | Tiny House Living City vs. Nature

we’re Eamon and Bec and we live in a tiny house on wheels to travel the world and while most van lifers are all
about nature man and avoiding cities we’ve always been drawn to the urban
life it may be because we grew up in Toronto Canada one of the world’s most
bustling cities or maybe it’s just the endless dining options either way we
never skip a chance to explore a new city today we’ll bring you around what
it’s like to van life in Paris and Bordeaux and we’ll show you why it’s
never too long before we to retreat to nature hey guys Bienvenue a Paris! welcome guys we
finally made it to Paris two days ago we said goodbye to the UK we were quite sad
to leave it behind hopped on a ferry and came to face a man I were two minutes
late to get on the five o’clock ferry which is what we booked on four so now
we’re on the 6:20 which means we can make dinner in peace tonight for supper
we are having slow cooked asparagus with a drizzle of nutritional salt
we’re having a beetroot sausage with stuffed with sunflower seeds. Let us on! Let us on! we were first you said baby she speaks English
yeah it’s just cute what’s with you today it’s only an hour and a half all right I
might need to sign this one off battery dying yeah did you bring any snacks snacks with only one day in the city of
love Eamon and I got up before sunrise so we could make the most of it let’s go do
you feel in love you today maybe yeah you play your cards right
first impressions of the city we rolled in a little bit late last night and for
some reason everyone kept saying about how dangerous and how much crime was in
the city and we kind of wanted to experience it for ourselves so we did
sleep rate in Paris at a pretty decent spot it was a little sketchy but it was
fine yes and it looks like Park fur night is quite the popular option just finished up with our first shooting
location we were kind of stopped by a crowd of guys that started giving us a
little bit of a weird vibes one of them kind of leaned in towards my bag and I
kind of went and got it so we wrapped up there and coffee Eva and I have decided
that we are going to leave Trinity just parked up here on the street it’s paid
parking it’s a little expensive but we’re feeling good about this area
there’s hotels and yeah that way we can explore the city by foot or motorized
scooter and not have to worry about trying to find parking everywhere we go
why is it saying that it’s March 20th oh no that must mean Tuesday map reading
never mind you may also notice a cheeky costume change
that’s a because I was really cold and beat if there’s a second photo location
of the day you got to try to make your Instagram look like you know you’ve been
in Paris for a while oh so I just wanted to get comfortable you’ve got some kids
on that yeah we’re making our way over to our second location for the day
before we leave the Eiffel Tower people wanted to quickly quickly hit with some
facts so it’s three hundred and twenty meters high as well as it was built for
the entrance of the World Fair in 1889 if you’re not gonna let me know I’m
gonna hit a bunch no you’re good yeah pretty cool structure it’s all made of
solid steel weight even say a bit about it was the tallest man-made structure
yeah for 40 years until I got beat by the Chrysler Building in New York City
well done maybe a man’s been trying to convince me to get on one of these and I
said we paid too much for parking so we’re going by foot everywhere today
yeah for just a 15-minute walk along the river
tn and we are at the pool Aleksandra the third
we’ve got a full-blown production team over there kind of laughing at our our
one-man show blog here yeah pretty successful morning we picked up another
little Instagram shoot and I’m getting hungry
so we’re gonna look up the best place to get a vegan Hassan all of Paris should I
tell you yet I found a second best place cuz I found the best you guys and it’s
closed on Tuesdays and today’s Tuesday what about the second best besides in
all of Paris all right let’s go coffee milky depends on either I’m
starving or nuts well we don’t eat a lot of times club cakes was great but it’s really
only a coffee and dessert place I’m glad we experienced that class on we’ve now
made it to wild and the moon this place came recommended to us for there is a
new ball we could only afford one on first glance boycott oh ten euro ten
fifty euros it’s about the size of a large cup it’s pretty tasty though well
if it was up to me you know I’d probably just continue to take you to restaurants
all day but I’m trying to get some Paris culture and landmarks in as well so
where we at well we’re at the Louvre everybody big
heartbreaker the loop is closed on Tuesday so best croissant butter vegan
and the loop closed on Tuesdays do not come to Paris today she’s a mother I’m not sure well the statue poses there
abouts probably a thing people do look a box is set up for a run and in case
you’re like me and you don’t really know what the Louvre is well I know for sure
not one thing it’s where the Mona Lisa is you know that really famous expensive
painting do you know do you know any other facts about the loo I know that
it’s in 2018 it was the most visited Museum in the world
that’s pretty a lot of people made it the Vans all good
Beck’s phone actually died so we needed to come back to the event anyway to
charge her phone so we could sign out of these scooters thanks thanks flying
door-to-door service we have made the executive decision to journey onwards
and South it might sound like we’re going through friends really quickly but
there’s a good reason for that we have someone joining us in Portugal in like
less than two weeks so we’d like to spend some time at the style
and the reason we didn’t take the ferry directly so from England was just the
price we decided to late we looked at it too late and it was
almost 700 pounds as opposed to a hundred pound fare ferry to the north
plus we got to see Paris which was a lot of fun and I’m sure there’ll be some
little bits along the way we’ve also heard that the tolls are very expensive
heading south which music we’ve already experienced we’d probably pay like 50
bucks and tolls already but that’s still gonna be cheaper than like a $750
pound pound ferry ride that would have been diesel pick up the blue too much
very computer now by the system go ultimate diesel he’s talking to me
this is not called go ultimate it’s called BP ultimate this is 98 remove
card oh geez ooh what Massey got about half
an hour more until we’re at live camp spot left camp spot whoa looks nice
looks really nice good huh should be showing the cue is the cue so I know we
mention it quickly in the last vlog but this barbeque was gifted us by a
one-of-a-kind maker named pet Baker we’re gonna link his website below but
he makes all types of metal products but I think those barbecues are are really
really special it’s amazing we haven’t even used it yet but it’s amazing we got the fire rip in and because we
don’t have a lot of propane we’re gonna start to use this grill quite a bit I
feel like so I’m actually gonna start the potatoes by boiling them a little
bit and then we’re gonna throw them right in there my lovely miss you could
be cooking out here too if you like yeah I’m trying to channel my inner Steve
what why don’t you join me outside yeah good just sitting by the fire waiting for our
food to cook ever so slowly and I’m just having a moment of immense gratitude I
wanted to quickly say thank you to everyone who has recently joined our
YouTube channel hello and welcome or very excited to see this community
growing and yeah I just feel so grateful to be in France experiencing some summer
weather some summer feels by being outside and just by the fire it feels
amazing doesn’t it fun yeah around here I’m Rebecca attainment and welcome to
the community oh yeah caters are coming in nice okay this my friends is what
slow-cook it looks like beautiful baked potato that took probably three hours I
mean but it is so delicious and chili on top like a kind of stops baked potato
shut him show me oh sorry doesn’t this work I just has so much better when it
takes six and a half hours I was over there trying to put the chili on top and
I couldn’t stop eating the baked potato like while I was waiting for the I don’t
know why it’s just a normal wood but it’s amazing it’s so good I have some
mosquitoes on my drink okay Cheers mom and I are gonna eat this yeah we
probably checking tomorrow I’ll check them what what whose phone is blowing up
out here sorry that’s me it is isn’t it you got your ladies on the side Stacy
coming over for a glass of wine after me haha alright check in the morning
love you guys guys we just realized we haven’t
actually had two nights in the same place in over a month so yesterday we
took the day and just worked out went swimming a bunch got a lot of work done what are you working on bed I’m actually
editing up yesterday’s photos from Paris and simultaneously finishing up my
course the fundamentals of photo editing it’s the perfect segue to our sponsor
for today’s video so we just wanted to say a big thank you to Skillshare for
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free try it out I got to get back to my photo editing now oh you ready Turk yeah
what do you think yeah it looks amazing a little pokey but it’s time to keep
going we’re not that far from Paris to be honest were only a few hours so we’re
gonna put some hours in and head to Bordeaux I see you I always have you
lost my lost my love
it’s so straight that boy he seems so dim and you shine like the Sun
what were you thinking now excuse me
do you know if we’re able to park here okay there’s no problem this there’s a
sign there that says as you heard parking here is going to be outrageously
expensive so we’re gonna try a park for a night spot that’s 18 euros for 24
hours which is still originally expensive but it’s not too far from here
and then we can walk around the city for the day hey this will work there’s lots
of other campers here I feel pretty good about it it’s pretty central we still
might need to like ride the scooter or something to get into town in reading up
on board oh I realized that this place used to be sort of just a pass-through
city somewhere you might stop if you were going to the vineyards in the South
of France and then Bordeaux said hey we really want to make this a tourist
destination so about ten years ago they really read gentrified or gentrified
what’s the right word they’re gentrified gentrified and in 2015 they were
actually awarded Europe’s best city to travel to and on the way in I would say
I was pretty impressed so far I have no expectations got but those fantastique
it looks nice right let’s guys what so you guys might have noticed we’ve
been going out for coffee a little more often than usual and that’s because
we’ve broken two coffee makers in the past week so it’s time to take our no
glass policy in the vent a little more seriously
but until then you lost at the picnic running laughing
it everybody is showing me we heard the bell tower just chiming
followed our notes followed our ears and here we are I’m pretty sure you can hear
it from anywhere in the city very fascinating building it took over 400
years to complete from the 12th century it’s like a house they’re always it’s
just like experiment they’re never done the belltower is actually constructed
apart from the cathedral because they thought that the vibrations would shake
the cathedral down so they built a stronger power they built like a
separate tower 20 meters from the cathedral for the bow that’s cool
for the vibration good vibrations welcome to europe’s longest pedestrian
street and then i don’t typically shop but you know you’re gonna hit a kid when
in bordeaux you knew it wouldn’t be long until we
sat down for lunch plus those shots just like fast fast fashion and not really
our vibe so this is our buck we found a really great vegan restaurant called the
kitchen garden it looks I’m amazing got a burger a salad one that petite Misaki
no no nobody explain what’s going on there I like practicing French okay
what’s going on here is there’s this big cool uh-huh
there’s only like three minutes we got to get better at these shots that’s not
me baby there’s like three minutes in the day when it perfectly reflects all
the buildings and everything right but now it’s not that time now is the time
for children’s dirty feet so let’s go at our dirt
let’s go standing up and a bath full of dirty and now is nothing nothing without you nine euros not bad you were gonna do 30
some-odd you’re out this morning it’s time to say goodbye
au revoir to Bordeaux as much as Amon and I love cities and we really do love
cities we always come back to the van completely exhausted
like we need three days in nature to just negate the half a day we spend them
oh my gosh in the car is reading 40.5 sitting but that’s also probably why I’m
so exhausted it is hot it’s spicy good and you and I have not had summer okay
okay we’re going to see an old friend bones you’ll know why this is called the
YouTube blog no you’re not supposed to look at the screen here this is Greg and
Mandy we met Greg five years ago living in
Australia it’s always so nice to connect with friends around the world we took
over his kitchen and shared a meal with his family
Chris yeah we how was dinner be come on isn’t it
are you going vegan now and although we would have loved to just
chill out and hang by the pool we gotta get to Lisbon bro signing off
from Europe’s largest sand dune and we just hope you guys enjoyed this week’s
video France was great great time we will
catch you next week for a little more friend a little bit of Spain perhaps a
little Portugal you never know with us do you say Sunday you

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