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Using Silent Shutter for Wildlife Photography | Sony a9

This is a photo of a female silverback
gorilla in Uganda. We actually had to track eight hours to track the specific
troop of gorillas. Anytime you can photograph gorillas, you’re not supposed to get within seven meters of the gorilla. Now, of course, the gorillas themselves don’t actually realize that this is a rule, so they break it quite frequently. I was photographing a larger male silverback and all of a sudden I turned and this female was about three or four meters away from me. So to capture this image, I used the Sony a9. I was able to use the silent shutter which was great because when you’re that close to animals that click-clack over the mirror is very distracting. Whenever you could have those unique and intimate moments with a wild creature, to me, it’s exponentially more powerful. I was blown away and to this date it’s probably my
favorite wildlife photograph I’ve ever taken.

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  1. Sony cameras really beat the competition, though, there are still a lot of things I would like to see improved, as well as video capabilities, as the new Fuji cameras do so much more and better in that department, I've been thinking about switching to be honest

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