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Update Aquascape Tanpa CO2, Filter dan Pupuk (120-149 Hari)

I set this tank at 3 March 2019, but after the 21st day, I need to keep this tank in my warehouse. 99 days later This tank is so messy because I couldn’t take care of it, but all the shrimps are alive and healthy. This is the time to trim the plants. I don’t care about the design when triming the plants this time. The 122nd day, I receive a pair of fish. I add the indian almond leaves to help the fish acclimate faster and use dripping method to acclimate them. These fish can adapt to their new home properly. can you guess their species? The 123rd day, the water turn brown. I think I added too many indian almond leaves. I add more light and take some of the indian almond leaves. The fauna in this tank don’t seem affected by the parameter change, The 124th day, those fish didn’t touch the pellete so I bought some blood worms and silk worms. The 128th day, the male’s mouth looks swollen and he seems so stresed. That’s because he keeps his eggs in his mouth. Until the 131st day, he doesn’t come out of his hiding spot. In the 132nd day, he finally shows up. Perhaps, he give up on his eggs. The 140th day, there is an incident. This tank is full of fish pellets. Lesson learned,
Keep your fish food away from children. If this incident happens, suck the fish food using a tube immediately. I also use this opportunity to clean the glass. It’s better to clean the glass before suck the water. If there are so many fish food left, repeat the process after at least 15 minutes. I repeat this three times So the water become extremely clear. If done right, the faunas in the tank won’t be stressed. Look! He’s smilling. The snail try to run away from the camera. Not a chance dude! The male try to court the female, but rejected. I believe I can fly. Yay! The 149th day, this tank is so dark. This is because the floating plants cover the water surface. The background plants also seem ready to be trimed again. The summary… Thank you for watching.

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  1. Gan itu di menit ke 5:00 dilakukan apa ya?pengurasan trus isi kuras lg…dan buat apa ya gan kegunaanya? Dan setiap berapa lama dilakukan rutinitasnya?

  2. Hi, Do you keep daphnia inside the tank too? Or are they just added in from time to time? I am planning to do a similar thing keeping blackworms, daphnia inside the tank

  3. I am doing this, but I have a very small lighting system. I am not sure of how much is enough for a tank 30 cm by 3cm square. Please help.

  4. What happens after 149 days? Do you have to rescape and plant again? Can an aquascape lasts for like years without rescaping/replanting, just maintaining it perhaps like trimming and water change?

  5. So calm..if that fish food incident was in my case, i'd have made the children to count each damn..

  6. Hi. Very beautiful tank.
    This is exactly what i was looking for… i have also done the same bt unfortunately all the roots of my plants started melting and the water started to stink… so i have taken out all the garden soils and used gravels as the substrate and planted the plants along with multi-vitamin capsules… i wanted to know if the rotting of the roots of newly planted plants and the stinking of the water is normal or not? And also what should i do to prevent it

  7. untuk perawatan air gmna mas.
    ganti dalam berapa bulan sekali????

    trus apa bisa model kek gini di modif lagi dengan cara di tambah filter ????
    trus apa efeknya kalo di kasih filter???

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