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Unizin Is

Unizin is a consortium of like-minded
institutions who are all trying to transform the digital learning ecosystem
in the same ways together. Unizin is a place where institutions that share a vision
come together and make that reality. Unizin is the realization that higher
education institutions can control their own destiny. Unizin as a means for
colleges and universities to achieve their mission on the teaching and
learning side. Improving our delivery mechanisms so that we’re delivering better education more cost-effectively. Unizin is a dynamic organization
with highly committed institutions who care about teaching and learning. Unizin is a place where innovators can come together and dream big about what higher
education technology should be. A next generation collaboration that’s going to
transform education in this country Unizin is energizing. Unizin is an educated leap of faith into what the higher education environment will become
in the future. Collaborative. Unizin is consortia. And I think you know it’s we keep saying this – it’s the Academy,
it’s the University taking control back. Unizin is going to change the world.

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