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Unexpected Chitwan National Park Wildlife Safari | Indian in Nepal | Visit Nepal 2020

and this is our room farm lands and ashes. This is my first ever safari I can see some animals right behind me This is the first safari of my life There are a lot of animals here including the royal bengal tiger- but that’s almost impossible to sight. If we spot it, we would be superbly lucky. and deers- that’s common. Now probably we will take a jeep We are now going to cross the river on this canoe, and then get on our jeep. We had not been informed in advance that we would have to take this small boat I am really scared There is this little gap between us and the water If the boat bends a bit, we are in the water with crocs Now as you can see, we have entered the jungles of Chitwan in search of some 4-legged animals but until now we have just spotted some two-legged ones. It’s a 4 hour safari; we are heading 45 kms into the jungle Will we be able to spot rhinos? Will any lion greet us? Will we see a crocodile- oh we already saw one Sambar (deer) has been spotted The thing is- we had come here to see tigers and rhinos. -We have just arrived here It’s been 2.5 hours already 2.5 hours have passed? Until now we have seen 2 stags running, 1 stag eating eating grass one monkey running down from a tree a cat that he petted But just then we spotted a one-horned rhino which is considered Chitwan’s most famous animal. Well, honestly speaking I had very high hopes Of course no safari can guarantee any wildlife spotting It’s the jungle, not a zoo rhino poop I don’t know what’s all the fuss about spotting wildlife the most interesting wildlife we have spotted are on this jeep right now Two are sitting right next to me. He is sad.

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  1. You must have gone for a whole day safari package 7am-5pm. That would be so much fun. Sab kuch dikhneko mil sakta tha.

  2. Hy man I commented on your two videos but you didn't even liked but whatever you are doing is really great slots of love from Nepal

  3. Through ur videos I have the beautiful side of Nepal otherwise after watching other videos on Nepal I don't want to go there.
    But really it is an amazing place,?

  4. The 'Kya Hume' commentary was soooooo goood!
    I am commenting after a long time.
    Make me fan of the week. #OkBye

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  6. Bardiya national park is better than this . but a lot of people choose Chitwan national park because it is near than Bardiya.

  7. Pokhara is known as city of 8 lakes…google it… should have visted begnaslake,rupa lake,dipang lake and all…
    You must taste grilled fish of majhikuna begnas

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