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Ultra Store Front [Closed Beta]

welcome guys in this video will show you what the closed beta of ultra looks like [Music] of course this is an early version of our software and it might be slightly different when you try the open beta in the coming months also note that all the games you will see in this video are placeholders that don’t accurately represent the actual list of games to be released on our platform we have designed ultra to be simple fast and safe to use our goal has always been to reach a seamless user experience fueled by a discreet but powerful blockchain technology to sign up simply enter your desired username your email and a password your phone number will also be needed for spam protection no fees are involved in the background our system will create your ultra account on the blockchain for free to sign in simply enter your account email and your password welcome to the ultra platform this is the store the presentation may look familiar to you popular and recommended games are presented in the heading slideshow followed by some suggestions by scrolling down you’ll find a catalog you can use the filters on your left to only display the games you may be looking for when you are satisfied with the result simply kick on a game to access its page [Music] below the quick presentation you’ll find the ratings and awards that may guide your choice there are displayed all the details you need to know like system requirements language is available and so on on the ultra platform browsing games has been made convenient if you go back the catalog is shown exactly the same way as when you left it which makes it easier to find another game that fits your needs of course you can add games to your wish list or share them on social media let’s buy this one for example Ultra Games always displays prices in you OS and fiat currencies the OS price is floating and updated frequently you’re able to pay with your you OS tokens or your regular bank account using PayPal or a credit card if you choose the latter option your fiat will automatically be converted into you OS the token that powers the whole ultra ecosystem once you enter your wallet password you’re all set you can now access the game while its corresponding token has been directly sent to your ultra wallet in the next video we will show you what the game dev center looks like including the token factory which allows reselling and trading of games versioning and the SDK [Music]

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