Importance of Natural Resources

Tuomas Roininen eng

We’ve been since around 2012. Why we are doing this, is that
we wanted to expand game industry business and digital business in sense of Finland. And this is the exciting part, we are now setting up Digi &
Game Center on 2020 January with our great universities and great partners. The opportunities here, we can make new education, new
business, new talent pool, new startups or even ongoing companies. A lot of potential there. The reason why we’re talking to you is basically, we want
you to be our partner. Find the passion in the companies. A lot of the industry need digital services. And we can
help you with these startups or even the students. Digi & Game Center offers you a platform, a lot of talent
pool, a lot of companies, universities, or even in a VR or augmented reality productions. We have own studio there that you can do stuff, together. You can have a company or even just a remote go-working
space. Why you should be excited also is that there is a lot of
potential here. We see that even at some point there will be some kind of
unicorn that will happen from here. We can do it together. So join us, now is your chance to
jump in.

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