Importance of Natural Resources

TRS Tyre Recycling Solutions – A Revolutionary Technology

There are currently 1.2 billion vehicles
on the road worldwide and it keeps increasing every year by nearly 90
million. This represents potentially four times those numbers per year in tyres,
which are mostly dumped into the wild. Founded in 2013, Tyre Recycling Solutions
extracts tradable raw materials contained in scrap tyres and processes a
portion of them into a powder used for multiple industrial applications. The
Swiss-based company is now exporting its expertise to the Middle East, China and
Eastern Europe. For TRS, the market for sustainable and recyclable products is
growing fast because entrepreneurs are starting to realize how profitable cleantech can be. Since its inception, the company has raised nearly 18 million
Swiss francs. TRS will soon open a test facility in Yvonand. A 3’150
square meter plant that will show investors and buyers the possibilities
offered by its technology. Part of the substance produced by TRS could replace
15% to 20% of the natural rubber or polyurethane currently used to make
new tyres and molded car parts. Its product can also be applied to
manufacture industrial cables or waterproof seals and gaskets and can
even be used in making soles in Footwear. TRS an eco-friendly investment solution,
to build a better world people see waste,
we see opportunity One Creation – Think Sustainable

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