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Traces of Finn “Karrigan” Anderson Player Profile | Intel Gaming

When we were small we started going from door to door, you ring the doorbell and run away. Yeah. We did that a lot. We did it so often, I think all the neighbours hated us. No, I don’t know. (laughs) I’am Dan Rose, 29. I’am one of Finns best friends. I met Finn in school. I think he started in third or fourth grade. He just suddenly one day showed up I think we were like a tight group in school and it was probably a bit hard to get into a tight group like that, but Finn is very social and I think it was actually really easy for him. We were kind of idiots when we were small – you know, the idiot kids. We would play stupid stupid games in school. I remember one game. There was kind of an alley, and we would put everyone to the end wall, and somebody would have a tennisball we would just let one guy throw the tennis ball at a bunch of people and when you got hit, you got to be the one that could throw the tennis ball. Yeah. That sound really stupid when I tell it. He wasn’t a classic nerdy computer kid in school. He was one of the ones to get a girlfriend first and he is a very social person. It’s weird that he became a Counterstrike player because it’s not the kind of person you would think of. We went a lot to his house and his parents a very open, they are really funny. Iam Mr. Andersen, Carsten Andersen, and Finn Karrigan is my son. So I bought a robot and I called him Finn 2. He is actually more reliable than Finn was. You don’t have to discuss every time. [Favorite place in the house?] The garden. Actually, if you go visit his parents, please ask his dad to do a BBQ. It’s really really good. Our house was open for everyone. That was very important to us, to have a chance to see the kind of people he is surrounding himself with. We had former teams like Astralis here, we had the FaZe Clan and only part of the new Mousesports, but I hope we will see them all together here, too. Sometimes we were like 6 or 7 guys and some of us ate 1 kilo of meat. It hurt so bad. So we were just rolling on the gras outside, like “oh god, my stomach”. and his dad was like “yeah, you want more guys?” It was really important to us to have enough and I always said “come on, take one more”. And his Mom makes something German.I don’t know what it’s called. Quark? or something? You only can get the Quark at Finns house. When mother speaks German, something is very wrong. We were really good at not getting in trouble, but we were so close so many times. When we got a bit older, we started having parties at Finns house. I remember, his parents were traveling a lot and I don’t know, if his parents knew, but … everybody came over, we got a lot of alcohol and it was such a mess. The next morning we had to clean up. His dad had a big Harley Davidson. It actually stood here behind me some years ago. And it had kind of a thing – if you touched it or tipped it a bit – it would send him a textmessage. One time at a party we accidentaly pushed the Harley. I got a call in the middle of the night. When I called back he was quiet. Fin was like “Stop! Stop the music! Don’t talk” “I’am sleeping, here is nothing!” “I just wanted to say, I just saw the cat hop on to the Harley, so if you get a text … it’s nothing” And we just continued to party. He probably knew. So there have been a couple of parties here, of which I didn’t have the knowledge of. And when we grew older he was studying and he got a master in accounting. He never used that education of course, he just kept playing. [Can you picture him doing finances and accounting today?] No. He would be such a bad accountant. No – he would probably be pretty good, but you couldn’t put him in a corner and let him type excel spreadsheets all day. [How much did you notice about him getting to know Anja?] When Finn and Anja started seeing each other, I noticed that she was there, but they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend in the beginning. We became a couple very fast, but just in the way we act and the way we speak, without actually doing the things couples do and without calling ourselves a couple. My name is Anja Suder. I’am 26 years old and I’am Finns girlfriend. The first time Finn and I met was in Copenhagen for the BLAST Pro Series. We met at the aftershowparty. [And he just came up to you and talked to you?] Well, Finn was pretty drunk. I was like “I want to go home, it’s late”, and he said “okay, if this girls wants to go home, we have to make sure she gets home safely.” We went up to the train station, where we got something to eat. And what he did was, he gave me this burger with pickles in it. I hate pickles. I took a bite, even though I really didn’t like it at all. First thing what I did when I came back was brushing my teeth. and the next morning I could still taste the pickles. I called my mum the next day and said “I met this guy, he is super nice” “and he is such a gentleman. He made sure I got home safely.” He only got my first name. So we didn’t talk for about 3 months. Until I went to Poland for another tournament. So we were a group of Danish friends, we wanted to go to a party after the finals in Katowice. I wasn’t really supposed to go, because I was sick. So I ended up sitting there and drinking tea all night. He was sitting next to me. and suddenly he remembered who I was. And then he said “Oh you’re that girl from Charlottenlund.” And then we started talking and we talked all night, only us. I told Finn “you are really an idiot if you don’t end up being boyfriend and girlfriend” “because she is really nice.” Our first kiss was almost two months after we came back from Poland. [Were was your first kiss?] In the car, actually. We were listening to this song by Drake called “God’s Plan” . This is kind of our song. And as soon as he parked the car, the song came on. Then he just turned around and kissed me. He said this is the perfect time to do it. And it was, really. I was super nervous at that time. For me it was really important to make a good impression. They were instantly giving like this warm feeling. I’am feeling welcome, I’am feeling that I’am already a part of the family. Last time I counted it was around 30 pairs of sneakers. When you are on stage and when you are a player, you have to wear the same kind of clothes. So the only way you can switch something up is either the hair or the shoes. That’s why he has 30 pairs of sneakers and some of them are pretty wild. It’s very important to know about Finn: always order him the girlie drinks. The more pink and sweet they are, the better they are for Finn. He is a Counterstrike player with whatever energydrink on his t-shirt and then he likes Piña Coladas and strawberry daiquiris. Please put that in. Typical for Finn is that he is very determined. We play a lot of chess and Finn is very competetive. He always tries to win, whatever he plays. Oh! You have to know: I’am also better than him at table tennis and so is his dad. If you ask me, I think iam the better player, but if you ask Finn … he’s lying. He is a good loser, but he is an even better winner. I really look forward to him being back in Copenhagen for good and we can see each other more. Yeah. That would be nice. What he really wants is to win a major. It’s his dream and therefore it’s also my dream for him to get that.

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