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Toy Wildlife Animals on Ice! Fun Learning Animal Names For Kids

Welcome To RaceToyTime Today, we’re going to see some wild animals I see two puffins Oh I wonder what’s over there It’s a Polar Bear It has some fish for the baby one There are brown bears Okay I wonder what are we going to see next I see a wolverine I see a deer family That’s the male one and the female one doesn’t have any antlers Oh, I see a squirrel Aw, there’s a chipmunk There’s a hedgehog Oh, there’s a raccoon. Trying to get something from the tree I don’t know I wonder what’s up on the tree There’s a snow owl Ah, bunny rabbits Oh Oh no…. The snow leopard Looks like he wants to eat something I better not get too close There’s a white tiger There it goes I better back up I wonder what are we going to see next. It’s an arctic wolf There’s a moose There’s a reindeer There’s some There’s a momma turtle and a baby turtle on the ice There’s a Beluga Whale There’s some more seal There’s another seal There’s some sea lions There’s a dolphin And there’s another dolphin There’s a walrus And there’s a baby walrus There’s some penguins Bye bye Okay, well, I hope you guys enjoy that video And if you do, please subscribe to RaceToyTime channel And also click on those links above To watch more fun videos here in this channel Thank you for watching! Stay Tuned! Bye bye

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