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10 Mysterious Mass Animal Deaths One of the strangest events that happens in
nature is when a large group of animals die at once. While many times these group deaths
can be attributed to a specific cause, there are a few mass die-offs where there is no
clear culprit. The absolutely frightening aspect of these mass deaths is that the Earth’s
ecosystem is incredibly delicate. A drop in the population of one animal can have untold
and terrifying consequences for the Earth’s ecosystem that could be disastrous for the
human race. Here are some mysterious, troubling mass deaths of animal groups. 10. Velvet Swimming Crabs In January of 2010, 40,000 dead velvet swimming
crabs washed up on England’s Thanet Coast. Then, a year later, 25,000 crabs washed up
dead on the same shore. Both times, the beach was littered with the dead bodies which attracted
a large amount of birds, and it soon became a safety hazard. At first, researchers thought that the crabs
may have been killed by a virus, but after the second year, they believe that the cold
weather may be causing the crabs to go into hypothermia. But the only evidence of that
is that any time there have been large amounts of dead crabs found, there was snow on the
beach and researchers have no definitive answer as to what killed the crabs. 9. Borneo Pygmy Elephants Borneo pygmy elephants are the smallest breed
of elephant in the world and only have a population of about 1,500. Their very low numbers made
for an alarming sight when 14 dead elephants were found in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve
in the Malaysian state of Sabah. Tests were done and the only thing that they concluded
was that it was an unknown toxin that killed the elephants. It’s unclear if the animals ate the toxicants
by accident, or if they were poisoned. There was an oil palm plantation and logging concessions
nearby that viewed the elephants as a nuisance and suspicion quickly fell on them. However,
a criminal investigation didn’t turn up any evidence of foul play and the elephants’
deaths remain a mystery. 8. Humboldt Squid One of the most mysterious creatures in the
animal kingdom is the Humboldt squid. They’re six feet long, have strong arms, powerful
beaks and they have red skin, which is why they are sometimes called “Red Devils.”
The reason the giant squid is so mysterious is because for 95 percent of their lives they
live at depths of 660 to 2,300 feet during the day and at about 220 feet at night. These
levels are at depths that can’t be reached by scuba divers, so observation expeditions
of the creatures are a very costly venture. Needless to say that when thousands of them
washed up on the beaches in California in January of 2005, it troubled and puzzled researchers
why they would apparently beach themselves. One researcher says the squids may have become
mentally deranged after a combination of eating something toxic and spending too much time
in warm water. However, that is just an educated guess and the reason for the beaching remains
unknown. 7. Harp Seals In December of 2010, the residents of northern
Labrador, Canada, started to find dead harp seals littering the beach. Over the course
of the month, over 200 young and adult seals washed up dead on the sands. After the bodies
were found, a biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada did some tests on the frozen
carcasses, but couldn’t figure out what the cause of death was. All of them looked to be healthy, the pathology
tests didn’t turn up anything and there was no sign of disease in the seals. One theory
is that somehow the seals drowned, but he is unsure how a large group of them would
have managed to do so. 6. Saiga Antelopes The saiga antelopes are an endangered animal
that is recognizable because of their oversized nose. They are a critically endangered species
and in 2014, there were only 257,000 antelopes in four herds. They are only found in parts
of Russia and Kazakhstan, and during the winters the herds congregate and then split up during
the spring, where they give birth to calves. In May of 2015, during the calving season,
disaster struck and within two weeks, 134,000 saiga, which is half the population, mysteriously
dropped dead. It is believed that bacteria is the culprit, but it is unclear how it became
so deadly to the saiga because it is very unusual for a bacterium to be harmless one
day and then radically devastating the next. Researchers are currently investigating the
cause of the mass deaths in the hopes that they may save the rest of the saiga. 5. Sheep Outside of Istanbul, Turkey, in July 2005,
a group of sheep herders left a group of sheep grazing in a field and went for breakfast.
When they returned to the herd, they found an incredibly bizarre scene – the sheep
were committing suicide. One sheep had walked off a cliff and fell
50 feet to its death. Amazingly, the rest of the sheep followed the leader and walked
over the same cliff. 1,500 sheep ended up jumping while the shepherds watched on, unable
to do anything to stop it. In total, 400 died, the others were able to survive because the
sheep that had already fallen made a cushion. 4. Pilot Whales Pilot whales are similar to killer whales
because they are both in the dolphin family, but pilot whales are slightly smaller and
are almost all black or gray with a lighter spot on their stomach. They are found in both
the northern and southern hemispheres in tropical parts of the ocean. Pilot whales also have an unusual tendency
of beaching themselves en masse. For example, in early 2009, over 400 pilot whales died
after they beached themselves in Tasmania. Another group beaching happened in February
of 2015, when over 100 pilot whales died after swimming ashore in New Zealand. Those are
some of the biggest mass beachings, but smaller groups of pilot whales beach themselves frequently
all over the world. For example, 33 were found dead on a beach in Ireland in November of
2010. Then, 20 were found on a beach in Florida in November of 2012. Another mass incident
happened in Nova Scotia, Canada in August of 2015, where people found 10 beached whales
and six died before they could be returned to the water. Those are only a handful of
examples and no one is sure why the whales are doing this. It appears that they have
a problem navigating in shallow water, but otherwise, scientists are at a loss as to
why it happens. Some speculation is that sonar may be affecting them, or it could be disease
or trauma that leads them to the shallow water, but no one knows for sure. 3. The Indian River Lagoon, Florida The Indian River Lagoon is the most biologically
diverse estuary in Florida and the area encompasses about 40 percent of Florida’s coast. It
is also the home to one of the most mysterious mass animal deaths in American history. The
first deaths were discovered in July of 2012, and it was 43 manatees. Over the next couple
of months, more dead manatees were found in the area, bringing the total manatee deaths
to 111. Between January and June of 2013, 250 to 300 dead pelicans were found. They
were all very thin and had heavy parasite loads. Also found in January of 2013, were
46 dead bottlenose dolphins, and like the pelicans, they too looked thin and sickly. Biologists believe one culprit for the die-offs
was a change in the ecosystem. An algae superbloom killed off 60% of the seagrass, which is what
manatees eat. However, researchers believe that is one element and are still puzzled
as to what the actual smoking gun is. 2. Chile’s Coastal Life Chile is a long, narrow country that encompasses
the Southwest coast of South America. In 2009, it was also the home of a number of mass animal
deaths. The first one happened in March, when 1,200 penguins were found dead on a beach
in the southern part of the country. A month later, millions of sardines washed up on the
shore not far from the penguins. The smell got so bad that schools near the beach had
to be closed and the army had to shovel the fish off the beach. Then, over the course
of three months, Andean flamingos began abandoning their nests in the northern part of the country.
Due to the abandonment, over 2,000 eggs didn’t hatch. Then the final mass die off was in
May, when almost dead 60 pelicans were found on a beach in central Chile. Four major die-offs from four different species
was quite troubling for the science community, but there was no consensus as to what caused
the deaths. Some of the culprits include global warming, overfishing, disease, and pollution. 1. Worker Bees The most famous mass die-off of animals is
the death of worker bees throughout the world. In the 1990s, beekeepers started documenting
higher than average deaths of bees during the winter. In 2006, the deaths were given
a new name, Colony Collapse Disorder. By the time the syndrome started making headlines,
beekeepers were losing 30-90% of their worker bees over the winter. This is a really troubling problem because
of how important bees are to our ecosystem. Bees and other insects pollinate one-third
of everything we eat. Out of all the crops we eat, which includes all fruit, vegetables
and nuts, 84% is pollinated by bees. So quite simply, without bees, it could lead to global
starvation. While the bees are not near extinction levels yet, an upset in numbers could lead
to an imbalance in the world’s ecosystem that could be devastating in unforeseen ways. There are a number of theories of what exactly
is killing the bees, but no one is really sure. A couple of suspects include microbes,
malnutrition and fungicide, but the strongest suspect is neonicotinoids, which is a family
of pesticides. In fact, in 2013, Europe banned the use of neonicotinoids for two years and
the American Federal Drug Administration is currently reviewing its use. However, neonicotinoids
are only suspected and researchers are still investigating the possible causes for the
deaths of millions of bees around the world.

Reader Comments

  1. If I was a deep sea diver and saw a 6 ft squid I would have a heart attack. That was strange about the antelope. I didn't see that many honey bees last spring and summer. I have seen them visiting flowering trees and blooming clover in the past. I still see bumblebees. When I was a kid, I was rolling around on the ground playing and was stung on my ass by a bumblebee. It hurt a lot worse than a honeybee sting.

  2. i thought the u.s department of agriculture came to a cosensus that it was actually pesticide, and they have evidence.

  3. I know that alot of these deaths weren't cause by humans intentionally… but…
    Maybe some of us animals wouldn't die if it weren't for those humans messing up the planet

    Im a Raccoon

  4. The seals in Canada did drown. They where locked in a ice pocket and over the few days they all died. The ice then broke enough to spill the seals out…… Very sad but part of nature.

  5. About the ocean life die-offs; I have heard no one from the scientific community mention the millions of barrels of toxic nuclear waste corroding in our oceans. This is a huge problem that seems to be known to only a very few. As usual, we the people of the globe are served up a plate of crap with b.s. as dessert. Those who are interested can check a few videos on YouTube, and google it on the web. Good luck!

  6. Awesome
    Humans are so dumb they are killing the very things that are keeping them alive

  7. #7 How can a large group of marine mammals drown in the arctic? hmmmm maybe they got stuck under the ice? But if the cause of death is unknown, how can he say they drowned? If an air breathing animal drowns, their lungs fill with water leaving a clear cause of death,

  8. #4 if they have problems in shallow water they are kind of misnamed. A pilot is a guy who knows the waters around a harbor well enough to guide ships into port.
    I really don't think "pilot" is named after people who fly airplanes as the pilot whale is mentioned in Mo9by Dick which was written well before the airplane was invented.
    Besides whales are ill equipped to operate airplanes.

  9. a good portion of the bee deaths can be attributed to the increased popularity of organic farming.

    organic farming means you cannot use synthetic pesticides which are more efficient, and are stuck with organic pesticides which are far more deadly to we'll everything that consumes it. even humans. (though you aren't going to die from an organic tomato, you still should wash it off cause it can make you sick. a larger factor in organic producr Making you sick is e. coli from fertilizer. again, wash your food regardless of whether or not it's organic).

    two main organic pesticides are linked to the decline, but for some reasons the government's are unwilling to actually regulate organic practices so it doesn't matter how damaging it us to humans or the environment it's still more endorsed than better, tested, improved, farming practices.

    and because people don't want to admit that organic isn't better, let alone harmful, they act like the cause is entirely unknown. a step down from blaming GMOs at least.
    but still. if organic was held to the same standards as GMO, it'd be banned for the bees alone.

  10. While I was aware of whales beaching themselves, I had no idea it was to the sheer volume or amount shown here.

    Two mass deaths not shown here were alot of ravens in the states just falling out of the sky while at the same time, the exact same thing was happening to Doves in Rome Italy. These are really worrying.

  11. The main cause for this massive die off is Climate Engineering/Geoengineering (Chemtrails & HAARP). This world is ruled by psychopaths.

  12. Stocks would fall 8% if Trump wins, forecasting firm says Are You Serious YES IN MORE , The Coming Apocalypse TV SHOW Intro…. by Paul Begley .

  13. And eternally deceptive! While people believe in themselves. And forget that they have lives. And while they flirt with fantasy. The stars blind them as if they have glory. Nightmares have befalling the brave. The boastful now cries out forever! Torment shall be fall the idles. The blinded still chase as if life isn't short. The path of intense heartache. with a singular, destination. Yet will you not see or have love for the lost? Is brokenness your pain? Or are we on a different puzzle. Faith holds life and peace. By the blood of the Lamb….

  14. Our planet is under an all out WEATHER WARFARE assault. Nowadays there is a vast amount of CHEMICALS have been dumped on us from the aircrafts worldwide. The debate over whether CLIMATE ENGINEERING programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying: Our skies today are simply not normal or natural. Upon examination and observation, this cannot be denied. Our skies have been filled with grid patterns, horizon to horizon trails, and other forms of sprayed aerosol cloud formations for so long now that most now accept this completely unnatural cloud cover as "normal". Sadly, the fact is that people do not even look up: To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These jet sprayed nano particulates of heavy metals and chemicals are designed to block the sun and manipulate the jet stream. Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to CLIMATE ENGINEERING scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally derailing Earth's climate system and decimating the entire web of life:

  15. you need to replace the top #1 with this now as it is several species at once.

  16. These die offs are almost certainly the result of radioactivity.  Endless atomic tests, followed by Chernobyl, followed by Fukushima. Jet aircraft fallout is not helping, and all the plastics, chemicals from agriculture, and elsewhere are also contributing. But odds on it is mostly FUKUSHIMA meltdowns that are  still massively polluting the Pacific Oceans to this day.

  17. It is really important to bear in mind, that chemtrails aside, ordinary jet fallout is doing massive damage. Kerosene and gasoline with aluminium oxide to improve combustion, and a slew of additives make ordinary jet fuel exhaust deadly. They like to talk about carbon dioxide, but there is no usable carbon dioxide, at all, in jet post combustion by-products. The chemicals sprayed for other purposes, make matters worse no doubt, but jet fallout, all by itself, is killing our entire biosphere. Even if there was nothing in the emissions excepting water vapour, the deposition of such diabolical quantities of extreme heat at high altitudes is a recipe for disaster. The synergetic effects of jet exhaust and condensation produce acid rain that contaminates every square millimetre of the earths surface. We are experiencing an extinction event from Fukushima and Chernobyl, and we need to be doing extensive remedial actions. Now is the time, and probably the last moment, to inform everyone exactly what is happening, and get busy repairing the shocking mess that we have made. Radiation levels in most American cities are 20 times above the evacuation level. Time for waking up, there is nowhere to run.

  18. I added a thumbs up for well researched and put together content but admittedly found it really disturbing, facing what humans have done to our planet and how it effects other species is heartbreaking.

  19. electromagnetic activity is not mentioned once.. it effects all animals including us and yes it does effect humans too..

  20. I’m high but, maybe every year or now and then, scientists test the next version of some sort of unknown technology for some unknown goal that ends up going wrong and it causes these mass extinctions when they introduce the experiment to the species

  21. Isn't there some village in Asia where birds will suddenly drop dead out of the sky at certain times during the year?

  22. Just horrid, sad, and makes me feel ashamed to know we as a species should be doing more as a whole to prevent and reverse the damage we are doing to our planet! Yet very year it seems to be getting worse and worse!
    Educating ourselves and learning how to try to give back to the earth, if even a little, would make a difference!
    At the moment it’s the only planet we have got…

  23. Since all the honey bees are now gone there's tons of bumblebees in my neighborhood, I haven't seen a regular honey bee in years.

  24. There are animals dying all over the world today in huge numbers, due to the polluted state of the sea and air. Millions of Fish and massive numbers of various marine creatures are washing ashore dead. Birds are falling dead out of the sky, and millions of poultry and wildlife are dying from avian flu. The animals of the land are also dying in large numbers. Now although animals and fish have been dying all throughout history, we have not seen the massive consistant numbers that we are seeing today. Please remember! This is just one of the MANY signs of the last days. It's time to wake up!

    This civilization with the effects of Fukushima is destroying the oceans the birds and the Animals throughout this world it's all about greed and selfishness.

  25. How about tectonic plates? Mini earthquakes send out off signals that screw up animals sense of direction, and certain types of gasses might get emitted that effects stuff like algae

  26. Man creates more mass killings than nature these days. To shrug it off is dangorous for all living things, including man.
    Don't believe it you better learn a new safer diet, if their is such a thing.

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