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Top 10 Most Dangerous Inmates In Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum is where the worst of the worst
in Gotham City are sent to be locked away; not only for their crimes, but to protect
the public. It’s a place filled with both metahumans and criminal masterminds, and of
course, the clinically insane who have reached homicidal levels of crazy. So in other words,
pretty much all of Batman’s most notorious members of his rogue gallery. So today we’re
counting down our picks of the most dangerous inmates in Arkham Asylum. We’re looking
at inmates who are a high security threat while being locked up inside of Arkham; the
kinds that are a threat to the guards and visitors at the Asylum, as well as a major
threat if they were ever to break out of the horrid institution. So with that in mind,
let’s jump in! 10 Zsasz
Victor Zsasz is pretty f**king scary. Sure he doesn’t have supernatural powers like
some of the other villains on our list, but he’s bat sh*t insane, and oh so dangerous.
While the Gotham television series doesn’t quite do him the justice that other adaptations
like the Arkham video games do, Zsasz is definitely not a character to take lightly. For context
– all of those tallies on his body? There’s one for each and every person he’s killed.
He’s proud of his kills, he wears them like a badge of honour. Zsasz also operates in
a much more subtle fashion compared to other inmates locked up in Arkham; he isn’t a
showman, and he keeps to the shadows. Needless to say, if he were to break out of Arkham,
he’s the kind of threat that would have both citizens and the Gotham PD shaking in
their boots. 9 Man-Bat
Kirk Langstrom, aka Man-Bat, is another example of a vicious villain who needs a special holding
cell. Or, at least when he’s under the influence of his serum, that is. Langstrom was a zoologist
who attempted to extract a bat’s sonar sense, and tested the formula he created on himself,
which resulted in him transforming into this hideous half man half bat hybrid. When he
has his serum, his intelligence depletes, and he goes on a mad rampage, becoming almost
incontrollable, with his strength, endurance and agility reaching superhuman levels, along
with the ability to see in the dark thanks to his bat like abilities. Needless to say,
Kirk is much easier to subdue and keep locked up in Arkham when in his human form, but if
arriving at Arkham in his man-bat form, well, let’s just say the security guards better
have a whole lot of tranquilizers on hand. 8 Professor Pyg
Professor Pyg is one messed up Batman villain. This sick SOB’s MO is to perfect people
by making them into Dollotrons; this is a process of his in which he bonds false doll
faces to his victim’s face in a permanent and gruesome manner, using the likes of hammers,
ice picks, cordless drills, you name em. One of the weirdest and most insane villains to
ever be written into Batman’s comics, he’s genuinely disturbed; a trait that should not
be taken lightly. The one reassuring thing about Pyg is that while he’s kept secure
in Arkham, he’s less of a threat than others on this list, but the second that he gets
the chance to continue his work, well, let’s just say you’d want to be far, far away
from this inmate. 7 Clayface
When he was first introduced by Bill Finger and Bob Kane back in Detective Comics issue
40 in 1940, Clayface aka Basil Karlo was a b list actor who began a life of crime under
the guise of a villain he once played in a horror film. It wasn’t until the 50s that
the shape shifting version of Clayface came to be, as science fiction villains were on
the rise during the start of the silver age. Karol wouldn’t return until after Crisis
on Infinite Earths. Clayface has the capability of using it’s claylike anatomy to transform
it’s self, and also concoct items like weapons out of its body. Clayface is an example of
a villain at Arkham who requires a special cell to contain him in order to ensure the
safety of everyone in the facility, and to ensure that he won’t be able to break out
by any easy means. 6 The Penguin
Compared to others on our list, the Penguin is by no means a villain who is physically
intimidating. Instead, it’s this criminal mastermind’s intellect and connections that
makes him threatening in Arkham. Considering Oswald Cobblepot is one of the foremost powerful
villains in Gotham City, whenever he’s locked up in Arkham, he’s well protected. You do
NOT want to get on his bad side, or surely, you’ll suffer major consequences. The Penguin
has proving his ingenuity and cruelty on many an occasion, and even when he’s locked up,
he’s still got major influence over what happens outside of Arkham’s walls, and of
course, within them. 5 Killer Croc
Killer Croc is an obvious inclusion on this list. LOOK AT HIM. Killer Croc also requires
his own specially made holding cell, often depicted as the sewers of Arkham Asylum. This
is because of his deadly strength and sheer size. In addition to those traits, he also
has enhanced endurance and speed, with skin that is nearly impenetrable, even from high
caliber weapons fired from a distance. So, needless to say, he’s not a villain whose
cell you’d want to accidentally wanted into. 4 Great White Shark
Great white shark ak Warren White is the perfect example of the kind of affect Arkham can have
on an individual. While his origin story might not be as popular as Harley Quinn’s, both
of which are tied integrally to Arkham, Great white shark’s is perhaps more ruthless since
his transformation was a means of survival rather than the product of manipulation. Prior
to his time in Arkham, Warren White, who first appeared in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell issue
1 in 2003, was a crooked financier, who was nicknamed Great White shark for his ruthlessness
when embezzling millions from his company’s pension fund. When he was caught, he plead
insanity which led him being sent off to Arkham. He had multiple run ins with some of Gotham’s
worst, which forced him to be even more ruthless. Then, he was locked into a freezer, which
caused severe damage to his body physically. But in order to keep up with the harsh environment
at Arkham, he embraced his new deformities, sharping his teeth into points in order to
look more like a shark; an intimidation factor that has greatly helped him become a criminal
mastermind behind Arkham’s walls. A man whose willing to go to those lengths is not
someone you want to be anywhere near. 3 Bane
Brawn and brains, what’s not to love? Well, if you work at Arkham Asylum, the combination
of those traits ain’t something you look forward to encountering on any given 9-5 shift,
that’s for damn sure. Bane is both immensely strong and incredibly intelligent. Bane was
born and raised in prison; born in Pena Duro, a notoriously difficult prison, he grew up
alongside hardened criminals, learning the ins and outs of the prison lifestyle, working
his way up to a top dog position. He’s broken out of prison many a time, being somewhat
of an escape artist. And while he may be given a limited amount of Venom while he’s locked
up in Arkham, weakening him through withdrawals, he’s still got his intellect, and often
manipulates his way into getting his liquid life force back. 2 Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy is traditionally a villain in the DC universe, but in more recent times, around
the New 52, the character has dabbled in being an anti-hero from time to time. Ivy’s attacks
are often aimed at protecting the environment, from endangered species to threats towards
ecosystems across the globe. Her unique brand of eco terrorism often finds her in the grey
area of ethics, but that being said, there’s nothing she won’t do for her cause. So what
makes her deadly over at Arkham? Poison Ivy’s body contains pheromones that make people
susceptible to mind control. So you can see why she’d be such a deadly inmate. While
some strong minded individuals like Batman are capable of occasionally withstanding her
mind control, you can bet your butt that most of the employees at Arkham Asylum aren’t. 1 The
Joker If Poison Ivy’s biological manipulation
didn’t do it for you, well, surely the clown prince of crime’s more off kilter ways of
manipulation will. The Joker has that je ne se qui
Look at what he did to Harley Quinn. And
in Frank Miller’s the dark knight returns, the Joker manages to manipulate his way out
of Arkham once news of Batman’s return surfaces, with the villain feigning that he’s returned
to sanity to the point where he and his psychologist land a spot on a popular talk show in Gotham.
What does he do? He uses his Joker toxin to straight up MURDER the entire studio audience,
his doctor, the crew, the host, pretty much everyone in that studio, and then escapes.
Classic Joker behaviour. There’s no length he wouldn’t go to in order to encounter
his beloved Bats, or to creatively murder a slew of people in a way he found comical.
Dude’s all about the joke, with the butt of that joke often being mass homicide. There we have it friends! What other Arkham
inmates do you think some of the most dangerous villains? Give us a shout in those comments
below! If you dug this video, spread the love, hit that like button, and be sure to subscribe
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I’ll catch you all in the next video!

Reader Comments

  1. but, Oswald is not mental insane (in most adaptation) he's internates most of the time in Blackgates

  2. 2:30 …he's genuinely disturbed.

    Me: "genuinely disturbed" is just status quo in Gotham. But the real lunatics were the ones that made Arkham so easy to escape.

  3. (comment who else agrees with this) Harley Quinn should have been on that list. Techtically she was never in Arkham in the comics, but in the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad, she was. Amanda Waller even states when introducing Harley in the movie, "She's crazy'er than him, and more fearlise" (Him as in the Joker) wich means that she's even more dangerouse. There is even a flash back when Harley was still chasing the joker so she could be with him that she chased his car with a motor cycle, crashed it in the way of him driving wich backed up traffic. Joker got out of the car, they argued a bit, and the person in the car behind him got out and Harley shot him with a gun without a second thought. Joker even stated that he didn't think that was a good idea proving the point she is more fearlise. When she goes even more spycho, she does things withought a second thought all the time. She most definitely deserves a spot on the most dangerouse villians in Arkham.

  4. With Poison Ivy you forget she also has a deep care for Harley and helps her get better after the Joker abuses her or tosses her aside. Ivy is her best friend which led to the Gotham Sirens of Ivy Harley and Selina Kyle

  5. I'm pretty sure everyone there would be on the list it literally was made for the dangerous of criminals

  6. Irwin 'Ambush Bug' Schwab… the guy takes on Superman and Batman for fun, gets his kicks from MORE electroshock treatment, and drove Joker re-insane… 12 times (literally Arkham has cured Joker 12 times, and Ambush Bug undid that cure every time), that means he can be blamed for #1, so shouldn't that make him even more #1?

  7. There’s more popular inmates for example: killer croc, doctor freeze, mad hatter,el Diablo( for some time but still), red hood and more ( I’m just lazy about typing them in)

  8. 10. Professor Pyg🐷
    9. The Riddler ?
    8. Killer Crock 🐊
    7. Clayface 🧱
    6. Poison Ivy 🌸
    5. Great White shark 🦈
    4. Two Face 👥
    3. Harley Quinn ♦️
    2. Joker 🤡
    1. Penguin 🐧🐧🐧

  9. I can't believe I havent read about John Dee in the comments yet…the list is Arkham inmates so he should count even though he's not specifically a batman. Even though inside Arkham Dee is mostly harmless when he gets out he's way more dangerous than most on this list.

  10. Let's face it Batman has most screwed up villains in dc comics i mean what hell half don't even do crazy stuff for a real goal they just do it to do it i mean what the hell is joker and pyg end goals

  11. Bane is not insane he’s cold and calculating and is aware of what he is. Put in scarecrow and dr freeze

  12. After the black gate incident Arkham now holds both their own inmates and blackgates at least in the games

  13. Anyone else think Zsasz kinda looks like Kratos from God of War? The artwork at 0:55 looks a lot like him! (Which just made me imagine Kratos vs Batman or better still Kratos vs Joker 😂😂😂)

    Thanks for the insanely good vid (now on to Part 2!) 💙🐱💙

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