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TIX CryptoFund Ecosystem

In this video and how does TIX token work in this ecosystem. We are going to introduce Tixguru, the first digital asset management platform and how does TIX token work in this ecosystem. We are aiming to eliminate the complexity in the cryptocurrency industry for investros. TIX is a Platform Coin and is used as fuel in the Ecosystem. We call it “ platform pass“ The three major services are all charged in TIX. Through Tixguru’s three services Investors can easily save their time and have fixed income Here is our first service CAP (Crypto Asset Portfolio) CAP (Crypto Asset Portfolio) is a fund launched by Tixguru. Different allocation and composition ratios of digital assets can create different CAPs. This is mainly for the investors who don’t have time to do research. Inverstors invest by ETH as their principal The other relative fees should be paid by TIX. Our second service—Copy Fund Copy Fund— As the name implies, it is a single investment Tixguru has builded up a social trading platform Make the Cryptocurrencies Investors around world can connect with other traders and discuss with their trading strategies The trader who has outstanding performance. Join hands to Create the Wealth For the fund managers who want to create their own Copy Fund They have to pay the setup fee in TIX for setting their own Copy Fund. and then can be established The other investor who want to follow just need to pay ETH to join the copy fund. They do not have to be charged in TIX. Our third service The arbitrage and hedging function It includes brick- moving arbitrage index,volatility Index etc. It is appropriate for aggressive investors who want to maximize the profit. At the End Tixguru has a redemption system for TIX In the future Tixguru will take 20% from our quarterly profits to buy back TIX The buy-back TIX will be directly destroyed All buy-back transactions will be announced on the blockchain. Users can inquire it through blockchain browser to ensure the transparency. The amount of Quarterly buy- back TIX will gradually decrease None of new token will be created in the future.

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