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Tire Inflator and Sealant Kit | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] You might be interested to
know that some vehicles or equipment packages may not
come with a spare tire. Instead, it comes with a tire inflator and
sealant kit. Let me explain. Mustang and hybrid vehicles come with
a standard tire inflator and sealant kit. While an available spare tire option,
or dealer ordered spare tire kit, can be purchased through
your local dealership. The tire inflator and sealant kit allows
you to temporarily fix most flats without requiring a tire change. Which means no need for the use of
a jack or lifting of a spare tire, and only takes a few minutes, allowing you to
drive to a repair facility for inspection. Another benefit of the kit is that it
helps to maximize fuel efficiency and vehicle performance by lessening
vehicle weight while also increasing the available rear cargo space. The standard tire inflator and sealant kit is located in the rear
cargo area in a foam holder. Or under the driver or
front passenger seats. You’ll notice that the kit contains an air
compressor to reinflate your tires, complete with an air hose,
pressure gauge, sealant tubing, and a canister of sealing compound. To use it, first make sure your car is
safely off the road and out of traffic. And that you’ve set your parking brake so it won’t move while
you’re fixing the tire. You’ll also want to leave your engine
running outdoors or in a well-ventilated area when you’re using the compressor so
it doesn’t drain your battery. Keep in mind, if you experience a sidewall
puncture, contact roadside assistance, as these types of punctures
cannot be repaired using the kit. Once you’ve completed the repair,
drive to your nearest Ford dealer or tire repair shop to be inspected. Do not exceed speeds of 50 miles per hour,
or drive more than 120 miles. However, you must get a proper tire repair
or replacement as soon as possible, as the one you’ve done
is only a temporary fix. It’s important to note that
the sealant cartridge and striped tube can only be used once, but
your compressor may be used over and over. And once you’ve used
sealant in your tires, your tire pressure monitoring sensor and
the valve stem on the wheel have to be replaced. Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]

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