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This Amazing Plant Ecosystem Actually Thrives on Fire (4K)

not able to escape are consumed by the flames. But fire has always been a
natural part of this landscape. And it plays a pivotal role
in the fynbos ecosystem. In only a matter of days,
new growth starts to appear. Protea bushes in particular
are fire-adapted. Some protect themselves
with thick bark and then resprout once
the fire has passed. [MUSIC PLAYING] Others are stimulated by the
flames to release their seeds. Smoke, heat, or
charred wood also triggers the growth of seeds
and bulbs buried in the ground. Ironically, the burnt landscape
is perfect for new seedlings. With the dominant
adult plants gone, there is no competition
for space and water. And the nutrients
once stored in living vegetation now lie as highly
fertile ash on the ground. Like a phoenix rising
from the ashes, fynbos is reborn
after each fire.

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