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Things Women With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Hearing

– Don’t you have a job
interview on Monday? – Yeah, I do. – Aren’t you going to
straighten your hair? – Mom, can we not, not do this today? – Oh, my God, what kind of job do you- – Hey, sorry I’m late, my hair
was so nappy this morning. – Hey Jodie, you met Tracy? – Um, no, I don’t think so. – Yeah, she’s got the wild and crazy hair I was telling you about. – I really don’t think
they’re going to be hiring you with your hair looking all wild like that. – Ah! Do you know who
you look like? Solange. – You know, I remember back in my day, you know, you couldn’t even walk into a- – Oh my God, did you cut your hair? – I love this new, like, black bohemian hipster thing you’ve been
doing with your afro. – No, no, no, no, no, Macy Gray. – I know you’re into this natural movement and then you’re all into this
radical revolutionary stuff. – It’s so trendy. – Who do you think you are, Angela Davis? – No, no, Foxy Cleopatra, shazam! – So have you ever
straighten your hair before? – Do you wash your hair? – I think it’d look really cute on you. – Can I touch? – No. – Your hair looks so different
every time I see you. – Please? – No. – Can I please touch? – No. – Can you even get a
comb through this bush? – Mom! – I don’t even know if
it’s you half the time. – You just, you don’t look at my face? – See, you running your hands through it is like, messing up- – Running? You think I’m
running my hands through this? – It’s so crazy every time. – It’s like a pillow. – Can’t even walk through
your hair, skip, nothin’. – I want to sleep in it. – It’s confusing for me. – Oh, hey. – I just don’t understand why
you stopped perming your hair. – You looked so good
with your hair permed. – I’ve never really been
a clementine guy before. – That’s just so unique
and exotic. It’s just… What? It’s so voluminous and rich and… – Yeah, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. – It’s just tall. – I’d stop. I would just stop. – Tracy, your hair is so big
and wild like a lion, you know? ♍ Nants zuwhenyeh ♍ wuzabun-na-na-na zenawoo For even more wonderful things
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Reader Comments

  1. And then there's me, who's hair is naturally straight. Some people are like "your hair would look sooooo much better if you curled it".
    Natural hair for me too!

  2. Oml 'Can I touch' gets on my nerves so much.
    One time I had someone say to me
    'Every time I see you your hair looks different' ?

  3. Ok I know I shouldn’t be here since I am white but I ahhh very curly hair so here I go so I have people tell me that I should just straighten my hair since my curly hair doesn’t look nice or natural they also think that it is fake since I am white and it is very curly like no I take care of my god damn hair you care for you own thank you

  4. Did you cut your hair question I get all the time it’s like omg like curly hair shrinks people ?‍♀️?‍♀️ I get oh wow your hair poppin are you mixed ??‍♀️?‍♀️?

  5. i'm in highschool and i started to get curls and whenever someone touches my hair i legit turn around and punch em without question don't come into my damn personal space touching my property. smh

  6. My mom used to not be natural but i remember that she would put so much heat in my hair every time a event comes up . But now we are both natural and have beautiful hair

  7. i remember watching this video a few years ago and wondering what “natural hair” meant, and now i know so much about curly hair and hair types (i’m a curly girl myself, just never knew how to take care of it) my heart goes out to all you natural girls who go through these struggles! <3

  8. Oml in my primary school a lot of white ppl used to touch my hair without my permission…..they always used to say "Omg it feels like a stress ball" and they used to squeeze it. Now that im in highschool nobody touches it thankfully??

  9. I hate when people say "can I touch your hair?" then I say no and they touch it anyway.
    I also hate when people say "is that a perm?".I be thinking no perm can make your hair as kinky as this.
    I also hate when people say "your black aren't you"

  10. I heard nappy and cringed hard, I'm white with supremely curly hair but I still wouldn't dare say that word

  11. White friend says: my hair is so nappy or your hair changes every day also can you wash your hair

    Me: stop dont say the first one ever


  13. « Can I touch ? » I almost never heard this question, they just run their dirty hands into my afro without my consent because they don’t care

  14. Whenever I get a protective style: OMG IS THAT WEAVE??!! I like your natural hair better.

    Whenever I have my natural hair out: OMG YOU SHOULD GET WEAVE ITS TO MUCH!! Is that your real hair?

  15. I'm Indian but I have kinda wild hair ot natural curls into tiny rings and when I comb it out it turns afro texture. Welp

  16. I am mixed with 3b/c hair.
    “What are you?”
    “Is that your natural hair?”
    “What do you use to get it like that?”
    -water and patience
    “Can I touch it?”
    “I think you would look so cute with straight hair!”
    -I think you would look so cute with makeup
    “You’re hot for a black girl”
    i don’t waste my time with these

  17. Natural hair can also be a white person's hair. I don't get the "natural hair" name for referring to natural black hair… It should be called natura black hair bc not only black people have natural hair…

  18. Straight hair are unnatural, I guess. What tf is wrong with the title…
    Also don't know. I have wavy hair – never wanted them to be straight. Want them to be beautifully wavy though not be a puffy gel-eating mess. Still love them. And give people to touch. And answer proudly that "Yes, natural. No, I do not curl them at night".
    But I do think that straight hair look more professional than mine 🙁

  19. I hate it when people say "you don't know what to do to your hair ? Cuz it's so poofy"
    When theirs literally curl definition and moisture, ITS CALLED VOLUME!!!!!!.

  20. What you ask: "Do you wash your hair?"
    What we hear: "It looks dirty"

    : "Can I touch your hair?"
    : "Can I pet you?" (I don't care if I look like a poodle, matter a fact I bet I look like a cute poodle but if you touch my hair I'll bite yo ass)

    : "Why don't you flat iron it?"
    : "It looks unprofessional and unkempt." (So because my hair isn't something you're used to seeing it makes it unprofessional? That my hair has to get a degree just for a profession because you don't agree with it? Just like my hair, I will stand out and show you that I'm more than what you think.)

  21. Remember in elementary when that white girl was like “omg is that is your real hair , can I touch it , why don’t you comb it out , straighten your hair .

  22. Yikes I am white and I still don't understand why everyone wants to touch people's hair like I get touching your own hair but other no just no

  23. Y’all, having natural hair is more normal and a lot healthier then straightening it with heat or chemicals or wearing it in damaging hair styles…

    This is coming from someone who is whiter than teeth in a Crest add.

  24. it urks me when black people hate on other black peoples natural hair or if they have dreads. I understand a white person, but a black person with the same hair urks me.

  25. I mixed and I’m born with naturally curly hair and people at school were like “omg did you curl your hair” like I didn’t do anything, like all I did was wet it and not blow dry it or flat iron it. It always annoys me when people ask me questions if it’s weave or something

  26. Sister what kind of lame people are you hanging around asking you hear questions all day ??‍♂️I can only speak for myself I do what I want when I want how I want.

  27. See now, I hear a lot of these things so much. I'd probably be ready to snap back at these people. Especially the ones who think they can touch it lmao

  28. Omg I go through this all the time.. people always wanna ask me if they can touch my hair or if I wash it. Yes it wash my hair and NO you can’t touch my fricken hair like gosh dang

  29. It happens to my curly haired sister too. (She is not black though ) And I don't know if she hates these kind of people but when I hear it I hate it the question "Do you do your hair every morning, is it natural?" Uggggghhhhh ????

  30. LmAo I'm the only one in my family who had curly hair and my grandma thought I'd been curling it EvErY moRniNg ?

  31. Those who tell you to straighten are jealous of your curls. Those white girls can only dream with their stick straight oily and thin hair. Your curls are gorgeous! ?

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